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Friday, May 30


On my way out to meeting up with the girls. I tried on every pair of shoes I have with this outfit and none of them sufficed. I had intended on getting new shoes and maybe one of those Timmy Woods Eiffel tower bags for this evening. Oh well.

I'm still so happy about this dress. I snatched it up when the Zara here first opened. All of the lady managers and corporate people wear things like this on a daily basis. So glammy glam glam!

So I guess for tonight I'm a Charlotte. I don't think I have the shoes to be a Carrie and honestly didn't feel like dressing corporate at all tonight.


Dress, Zara; wedges, Nine West; gigantic clutch, MBMJ.

Yesterday's outfit

Not too terribly exciting. It is so humid some days I can't begin to think about wearing anything other than cotton and sandals.


The orange stitching on the buttons is a fun touch.

Deep v, AA; skirt, hei hei for Anthropologie; gladiator wedges, Nine West.

Thursday, May 29

Fascinating New Thing: FitFlops

So maybe you've seen these already. I first spotted them in the Victoria's Secret catalog, and thought, hmm that's interesting. Interesting, yes, but also pretty ugly. Then I saw the article in this month's Elle: The No Work Workout, which was primarily about a workout routine based on lying down. But they also featured these.

The "Aurelia" gladiator inspired Fit Flop. These are supposed to be super exclusive and hard to get.

They say they work out your legs and glutes by simply wearing them and walking around. I'm skeptical, but really really curious. Maybe I'll spring for these?

The "Fringe" style in Ecru. The shape is the same but they feel less like trainers.

At $50-60 ($180?, for the gladiators) a pair, it's so much cheaper than a fitness class or gym membership. Not that I'd expect you'd get a full body workout, this is an interesting alternative.

Tuesday, May 27

That skirt...

I don't know why, but this skirt seems impossible to me. First there's the color - I go back and forth constantly whether the color yellow looks good on me. Being Asian, there are yellow undertones in my skin and I don't know. Most of the time I wear it anyhow. Second, the cut is so finicky. If you wear it at your hips, it can give you this gigantic butt; if you wear it at the waist, it can give you a tummy pouch whether or not you have either.

It's really hot so I decided to just go with it.

Sans cardigan. I think it looks better with, but there is no way in the heat. Oops my belt got all wonky.

Tee, Marc Jacobs; skirt, AA; sneakers, Converse; sleeveless cardigan, Rogan for Target; sunglasses, Ray Ban; belt, Target; satchel, Hayden Harnett.

A few shades of blue

Hope you all had an awesome long weekend. The heat keeps blazing on over here. I realized this top had been sitting in my closet all sad and lonely since I bought it. And I don't really like capri pants in general, but my legs are all mosquito bitten and I know I won't scratch through jeans. TMI.

Top, Lithe/Anthropologie; cropped jeans, Hudson; satin flats, Nine West.

Sunday, May 25

MBMJ Watches

So on a tip from someone in one of my favorite fashion-y communities, I went to the outlet mall in search of a new watch. Apparently the Fossil store up there has Marc by Marc watches for 60-80% off, though most are refurbished. That was enough to whet my appetite for a new watch necklace.

They had these for $29.99, as well as the green apple and (one!) silver star watch necklaces at the same price.

Also spotted: patent leather heartface watch in black and white for $59.99; watch-link band watches for $59.99; and one of those dog face clip on watches.

They also have a pretty good selection of Diesel, Burberry, and Armani watches at huge discount if that's more your taste.

Blazing Hot

It was ridiculously hot today. Perfect Memorial Day weekend weather. These are a bit grainy. I'm working on the self-timer shots. I think I also need to upgrade cameras. Oh well.



Back detail of top. And wrinkles I should steam out, oops.

Top, Marc by Marc Jacobs; shorts, Jovovich-Hawk for Target; jelly gladiators, Old Navy; bag, Gryson for Target; sunnies, Ray Ban; cuff bracelet, H&M.

Friday, May 23

Indy Day

I dressed up in celebration of the new Indiana Jones movie. I've been waiting for the right moment to wear this jumper. The tank layered underneath was necessary because I'm sure if it was buttoned to the top I'd feel all pale and washed out. Obviously sometimes I get dressed for the day like it's a costume.



The shades weren't really part of the outfit. More just protection from the ridiculous sunlight in my backyard.

Safari romper, Old Navy; tank top, Target; slingbacks, Seychelles; bag, Gryson for Target; sunglasses, Ray Ban.

Thursday, May 22

Blogger Alert

So I can't be the only one wondering, what happened to Agathe of Style Bytes? She hasn't updated in almost a month and her last post says she was "off for the weekend." I'm getting worried! I did some internet sleuthing and another blogger mentioned that her husband's site was taken down. I miss her and her glammy glam fashion posts. Did she mention taking a prolonged vacation and I merely overlooked it?

Edited to add: Further sleuthing reveals that she is alive (according to various internet activities) and her hubby's blog has several updates. General consensus is that she is on sabbatical. Bummer :(

Sales, Online and Otherwise

Is it just me or does Victoria's Secret normally have this sale in late June/early July? Oh well, either way, I love new bras. Click here for almost everything, including Secret Embrace and Infinity edge push ups on sale. I feel like they had the sale a little earlier in December too (instead of the first week of January, argh) and I missed it even though I work in the mall.

Barneys NY is having their Private Sale right now, up to 40% off of luxury brands. Maybe I'll see what they have at the Co-op here. Sometimes I luck out with their sale rack.

One of my favorite online stores Revolve Clothing is having a Memorial Day sale. They have a ton of great stuff left, too! Last time I checked, they had the Foley&Corinna tote in white for less than $300. You can channel Rumi of Fashion Toast. Not only do they have great deals, you can usually find a coupon code and get an even better deal. Check out their collection of Fryes.

I just got an e-mail from DailyCandy tipping me off to Satine's exclusive presale! They have a ton of great things to choose from, all for 30-40% off. Great picks include the Chloe motorcycle patent heels, Heimstone pieces, and Tsumori Chisato dresses. This is one of those times I wish I were a different size in dresses and shoes.

Wednesday, May 21

Too Cool for School

Today I was carless and so I spent the day spring cleaning. It is hot inside and out down here. I pulled out this dress to wear during my closet excavation. I reread Tricia's (of bits and bobbins) how-to guide on downsizing and decluttering your wardrobe. This time I decided to take it a little more seriously!

I would like to reiterate how great the Rogan for Target line is. Normally I am disgusted by most linen things because they are perpetually wrinkly and require so much maintenance. That and at work we are swamped by linen collections in a rainbow of colors and a plethora of styles in both men's and women's...

This isn't itchy and it doesn't matter if it gets wrinkles in it. And I love how the print is mismatched at the side seams. And how the side seams have pockets.


Party in the front, business in the back.

Dress, Rogan for Target; sandals, Zara; sunglasses, H&M.

Tuesday, May 20

In the Suburbs...

Sometimes when I'm running errands around here (Southern suburbia), I feel like I have to tone it down and be a little more conservative. Well, not that I have to, but if I don't want people to stare at me awkwardly, then yes I do.

I got this awesome chambray dress on super sale on my beach trip.


It was really really hot. I happened to be eating a popsicle when my sister (aka photographer) became available.


Dress, J. Crew; belt, Forever21; sandals, Target; bag, Foley & Corinna; coconut popsicle, Edy's.

Monday, May 19

Rogan Gregory for Target

When I first saw the collection preview pictures, I was pretty unimpressed. All of the pieces are quite basic, in colors I don't really like to wear. But then I saw the advertisement photoshoot with the mirrors... And then I saw the mannequins dressed in Barneys... And then I kept going to different Targets each day hoping they'd put it out early.

Everything looks so much nicer in person! A lot of the cuts and styles still aren't my taste, but it looks great on. The safari style dress is really nice and fits well. I couldn't figure out the tie like they have in the photos.

The material is a brushed cotton twill that feels like it will wash and wear perfectly. The tie belt is actually solid black on one side and snow leopard print on the opposite. How they made that bow is beyond me.

I loved all of the linen plaid pieces. The babydoll dress and this top were both perfect. The detailing with the pattern and seaming are really interesting.

And this romper/playsuit is really cute in person. I think it is much tamer and more wearable than the other onesies in my closet.

Rogan Gregory for Target at


I appreciate that the straps on this skirt are removable for a few different looks. I was planning on trying on a bunch of things so I opted to go without today. The skirt is the perfect weight for those muggy days here in the summer.

Oh my I am so pale.


And the shoes.

V-neck, AA; skirt, H&M; glitter flats, Sam Edelman; bag, Baggu.

Saturday, May 17

The Express Dress

After seeing Baby V in this dress in the June 08 issue of Glamour, I immediately wanted it.. Nevermind that it's from Express and every other girl that goes to the mall will own it. Nevermind that it's probably made of polyester and the matching belt kind of sucks. It is super cute.

I tried it on today and it fits perfectly, and it has this hot exposed zipper down the back, but it just looks cheap on me! It's actually 100% silk, but it's not the color, but idk, it was horrible. It looked like a Forever 21 reject dress on me. I don't know why, but lately I have not been able to associate items from on the rack to on a female form properly. I can dress men, and that is why I still have a job, lol.

The thing is, my little sister tried it on, and it looks perfect and adorable on her. I'll probably buy it when/if it goes on sale anyway.

Friday, May 16

today's outfit

This is really just another variation of the same outfit. I loved the shirts they were selling at the Radiohead show! I chose this one because it references Bodysnatchers and Jean-Dominique Bauby in one go.

The jade green jeans I obsessed over for weeks and weeks last year and finally caved right before I left for Europe (read all about it, May-August 2007). The only thing about them is they make me feel like an encased sausage. From what I've heard, this is what Tsubi/Ksubi jeans are simply like. Oh well.

And all my coworkers commented on my shoes. Most of them were like, "You finally got them!" Lol.


I need to work on my posture. This was not a hunched shoulders couture pose.

With my trusty cardigan.

Tee, radiohead merch; jeans, Ksubi; shoes, Zara; cardigan, AA.

5-14 outfit

So I have been feeling icky and sick in bed for the past couple days, which is why there is a serious lack of posting. This is a variation of my "go-to" outfit - deep v, skinny jeans, flats, cardigan if it's cold. I own a frighteningly large collection of deep-v's. One of my friends claims my "uniform" is a deep v, leggings, an oversized cardigan, and moccasin boots. Possibly yes...

I borrowed my sister's camera for the day, know that it could produce higher quality photos, but I think these turned out like total crap. You get the gist.

This jacket is tailored to be worn in a prim proper way, but hello, it's zebra print. On linen, but still!


Attempted detail of jacket:



Top, AA; skinny jeans, earnest sewn; boots, Minnetonka; zebra linen jacket, J. Crew; sunnies, Ray-Ban.

Monday, May 12

Atlanta Cupcake Factory

It's not too often I venture into the cute little boutiques and eateries tucked away in Atlanta. I have my favorites mentally bookmarked and stick to those most of the time. Unfortunately this method involves me not trying a lot of new things. Not that it's that easy living so far from the city either.

I happened to pop into the new Young Blood Gallery space to poke around (so many cute things I'd only before seen on the internet!) and noticed a sign for the Atlanta Cupcake factory. I remembered the Daily Candy write up a little while ago, but never happened to make it over to the Highlands.

And cupcakes are so trendy now and served almost everywhere - I went on a cupcake mission in New York when I was there in February and really to me they all seemed more or less the same in quality. I always get a cupcake at West Egg Cafe when I'm there for brunch - who can resist a Coca-Cola flavor or grasshopper or hummingbird cupcake? Yum.

But oh man, I stepped into the tiny shop with no expectations... And they were good! Great, in fact. The cakes were buttery and moist without an artificial flavor taste, and the frosting was amazing! Normally I hate frosting - it's too sugary most of the time and tastes like this weird mix between chalk and powdered sugar with extra sugar thrown in, ick. But the frosting was light and just really yummy.

They do custom orders and they take bulk orders for special occasions. I will surely come back soon!

(photo from

Small rant

As much as I love Nylon's aesthetic and feel and overall mission, sometimes I can't help but wonder what goes down in those offices. I was reading my May gossip girl issue earlier today and came across a page that referred to "Edith" of Ghost World. I did a double take, looked the movie up on IMDB, and couldn't decide whether to be disappointed or disgusted.

I still continue to enjoy the articles and editorials (especially the new factory girl column and those cute x vs y essays), but this hasn't been the first time it's crossed my mind that a lot of errors slip through in the editing process.

I guess that's the publishing snob in me. I was into being Super Editor in high school

Happy Mother's Day!

My boyfriend says I was "dressed extravagantly" today. To the point where I drew stares going to the store, into work, and generally just going about my daily business. I forget sometimes that I don't live in the most fashion-y part of the world, and people are surprised to see so much color and pattern.

Whatever, I love this dress and am so happy it is warm enough to wear now. My coworkers have started asking where I get parts of my outfits everyday, and it's so funny when I respond, "Target," almost every time. They don't believe me.

Oh and while on the subject of "the blogosphere makes me buy things," check out the shoes... I got an email saying Zappos and FINALLY restocked the Heech wedges this week (GEEZ!). I'm glad I am ridiculous and insisted on getting them in March.

Sundrenched, on the way out the door to work.


My go-to handbag for daytime. I obsessed and obsessed over this for weeks before I caved and bought it (caving = bloomie's sent me a good enough coupon, lol). I looooove this bag.

And one to show off how extreme my bedhead hair was today. Oh my.

Tunic dress, Jovovich Hawk for Target; gladiator wedges, Nine West; crochet belt, Forever21; saddle bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs; sunnies, H&M.

Saturday, May 10

MoMA Destination Japan

Color changing scarf!

The MoMA store currently has this super cute collection up of "lifestyle" products from Japan. Goodies include an apple shaped jar with the stem doubling as a spoon, a scarf that changes color with temperature change, Murakami "eye" pins, and even a jump drive shaped like a squid.

Check it out here.

H&M opening, part 2

I had to run to catch Radiohead last night, but I took some shots of things I snagged. It's a shame they don't have online shopping (well, outside of Scandinavia), but the adrenaline rush of shopping like that is always fun.

The internet makes me buy too much stuff I need. A lot of the things I grabbed were from seeing them in Wendy's blog nitro:licious and her plentiful H&M love posts.

This isn't really my style, but I love the Enid looks from the Luella collection and this is perfect for it.

Dropwaist floral print chiffon, super cute. Maybe too warm for summer here? Whatever, I don't care.

I could not for the life of me get a clear shot of this. I'm sure you get the gist.

I had to get this flapper dress. I don't even know where or what occasion this would be appropriate for, but I'm sure something will come up soon enough. It's a light peach and less of a creme color in real life.

Hiwaisted jumper. The straps are removable and this is the perfect weight for summer here.

My favorite thing I got today was this jacket - it's bedazzled and bleached and fits perfectly.


Jacket, $49.90
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