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Saturday, August 30

I guess I watch too much TV

This post is primarily to brag about the highlight of my day yesterday. I was casually strolling to Pottery Barn at the "dance club" mall to look at more housewares, when I walked by Aubrey Graham. I did a double take, stared, and promptly started telling all of my friends who know what Degrassi is. (Aubrey plays Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian teen show, Degrassi. It is available in America to view on The N.)

I thought, that's not him, he's not in a wheelchair (dumb). Then I thought, hmm he's carrying a bag from the cell phone place, perhaps he is filming here and needs an American number. I saw him again in the food court a few minutes later, where hordes of teenage girls were screaming, "AUBREY! AUBREEEEYYYY!" It was a good day for going to the mall.

A quick Google search later on revealed that he is/has been working on his rapping talents and is going by Drake. Ahh, it makes sense. He's in the right city at the right mall for that.

Image Hosted by

I actually managed to make outfit photos this morning, but I carelessly misplaced my camera somewhere along today's journey. As soon as I recover it (I hope it gets recovered!) I will post photos.

Wednesday, August 27

Blame the weather

So once again, I must apologize for my lack of fashion-y posts. However, I never really clearly defined what my blog is about so maybe it will continue to carry on like this - more writing, less pictures of me. A little more for the intelligentsia as well as a little more for the Gossip Girl.

I will attempt to explain why I have been so fashion negligent.

1. Most obviously and recently, the weather has been crap here. Talk to people that have grown up in Atlanta and many will tell you, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a week." Usually that really only applies February-May. Since the drought last summer, it has been up and down constantly. I felt that warm weather was cut short on both ends. Right now we're experiencing the aftermath of whatever hurricanes are hitting the Gulf. It has been on the verge of monsooning or tornado-ing for the past week. I have been unable to take photos as the lighting is poor and my photo space is wet.

2. Unemployment. I didn't have a job all summer and had squandered my retail paychecks on vacations and well, things purchased at the mall. Fashion is not a financially forgiving hobby. I quit shopping cold turkey for a couple of weeks. I haven't bought magazines in months. It's kind of nice because this affords me the opportunity to figure out what exactly my taste is, because I often confuse it with what Elle tells me it is. Also, I've spent a huge portion of my online bloggable hours job hunting rather than "researching."

Actually that's not so many excuses. The main reason I wanted to make this post is to reveal what I'm actually doing right now. I don't know why I was being so secretive, but I'm working again! I haven't figured out what will happen with my engineering degree, but I now get to work at my favorite store, getting to look at beautiful garments and smell soaps and candles all day. Yes, you know already I was obsessed with Anthropologie, now I get to spend hours in the store and it is called working (rather than being addicted and getting dragged away by my sister telling me, "YOU DON'T NEED THIS. THIS MONEY SHOULD GO TOWARDS THINGS YOU NEED, LIKE AN APARTMENT!").

I tried to convince my manager to lend me to the visuals team a few hours a week so I could do arts and crafts, but that might not happen until the holiday rush. For now, I will tell you about what soaps to buy and which home goods are worth purchasing. And I will blog about how much I love J. Crew too, which conveniently (inconveniently?) happens to be across the hall.


After receiving the Fall catalog a few weeks ago in the mail, I am so excited for J. Crew's colored blazers and embellished tops to hit stores. I decided to shop around online and make a ridiculous huge wishlist (as usual these days). I was stunned by the splash page - about once a season or so they'll have a charming, well-edited video with moderately (not inhumanly) attractive people in it. This Fall it happens to be set in Prague. As if I didn't want all the clothes already, the video of carefree, romantic people dressed in a reworked color palette really sold me. If you kept up with my travels, Prague was by far my favorite city. This video made me want to be that girl walking in the cobblestone streets looking all mysterious with castles in the background (again, still).

I couldn't find the video, but it's going to be up on their site for awhile. In the meantime, these two videos fit the aesthetic but are not nearly as wonderful.



She's back for real

Image Hosted by

I clicked through the link on my blogroll to Style Bytes to see what would happen. I mean, I expected an error message page like I saw months ago when the blog suddenly vanished. Interestingly, the link now sends you to Agathe's phiary page.

And look, she has the same haircut as me. This makes me feel better about chopping off so many inches in order to entice Corporate America.


White Lightning caught my eye today and I can't help but be delighted. The blog thrives on wit and sass and healthy doses of pop culture. It reads like your best friend is gossiping to you about The Hills and Chloe boots. I love my best friend, so this is gold.

So I think I left you unaware of my obsession with The Hills. I've been tracking Heidi's mutant makeover and Lauren's maturity since Laguna Beach. This Monday's episode delivered, if for nothing else, that one shot at Stephanie's birthday where the lighting was horrific on Lo's face. It wasn't intentional, but it was so hilarious.

And because I guess I am team Audrina in this battle and am slightly insensitive, I cracked up when I read on White Lightning the post condemning Lo as an asshole. How could I have missed so much sass?

Monday, August 25

Di-diamonds on my neck

When the window displays changed at Zara after the holiday season, my coworkers went beserk and immediately started fighting over who would get what when it comes out of the window. There was especially a huge commotion over the giant diamonds scattered across the fake stairs. I agreed with everyone that they were awesome, but made a mental note to Google "diamond paperweight" and see what I could come up with.

Two jobs and several months later, I sat down and did the research. I decided that these could go with Tiffany blue covers and ceramic animals. And man, was it so not worth fighting with the other girls about. My first Google search revealed a huge selection ranging in price from $2-$25 apiece. Same with the results on eBay. The ones on eBay have funny little paintings or things inside to choose from as well.

Image Hosted by

Apparently they're quite popular to give out as wedding favors (?) and are cheap in bulk. This selection comes from Favors by Serendipity. But like I said, a single search will bring up a bajillion sites.

Being reasonable...

These are mostly knickknacks, I guess. But I feel like little things to dress a home work the same way as accessories do for an outfit. Perhaps I am just silly and financially careless, as these items total would probably equate to one glorious couch or a cloud 9 bed with trimmings.

Image Hosted by
Does anyone else live for color? I always want to paint huge walls where I live. Two years ago I had a single sea blue wall with clouds and a rainbow. Last year I helped paint a giant dolphin and otter mural in a huge apartment.

Blik decals give you the option of changing the look of a sterile beige wall for about the cost of two gallons of paint. They come in whimsical, sophisticated, eclectic, and even silly patterns. I haven't decided what will go with everything I redecorate with. The iron vines and chandelier might be a little too much.

Available at whatisblik.

Image Hosted by
I feel the same way about bathrooms too. So rarely do you get to paint or wallpaper a bathroom. You've got to infuse color somehow - you may have already noted my shower curtain dilemma.

Sculpted bath linens, Anthropologie, $4 (washcloth) - $24 (bath towel).

Image Hosted by
The last time I walked into West Elm, these were the only things I touched. I squealed, "Ooh I'm going to get these!" and immediately changed my mind, feeling ridiculous. I mean, I don't have desks or tables that would be enhanced by the addition of a ceramic animal.

Oh well, I still might go back and get the rabbit. More lapins I say.

Narrative Animals, West Elm, $19 each.

Image Hosted by
I spotted this in the catalog upon leaving the store (post ceramic animal rush). So unnecessary yet completely justifiable. It's almost all the cities I want to be a part of. This however, requires purchasing pillow inserts. This makes me feel like I am pushing grown-up into old.

Country code pillow cover, West Elm, $34.

Image Hosted by
I don't know why, but I'm into stuff that looks like... other stuff. These kitchen gadgets fall into that category. I can have a kitchen zoo for less than the price of a new toaster oven! animalhouse by Boston Warehouse makes these, and from what I can tell, they are functional in addition to being super cute. I will probably seriously collect these; who doesn't want a mouse cheese grater, or a whale ice cream scoop, or a toucan can opener, or a shark bottle opener?

I found some at my local Target. They also sell online through their website: Boston Warehouse. Pieces range in price from $4.99 to $19.99.


I'm trying to transition into being more grown up lately and right now that means I am in home decorating mode. Or redecorating, or whatever. Due to this urge, my first goal upon getting on my feet financially is investing in a Tempurpedic mattress. Not a Chanel bag or red-soled pumps. I want a bed that is like sleeping on a cloud, because naptime is more important to me than accessories. (Have I blasphemed and lost my small readership? Oops.)

So in this sudden housewares interest, I've been poring over pages of duvets, wall art, shower curtains, secretary desks, and even bath towels. I even broke things down into two categories: beautiful things that are absurdly unaffordable, and less-beautiful things that are potential purchases.

List 1: Urban Princess, Shabby Chic

Image Hosted by
I guess this is not extraordinary, but it is definitely pretty. It's pretty, it's reversible and looks cloud-soft. Oh, and it looks princessy and one hundred times more ladylike than my current pop art crazy bedding. Perhaps one day soon if I can swing some kind of magic discount.

Rooftop Garden Bedding, Anthropologie, $88 (pillow shams) - $248 (king duvet cover).

Image Hosted by
This would match the bed. A loveseat would be perfect in a dressing room. That and it's pretty. Can you just imagine reading on this sofa next to a window streaming sunlight while reading Jane Austen? You see my point.

Milo Sofa, Anthropologie, $2998.

Image Hosted by
Matching vanity. I would use it as a desk, probably. The storage shelves with mirror is an add-on. Too bad they stopped making this color. WHY. I suppose I could buy the eggshell one and paint it, but it's just not the same!

I saw this in a past issue of Teen Vogue in one of those room makeover articles. The designers put in two (TWO!) of these in that girl's room and they are so lovely. I wish it didn't cost more than all the Ikea furniture I've accumulated over the past three years.

Lilac Desk (shown with Vanity Mirror Hutch), PBteen, $199 (for hutch in blue) - $399 (desk).

Image Hosted by
This appears to be fairly inexpensive in perspective, I guess. I can dress it up in my special formal outfits for events I'm looking forward to! I can get back into sewing because the presentation and progress will be more exciting! So many possibilities, so ridiculous in my bedroom. I think if I saw this in my room in the middle of the night I'd give myself a panic attack. Still! It's so pretty.

Dress form, PBteen, $199.

Image Hosted by
You need a lovely bathroom the match the lovely bed and princess closet room. I'm not completely sold on this shower curtain, but I've been looking around and haven't found anything truly spectacular. Maybe this would be spectacular at $25.

Eyres Shower Curtain, Anthropologie, $118.

Saturday, August 23

LC, where are you?

And no, I don't mean Lauren Conrad.

I had a cherry Coke with dinner and the caffeine is still coursing through me, and I was feeling nostalgic. I decided to pore over Fops and Dandies archives leading up to Lauren's departure to Chicago, only to find that access is restricted! Ahhh, what to do?! Is the blog-o-sphere slowly shrinking? I tried not to panic. But I did end up mourning a bit. I loved her voice! So unlike other fashion related blogs, her entries were always well written, witty, and incredibly readable. I wish her well in the real world.

For now I will enjoy the fact that Google Reader magically archives things I read, and I still have access to a lot of entries. Thank goodness, she just made an amazing post on thrifting and flea markets in NYC, and God knows I make it my business to take trips there as frequently as possible. I'm shooting to align my next visit with the Topshop opening!

Wednesday, August 20

Outfit two!

This is what I wore to my second interview yesterday. It was also much more fun than the first. I'll let you guess for yourself exactly where. (I wore my suit with a striped banker shirt to the first. You know what my suit looks like...)

Oh and this is my go-to "big girl" VIP give-me-a-job satchel. It's glorious, smells yummy, and matches my portfolio.



Sweater jacket, J. Crew; dress, Zara; bag, Anna Corinna; mary janes, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Monday, August 18

Lucky day...


I would have posted this tomorrow, but tomorrow is a two outfit day! This is what I wore to snag an interview, i.e. outfit two tomorrow. Sorry it's so fuzzy and my feet are cut off, I was in a hurry. This is also what I wore to a movie, dinner, and (after changing) bellydance class.

Top, Zara; skirt, plenty by Tracy Reese for anthro; mary janes, Nine West; watch necklace, MBMJ.

Saturday, August 16

Last Weekend

I can't believe school is starting up again (I mean, even though I am not attending classes in the fall). I wore this to a late night Argentinean poolside barbecue.




The silk-blend tops from the H&M Trend line are super nice. I almost wish I had bought the tanks and tees with the pockets, but I think this one works nicely. Interestingly, the wrinkles fell out as the night wore on.

Tank, H&M; shorts, Jovovich-Hawk for Target; headband, birdbaths.

Friday, August 15

Parfumarie Curiosite

Song in D Minor, I Want Candy, Let Them Eat Cake

It probably comes off in the blog that there are a lot more things that I happen to dislike than actually like. I guess I am a snob, sometimes, oops. Thrown into this "dislike" category is most perfumes. I love how they smell, I love the idea behind them, I love the memories associated, and I especially love the imagery and advertising that goes into developing them. For some reason I just can't handle smelling them or smelling like anything in general. Once I was sitting next to a stranger in the movies, and gagged every time the fan let her perfume waft into my personal space.

I don't know why, but I am overly sensitive to people's perfume sometimes. (I am thankful that I don't have many excessively girly friends and don't live in a constant sea of eau de sneeze.)

This may just have changed.

I came across TokyoMilk Parfumarie Curiosite through a review from a girl that worked at Anthropologie. And well, any excuse to go to Anthropologie and poke through the beauty and kitchen stuff is a good enough excuse for me.

I thought the scents were light, fresh, and sometimes sexy, without being overbearing or making my stomach turn. It also helps that they come in such cute packaging!

I'm wearing Honey and the Moon today. It's sugary and sweet and I feel violet flavored and delicious.

Available at:
Fred Flare

Tuesday, August 12

Layers of Chiffon



This is what I wore to basically my own funeral.

I decided to wear white because I realized it's nearly Labor Day and I have an arsenal of white dresses that are yet unworn this season. This dress survived some bleeding cuts, tomato sauce, and steady rain. I think that's the most you can ask for.

Dress, Jovovich-Hawk for Target; shoes, Frye; bandaid, free with a certain level of clumsiness.

Sunday, August 10


Okay, so while I don't have any sort of art degree and admittedly take rather horrible shots for the blog, I still appreciate art. I'm not part of the Castleberry Hill scene (ha, I wish I was that cool!) and do not regularly make it to the Eyedrum or Young Blood. So take the following as what you will. I may get points for knowing what all these things are.

I've been following Jason Sho Green since high school, when his sister happened to pass out a few promotional buttons in art class. This was around the time he launched his website and was selling his first set of subversive valentines.

A lot of his earlier pieces are illustrative, quirky, and cartoonish. In a charming, awesome, unpretentious way, of course. You may have run across these gems in the past few years:

He keeps a regularly updated blog and posts his daily doodles as well as his larger, upcoming projects. If you browse through his online portfolio, you can see how his technique and subject matter evolve as he progresses through formal art education.

This is mostly a post to echo his most recent - he has shirt designs available through Hot Topic. I think that certain mall store is not my cup of tea, but Jason's illustrations very much are. It seems that there is another design available with the "mauled by bears" message, but it seems to be sold out online.

Click here to order.

If pandas aren't quite your taste, he has a design up on threadless as well! (But really who doesn't like pandas? Or unicorns, for that matter?)

Click here to purchase.

All artwork by Jason Sho Green. I'm a huge fan. Maybe you will be too.

Friday, August 8

On wearing black

I rarely go without splashes of color in my wardrobe. Or dressing in color head to toe. I don't know why today I went with the black dress instead of the orange/yellow acid floral. (This is the black version of that H&M dress I posted about in May.) I guess I really wanted to wear zebra print more than bright colors. Though I suppose I could have worn them together.

I was at an event that felt more than a little Junior League this evening and would have felt uncomfortable dressing that loudly, even if I was in Midtown.




And on a random tangent, the weather's still finicky. You can't really tell, but it was definitely raining when I took these photos. How ironic that the natural light on my deck is so good when it's finished thunderstorming.

Dress, H&M; jacket, J. Crew; shoes, Nine West; costume jewelry necklace, Canal Street; scrimshaw bangle, JKC.

Wednesday, August 6

Indian Summer

This is what I wore today for a mini-reunion with old friends. It is ridiculously hot out lately. I don't know why I thought to wear a long sleeved shirt; I am so weird.

Here is the half-tucked shirt and a very Camille-ish outfit in general. I think I overwork things sometimes and show up to social gatherings way overdressed. Oh well, it's my thing, I guess. This is an example of dressing down.



Note the BLAZING SUN in this shot. I started burning in less than half an hour.

Oxford shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren; shorts, cutoff Earnest Sewn jeans; sandals, Target; bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Tuesday, August 5

Richard Chai for Target

I'm wondering if my opinion on the latest Target Go collection may have been too shortsighted. Fashion Trend Guide has very thorough posts with pictures of the garments on a real person. I agree that so many of the pieces are unique, well made, well tailored, and look more expensive than they cost.

I still don't think anything is very "me." That and I don't feel that emerald green, cobalt blue, bright purple, orange, or even black are my colors. Check out Poster Girl's blog, though. She already has four entries on the collection that discuss the construction and fit of almost every piece. If I look at them again, I just might be convinced to go and try on armloads of clothing.

Sunday, August 3

Weekend Update

1. I rediscovered a pocket of extremely fashionable people in my city. I always knew they were there, I might be way too shy. I forgot about ladies in hats and vintage dresses and dressing to the nines for any social call. If this were a note in elementary school, it would say to them, "I appreciate you because you are on point and are interesting to talk to and are passionate about interesting things."

2. This weekend was the Tax Free holiday! It slipped my mind and I didn't blog about it. I went shopping, a lot, but managed to come out empty-handed (a lot). I don't know if this is depressing or impressive. This means I have self-control! This means I might have re-evaluated my value system - what is there to replace shoes and handbags? I will tell you when I find out. I'm sure it will be soon enough.

3. Richard Chai for Target hit stores this morning (err, this week) and I had a few different opportunities to check it out. I felt that, more so than other collections, the pieces looked exactly as I expected from preview photos. The fabrications were good and the color choices were interesting. The dresses and blouses were well constructed and everything looked as good on as on the hanger. I passed on everything primarily due to a lot of 100% polyester fabrications. Well, that, and nothing was really "me" enough. The only thing I might go back for is this dress. It's just I cannot think of a single reasonable instance where I could wear it.

Image Hosted by

4. Apparently Bravo is showing "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" soon. This series will be in the same vein as the Orange County and New York City shows. The AJC has a pretty informative article here. They just aired a sneak peek episode this weekend, which I missed!

I was kind of disappointed after reading the article - none of them are Buckhead moms! I guess rich, entertaining people live all over the metro area, but I just thought that Buckhead families really fit the bill for this show. Maybe I am too easily misled by the gigantic mansion houses, ladies that lunch, and prevalence of nanny services in the area.

5. The weather has been completely freaky for the past year or so. Last night's thunderstorms knocked out power in what seemed like half the city! I am constantly disappointed that meteorology as a science does not seem to provide us with much information in a timely fashion. I witnessed several near-accidents while driving around in the dark because so many stoplights were out (not emergency-generator-backup blinking, OUT). I hope everyone was safe last night and didn't get caught in the torrential downpour or hail.

Saturday, August 2

It's a Birthday Party!

I'm invited to a "Sweet Sixteen x 1.5" party. Gotta dress the part.

I obsessed over this dress last spring. It was one of my first "splurge" items, ever. I still treasure it dearly. Also, this is the first day that I've worn it and I haven't felt I will suffocate from the tight waistband. Either the fabric is giving or I am shrinking. Whatever, I am winning either way.

The shoes are like cupcake sprinkle shoes. These are my holy grail very special never wear shoes. I treasure them and hope they never get lost or stolen or ruined. This was from the pre-crazy insane Irregular Choice days. When they were just quirky and British.

And yes, I got the bag. I got it in a twist of eBay fate for nearly half off. It's weird not having bought anything for almost a month but still having new things. Yay for shopping in your closet! Yay for hot pink for fall!




Dress, Viola for anthro; necklace, handmade (purchased pre-etsy); shoes, Irregular Choice; bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs; scrimshaw bangle, Jessica Kagan Cushman; leather bracelet, Middle Georgia fair.

Another fine day

This is what I wore to go to the movies, a pool party, a diner, and housewarming party. I like having huge days, it makes me feel important and busy, ha! The sneakers were an afterthought, but a wise choice. Jeans, however, were not. It was way too hot, even inside people's homes.

The clutch I wish I had remembered instead to wear to see Batman. This was one of my last purchases before my shopping sabbatical. It is smooshy and yummy and leathah. It is also one of the most impractical handbags I own. Oh who am I kidding? All my handbags are impractical...





And I think I'll throw in a brief movie review - I went to see Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One) and thought it was amazing. It's a French film from 2006 and can be labeled as a romance/thriller. I can't really tell you more than that without spoiling any part of it. It is full of twists and didn't leave me wanting at the end, as French film usually does. I believe it was just released in the US recently, and is probably available for purchase through Amazon France or Canada. I would see it again. Twice. Currently showing at Landmark Midtown Arts cinema. I caught it with a good number of other commuters avoiding heinous Friday afternoon traffic. (This was my ritual in college. It is worth taking up again.)

Tank, AA; vest, Rogan for Target; jeans, Earnest Sewn; shoes, Bakers; necklace, Forever 21; butterfly clutch, Gustto.

Friday, August 1

That skirt again





This is what I wore to drag my sister along in suburban adventures. Typically a highlight of a summer day in the suburbs is when you go get ice cream. The only important decision you have to make all day is where?

Cardigan- belted over or belted under? It's a silly little starfish print. I love this for summer. I still have a love/hate relationship with this skirt. It's so easy yet so difficult and the elastic cuts into a weird part of my body. I don't know.

Tank, Gap; cardigan, J. Crew; skirt, AA; belt, F21; shoes, Sam Edelman.
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