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Monday, November 17

Holiday shopping, done

I decided to plan ahead this year. Far far in advance. I have most, if not all, of my holiday shopping finished.

After running errands and like four loads of laundry, I decided to finish up my wrapping. Working at the mall has given me a new appreciation for extras and tie-ons. This is part one of three of wrapping up. I'd post final products but I think that'd give some gift hints away.




This was a really cheap and easy way to personalise my gifts further. Boxes came from work and the materials (two colors of acrylic, stamps, tie ons, cardstock for tags) cost less than one roll of wrapping paper.

Friday, November 14

Channeling Blair Waldorf

I felt a little prep school, a little Upper East Side today. Punctuated by the princess coat, staple headband, and schoolgirl socks. That, and I've been schlepping a duffel bag full of mismatched clothes back and forth across town. This outfit is one of the results of recent developments.

If I look at all grumpy in these, it is probably because I stayed up way too late last night. I went to a midnight screening of the new Bond movie and was out way past my bedtime. I am pitiful and while I had slept plenty enough, I was groggy all day. The movie was good, I think, despite the fact that I was too tired to properly comprehend all the action sequences as they were taking place. There were lots. It was neat.

Oh and this is a splurge from the Hayden Harnett sample sale. It fits my whole life - even my giant heavy planner and a lunch. I am totally thrilled with it.




Dress, Erin Fetherston for Target; coat and headband, Forever21; socks and maryjanes, Urban Outfitters; bag, Hayden-Harnett.

Thursday, November 13

PBteen Atlanta

I totally dropped the ball and missed the PBteen grand opening! Apparently Atlanta is home to the largest Pottery Barn store in the nation - they recently renovated and moved spaces into a huge, beautiful, two story space in Lenox Square. It is pretty glam and they are giving Crate and Barrel down the hall a run for their money.

And then there were rumors and rumors circulating about the opening of a PBteen store. This is their younger, hip line suited towards teens (duh) and college dorm decorating. What sucks me into this catalog over West Elm (also part of the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn family) is bright and funky design in adult sized (well, Jinah-sized) pieces at a reasonable price point. I am still lusting after that vanity and dress form I posted from their catalog. This is their store that taps the market between pottery barn kids and West Elm. (I like to cross over into all three as I love things at all of them.)

So the store opened last week and promises to be totally fabulous. This is the very first PBteen store and I'm thrilled they chose Atlanta as the city to launch it. As an added bonus for visiting (as if the visit wouldn't be great enough), they are holding a sweepstakes - the prize is a $5000 room makeover. That's reason enough for me.

I believe the store is on the upper level (of four) of the mall where the old Pottery Barn space used to be, across from the children's department of Bloomingdale's. See you there!

Indie Craft Experience

I had been whining a lot lately about how I work weekends and end up missing a lot of festivities in town. I managed to negotiate a Saturday (this feels like such a big deal!) and intend to spend part of it at ICE. The Holiday Shopping Spectacular will showcase a lot of local craft talent as well as visiting artists.

I am pumped to visit June Shin, Missy Kulik (omg I have been following her exploits since my paper zine reading days!!), the MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta) holiday card booth, and the shopSCAD booth (I never make it to the store, which I love).

Maybe this merits a Atlanta meetup. Either way, I'm excited and hope it turns out to be a truly spectacular spectacular.

More information can be found at:

Holiday Shopping Spectacular, Saturday, November 15th, 11-6 PM at Ambient + Photo Studio, 585 Wells St. SW.

Stormy weather



Today was pretty stormy and people were generally grumpy. I decided to throw on my cheery new socks and my favorite belt. The trench was to ward off storm clouds. It was a fun day at work.

The socks have power lines on and my dress might have been pushing work aesthetic rules. Oops.

Dress, Zara; belt and socks, Anthropologie; mary janes, Nine West; trench, Uniqlo; bag, Hayden-Harnett.

Tuesday, November 11

Halloween, finally

I know this is pretty much two weeks late, but I enjoyed my Halloween very much. My costume ended up being a lot more PG this year than in the past. Partially because I'm more of a prude, and mostly because I wanted a work appropriate outfit in which I could hand out candy to trick-or-treaters at the mall.

I was Little Red Riding Hood and my coworkers and many parents loved it. One dad even said, "Do you know who that is? We read the book all the time!"

The toddler son responded, wide-eyed, "Little Red Riding Hood..?"

It was precious. And then they, along with a majority of the parents asked to take their photo with me. I am now in family photo albums and home movies of a lot of strangers. I wonder if this is how it feels to work at Disney World?

I also got, "Red is your color!" a lot. And, "Umm, you kind of look like Little Red Riding Hood Today." To which I would respond, "Yes, it's Halloween!"

And the most hilarious, "Ooooh does that cape come in other colors???"

"No, ma'am. It's not from here."

"Where can I get one??"

"I made it."

So much fun. I gave out candy out of my basket to children, zombie strippers, and furries.

I waited on them to post these for days and days. Can't say I'm super impressed, however. Important things to note in this picture - the fake hand somehow stuck into my picnic basket, and the incredible abundance of red.

I made out with a bandit. And was mischievous with a woodland fairy. And hung out with Zorro.

All in all, it was a super fun day that stretched on for an incredibly awesomely long time.

The End.

Monday, November 10

Calling all Sneakerheads


Honestly, I've been out of the sneaker loop for quite a bit, but during the height of my knowledge and association with sneaker freaks, I learned where potentially good sneaker stops were in town. (The last pair I contemplated owning were white ponyhair lowtop Dunks, if that indicates how long it's been at all.) I would still tell people to go to Wish and Standard if asked. I hadn't even noticed that Standard's space in Buckhead (right by the Beehive Coop and Cafe Intermezzo) had been standing empty until I saw the space in Lenox Square mall under construction.

If I recall correctly, Standard carries a hot selection of sneakers - Nike SBs, Alife, Puma, Creative Recreation. And not only the brands, but fancy exclusive limited collaborations that I cannot even begin to name. In addition to the shoes, they carry a solid selection of streetwear - this is the only store in Atlanta I have seen BBC wear in person. But a new storefront in the high traffic mall? This is huge. I'm totally psyched for them. However, I will say I'm going to miss the store mascot - a floppy sleepy bulldog who would hang out in the middle of the floor.

The new space is in the Macy's wing in the space that was (in the past year) a See's Candies and a knockoff handbag store, right near Anthroppologie. I chanced upon it on an epic trip to find a holiday dress. I found it and it's perfect and you might see me wear it to three different occasions this December.

Friday, November 7

Black Friday

Geez, if it were Black Friday for real I would be up something like four hours earlier and dressed considerably less fancy. I like to dress up on Friday and Saturday. I don't know if it really helps me make sales, but it makes it easy for me to slip out into the night without another wardrobe change.



Please excuse array of puppy toys. It is an uphill battle with these things.

This is what I'm wearing to work in a few minutes and to see my Manfriend. By Manfriend, I mean Paul Rudd. I'm only half joking. Role Models is in theatres today and the friend who I took with me to the screening and I are going again because we are silly silly girls.

Dress, Anna Sui for Anthropologie; headband, teknolovesong on etsy; cardigan, American Apparel; belt, Anthropologie; boots, Minnetonka.

Thursday, November 6

Hayden Harnett, pls

Hayden-Harnett is one of my favorite handbag lines, if not my favorite favorite. All the bags use the yummiest leather and have really special flourishes with antiqued brass studs, or a whimsical print lining, or even fringe. I love everything they make and have everything from a coin purse to small handbags to a messenger. Occasionally there are a few exclusive pieces for Anthropologie, which I immediately add to my wishlist. (Take a look at the travel pieces from the November catalog!)

I consider it a personal wish granted when I get a sample sale e-mail from them every so often. Let me share this with you. The sale started yesterday morning and will continue through Saturday, November 8th. Prices are 30-80% off retail and there are still a lot of goodies left! They even added more pieces since I shopped yesterday. Click here to take a look.

My personal picks include:

Corcovado Turnlock Tote

As seen on Serena on Gossip Girl. Marked down to $391 from $550. Made of yummy smooshy leather, with a plethora of pockets, and expandable to fit a weekend's worth of things. Want, need.

Wyeth Hobo

A little rock and roll, a little Kate Moss, a lot fierce. Who doesn't want fringe on everything? And look at the stud detail on the flap! I want to adopt this and cuddle with it. Priced at $333 from $475.

Ibiza Flight Tote

This actually comes in a wide array of colors. I would recommend this at full price, actually. I finally got to see one in person when I was the Bay Area, and it is pretty fab. It is convertible from a larger laptop sized tote to a smaller baguette and is padded so you can tote your computer safely. It is just an all around good looking versatile east-west bag. And it's trimmed in that yummy leather. Prices vary in the sale for this one depending on color. I just checked and there is one left in this colorway.

I've been following the buzz in the Purse Forum and things that are going fast are the Clara and the Marcel clutch. Let me know if you guys buy anything!

Wednesday, November 5

An Historic Occasion

Last night and today in general feel pretty epic. I'm supportive of positive change and various improvements promised, but can't help but feel anxious that the times are changing and what that might mean. That, and I am too much of a worrier.

This is what I'm wearing to mark this occasion.



I'm wearing blue and a blue ribbon. Feeling hopeful and filled with optimism. Or at the least, trying very hard.

Cardigan, J. Crew; dress, Richard Chai for Target; ribbon tie belt, J. Crew; flats, Nine West.

Tuesday, November 4

November Sun

The weather is wacky in Atlanta lately. Actually for the past two years it has felt a little out of whack. Note that my last post was wool layer upon wool. Yesterday it was sunny and warm. Go figure.



This is what I wore to ring up a ridiculously large sale and string together baubles. And also to burn my little finger real bad with hot glue.

I ran errands after my shift, and got a lot of, "Um, what are you wearing...?" looks from strangers. This means that I am finally coming into my own. Ha.

Dress, Lithe; cardigan, J. Crew; boots, Minnetonka.

Monday, November 3

Playing Catch Up

I love October. I hope I can use this to explain my extreme absence. There have been pool days, secret pizza parties, candy galore, costuming, and sweater weather to distract me for days on end. I haven't even been in touch with my electronic gadgets. Please excuse the rushed camera phone pictures. I'm around, just with my feet on the ground and my head out of the blog-o-sphere.

I have tomorrow off to vote and will catch up with everyone and everything.



I wore this to pick up the remaining pieces for my Halloween getup. Note the endless number of shopping bags I am carrying. Halloween pictures are coming! And someone else was photographer so they are good. Quite good.

Also it was cold. Bitter cold. I am wearing wool on top and on the bottom. Rumor has it these boots are floating around TJMaxx. These are pretty incredible as far as boots go and as far as Fryes go.

Coat, Ben Sherman; top, C&C California; scarf, Anthropologie; skirt, Odille; tights, Target; boots, Frye.
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