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Wednesday, April 23

Outfit post!

I blog so sporadically that I hardly post outfits!

Sorry readers, my work schedule can be completely random, and weekends are spent completely with the boyfriend. Let me make it up to you!

I wore this the first warm day of Spring to work. One of my sneakerhead coworkers chuckled and told me I looked like Strawberry Shortcake.

Top, f21; jeans, Cheap Monday; sneakers, Nike (Dunk Low Valentine's ed. 2006); bag, Gap

It finally got warm (and stayed warm!) here in Atlanta, so I've unpacked all of my Spring/Summer duds. This includes a lot of white. Yay!


I wore this out earlier this week to run errands. I like that I looked super Americana. Haha, notice how the bag still has the tissue stuffing from the store. Love it. I still cannot get over this bag!

Blouse, BR outlet; cropped jeans, Hudson; flats, Nine West; bag, Gryson for Target

And more white blouses...



This is my favorite warm weather skirt! I love it even more than the new ones I've picked up this season. I wore it everywhere last summer (as evidenced in this blog, ha!), and was soo happy to pull it out of storage, finally.

And the ruffle detail is so precious on this top. I picked this up during senior design presentation season in a panic, as I had no "professional" attire.

Blouse, Ann Taylor Loft; skirt, fei for Anthropologie; sandals, Seychelles

Thursday, April 17

I love... Savvy Circle

While I'm still loyal to kaboodle for my online wishlist needs, I've started using Savvy Circle recently and loving it!

It works the same way as other wishlist sites - you can even download the browser plugin so you can add things even more quickly! The difference is that the site e-mails you when/if an item on your list goes on sale. If you're too busy to constantly check all your shopping sites, it's perfect. The only downside is that it doesn't support every single site, the way other wishlist sites do. But who cares if you can get that top you want half off?

Two recent scores I got include this blouse:

Peter Rabbit blouse, anthropologie, $49.95 from $88.00

Mai Ogi minidress, anthropologie, $79.95 from $158.00

Who doesn't love an email in their inbox telling them some beautiful thing they've been drooling over is now at your price point?

Fast fashion

It's no secret I'm obsessed with Target, and I'm a huge fan of all the designer collaborations that have been popping up lately. I can't walk in there without coming out with a bunch of things I wasn't originally planning on purchasing!

The last few fashion items I ended up getting include:

Gryson for Target Woven Bag with Cutout Handles in Green, $44.99

The green color is nice in person and the material, while PVC, doesn't look or feel cheap. The main compartment is kind of a pain to get into, but the look makes up for it.

Gryson for Target Zip Satchel in Black, $39.99

I hated this until I saw it in person. It looks so much more expensive than it is! And really I shun black bags in general because I find them "boring." But the braided handles and the bold zippers really stand out to me. The shape reminds me a lot of Rebecca Minkoff's boxy bags. This one feels a lot more functional than the green one.

DIY update

Since I went out of town, I haven't had a chance to work on my project at all! I did find the supplies at the Walmart near the beach though... for $2.50 total! I'm so stoked. I just need to find a sewing needle to stitch these guys together.

Vacation all I ever wanted...

So I went on an impromptu beach trip this past week. This means sun, sand, beach hair, and outlet shopping. There was a Saks outlet at the local mall there, so I checked it out- only to find that literally half of the women's department was stocked with Lilly Pulitzer garb. I forgot that I was vacationing in retirement central. Oh well.

Though I did make note of a really cute mom out with this adorable green cardigan with a felt flower brooch that matched a few weeks ago. I saw it at the Off 5th.

Actually really cute, no? Comes in five colors.

$198, Lilly Pulitzer Paley Rosette Cardigan

And a little further digging brought up the following:

(shop these at

Is it just me or are these sundresses supercute? Or maybe I'm a little more Palm Beach than I thought. Either way, I'm anxious for warmer temperatures.

Tuesday, April 1

DIY project of the week

I have been drooling over this flower belt for weeks. It looks so perfect and spring-like and would be precious over cardigans and candy colored dresses. And it's sparkly! Who doesn't love sparkles? TOO BAD IT IS $68. Ouch.

Beaded-flower Tie Belt, J. Crew, $68

My goal for the week is to recreate this accessory. I'll update after I head to the craft store tomorrow!

How to Walk in High Heels

I realized the other weekend that I am impossibly clumsy and unladylike when it comes to high heels. I bought those Balenciaga inspired Nine West gladiator wedges and almost died wearing them for three days straight.


I didn't make it out of the house wearing this. The shoes are cute with those pants. I haven't owned khaki pants in five years! I realize that the taupe/khaki shades don't match.

This shows better detail of the pants. I love the little ruffles on the sleeves. The addition of the belt made this atleast $50 more. Oh well.

Vest, pants, Zara.

The weather was nice enough to wear this out. I love the pink elephants. I love pink elephants in general.

Dress, Anthropologie.

Yeah so four inch heels for 16 hour days sucks major. What am I supposed to do? Am I not walking correctly? Are my shoes too big or too small? Should I put in insoles? What does everyone else do?
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