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Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year!



Outfit details: RicRac Wind-Rippled Tee from Anthro (l/s version)
Wool Yarn ball skirt, Anthropologie circa 2005 (?)
Sweater wrap, Casch Copenhagen (eBay is your best bet for these. 
Mine is from Anthro last year. They usually carry 1-2 styles each year.)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Groovee Satchel in Mouse Grey (other colors here)
Ms. Albright T-Strap flats from Anthropologie (can't remember the exact name or find a link, grrr)
H&M Sheer tights

Quick outfit post from yesterday!

Apparently I was dressed head to toe in Anthro garb. They called me into work at my seasonal job and I felt super guilty that I wasn't dressed in the appropriate brand. Sometimes I wonder if I look silly styled like this outside of working at Anthropologie? Oh well.

Also, my man whipped up this flier last minute in order to host an impromptu NYE shindig. If you are in the Atlanta area, feel free to drop me a line and I'll give you directions!

Notice my Bumpit-ed hair.

See you in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 30


Outfit details: Pouf shoulder blazer, Zara
Rodarte for Target Slip Dress
And igss you can't see the rest of my outfitz. 

Gagaloo was excellent! My boyfriend claims that the opening sequence was like the part of Ghostbusters when you open the fridge and see Zuul. Not that the Ghostbusters movie was anything like the concert, but I suppose both are awesome in different ways.

The show was like attending a live action nonstop stream of very different music videos. There were appropriate outfit and set changes with all of the quirks and snazzy special effects that comes standard with a huge arena type of show. Except she was playing at the Fox, which here in Atlanta is where the Symphony and the Ballet perform. It felt like attending your best friend's birthday party with about 5000 of your closest friends.

If she is coming to your town and you don't have tickets, seriously, try to go! Even through we already bought tickets way back in October, I was calling all of the radio stations and entering a million different sweepstakes so (I could get better seats....and) my sisters and friends could come too!!

Friday, December 25

And So Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

Outfit details: Sweater shell, Banana Republic Outlet
Madewell Rail Straight Cords in Dark Grey(available in-store and by phone only)
Lenora Dame Pearl Menagerie Necklace for Anthropologie
Blazer by Silence and Noise at Urban Outfitters (similar here and here)
Rebecca Minkoff Clutch in Harewood (find the black here)

Quick detail shot from last night. My camera battery was insistent on dying in the middle of this shoot and none of the full body shots turned out. Whoops! Unfortunately my personal photographer is out of town for a few days and sometimes I cannot make do on my own.

Anyways, I wish the best to you and yours this holiday! My fam is breaking from tradition and we are going to my favorite Chinese restaurant for dins tonight. I cannot wait for a huge yummy family-style meal, but even more exciting is the hilarity that will ensue from the white elephant gift exchange which will inevitably occur in the middle of the restaurant. Things I'm crossing my fingers for in this year's exchange? Elf on DVD, and endless Zaxby's gift certificates. Judging from the past few years, I don't think that will be too tall an order.

Chrimuh Eve Eve



Outfit details: J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket
Shirt, J. Crew from Fall 2007
Lemon Drops necklace from Anthropologie (Fall 2008)
J. Brand 10" The Deal Skinny in Ink
Target Mossimo Katherine Boots in Tan 
Rebecca Minkoff Clutch in Harewood (find the black here)

This is what I wore to work yesterday, what I would like to mark as my last day of insane sudden illness! Holiday fun at the mall! I'm glad all of my customers were really nice and that all of my boss people were nice enough to find things for me to do off the floor considering I barely had a voice.

I don't remember if I posted this goodie yet. This is my other purchase from the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale. Another little clutch sized crossbody bag in brown with gold hardware. It's just as versatile as my grey one and fills an empty space in my closet (an everyday brown bag!). I love it for going out as well as work so I am forced to travel light. And of course, the blingy gold chain!

This jacket was a somewhat impulse purchase. For Atlanta, it's a great little year-round jacket. I'm excited to wear it with frilly ruffled girly pieces as well as boyfriend/rugged looks! The buttons on it are shiny gold too. I thought it was a perfect match for my new bag!

Tuesday, December 22

Rebecca Minkoff Boxing Day Sale

Sarah (of RM) mentioned the possibility of this at the sample sale a little while ago. A few of the boxes en route to Atlanta from LA for the sale were stuck in the middle of the country due to inclement weather, and resulted in a smaller selection at the Atlanta sale. In order to make up for it, she said Rebecca was going to try to have a post-holiday sale online. It looks like the RM team pulled through!

My picks from RM in general to keep an eye out for (from my plan of attack for the Atlanta sale!):

3-zip Clutch (sold out nearly everywhere!) in Flatiron Grey
 (photo from Luna Boston, where this color is an exclusive)

Research indicates there might be cream/eggshell and bright royal blue versions available! I think I've posted both the Black Haze leather and the Dark Shimmer versions as I pine over them on the blog. I really wanted to get my hands on one at the sale, but to no avail.

This is the same dimensions as my Morning After Clutch I frequently wear. The zippers add a really great bit of edge. And it looks small but I fit tons in mine! But that being said, I change bags pretty frequently and have learned to pare down. I've fit: my (chunky! almost as big as a film camera!) digital camera, brick cell phone, checkbook length wallet, Graphic Image planner, a pair of sunglasses, and keys in mine at once.

Matinee in Cloud Grey, made extra covetable by Lauren Conrad

The Matinee is also an amazing shape, and looks great in distressed leathers, bright colors, and the always classic RM Wine. It's been spotted at the past few sales in purple, distressed grey, teal, and tan/cognac colors.

I love that this bag has a plethora of pockets! It's not immediately obvious from the photo, but the bag is a barrel shape with two zippered compartments on either side, slip in pockets on top of those pockets, and a front slip in pocket (or two, depending on what version!) on the front/back sides.

I feel like at a sale price, this is one of the best buys. You get a whole lot of bag for your buck, and since these usually retail for $600+, it's always exciting to find one at a great price. For those of you scoffing at my little go-to clutch purses, this little lovely is plenty big enough, trust me. 

Studded Rocker Crossbody in Black with Gold
Find it (here) and (with silver studs here).

Also really hard to find! A few of these have been scattered through the physical sales. I've seen one in person and it is a great size--the perfect little going out bag. It's big enough to carry essentials (cards, keys, cell) and can fit more if you don't mind it not being flat!

Let me know if you snag anything! I am not working insane amounts at the mall for the first time in three years and I'm excited about lounging in my pjs post-holiday rather than rushing into work!

Monday, December 21

DIY Chrimuh

It's finished! Actually, this was a very painless project, I would have been able to complete it in a few hours had I not been so sickly these past couple of days. Oh, I guess I didn't explain what this project is.

This is a yoga bag for a very special lady this holiday season. I am crossing my fingers and hope she doesn't like online as much as I do and sees this before it is gifted to her in a few days. Now she can travel to and from class in style and not worry about carrying a purse with her.

This is Amy Butler's Chrysanthemum print from the Belle collection in Okra.

This is my little sewing corner!

It has three outside pockets so she can carry her Yoga Today, 
water bottle, keys, and cell phone!

It also fits comfortably crossbody!

I've been itching to sew something with one of Amy Butler's yummy prints for ages! The upcoming holiday was a perfect reason to snag a few yards and embark on a new project. I hounded my mans for days on what fabric choice would be appropriate for his mama. Does she like green? Does she like blue? What about floral? Geometric? What colors does she wear? I think he was totally taken aback by my interrogation. I guess he forgot that's what I did for a living for a long time, ha.

The fabric and the pattern are both Amy Butler, and I feel that all of her prints are very well suited for her projects. (You can find the pattern for the Nigella Yoga bag available for free on Amy Butler's site.) I chose a matching limey green for the lining and the print was reinforced with some fusible interfacing.

I thought this was a very simple and fun project, suitable for even beginners to sewing. All of the pattern pieces but one were rectangular, and even the lining and curves were very easy to sew and well explained in the directions. I especially love the thick strap and the three outside pockets! If I sign up for yoga classes somewhere in town in 2010, I might whip one up for myself.

During a second run of this pattern, I would probably skip the interfacing (it made sewing some steps very rough when I had 8-12 layers of fabric to get through!) and cut the main body a little longer. If you look in the pictures, my yoga mat peeks out an inch or two at the top.

And some of you are waiting on the cat print dress, ahh, I know! It is done except for the hem. It got pushed aside as I wanted to complete this project in time to make it on the plane to the recipient. I have the next few days off, so I'll see if I can finish it up.

Anyone else create handmade gifts?

If you are stumped and need a little push, I've been loving the ideas from this book this year:

Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts 
by Joelle Hoverson (owner of Purl Soho!)

All of the projects are very straightforward, and for extra convenience, are organized by the amount of time required to complete them. Everything from 1 hour to a few day long projects--the perfect timeframe to gift someone left on your list! My own mama did want some bolster pillows...

Sunday, December 20

Coat Dreams




Dress, Bailey 44 from Anthro 2008 
Coat, J. Crew Wool Ruffle Front Coat 
Boots, Frye Bonnie Tall Riding Boots in Red/Black 
Bag, Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Dark Brown
Necklace, Forever 21 Pyramid Cubed Chains

This is what I wore to brunch with the lovely Alicia of Want Beer With That? yesterday afternoon. I was too drug addled to think to take photos, because I'm cool like that. It was awesome bonding with a new girlfriend over our backgrounds and growing up in these *hard times.*

I'm going to make this quick because I am itching to get back to sleeping off my illness and continuing my Big Love Season 3 marathon On Demand.

Jersey dress from my last place of employment (I never outright admitted this, but I suppose it was fairly obvz). I was going to pass on this for the longest time, but an easy longer sleeved dress is a great thing to toss on and go when I can't be bothered to concoct a proper outfit. For example, this weekend during Sickapalooza, holiday edition.

The boots are my standby winter boots. The color is a little "edgy" for most things I do, and I do have them in a more "conservative" color (black!) but I haven't dragged them out of storage to top these for whatever reason. I like the little back harness strap thingy and they keep me super warm up to the knee.

The coat was to replace the "miss" from last season's Manoush coat I was dying over. After passing on several opportunities to purchase the original coat (it continued to filter back in and out of my store in several sizes), I finally had the chance (and a good enough discount strategy!) to get this one. So I did. It rules.

The necklace was a gift from my super secret online Secret Santa this year, and I'm so excited to wear it all the time! Thanks internet lady! I like online, as you all may have gathered, and yes this is from a friend that is from the depths of online.

And one last thing - when searching for the necklace on the F21 site so I could link it for y'all (you're appreshing the links, amirite?), I saw many suitable alternatives and several OOHIWANT pieces. Including a very Fiona Paxton-esque piece for less than $20. In case you are with it and have gotten all of your holiday gifts and are now allowed to gift yourself.

I meant to put together some holiday gift guides this year, but somehow managed to wait until it was too late. So instead I think I will be putting together a few "Gift Yourself" lists assuming that some of you will be lucky enough to be able to in a couple of days.

Excuse me, Tar-jay: Rodarte Redux

Yes, excuse me, but where are my accessories at?

I stayed up extra late in hopes that I could snag a belt and some tights online, but around 3 AM I caved to my laryngitis and gave up and went to bed. So my alarm was set for 7 AM and I logged on and what? They're sold out online.

Okay, so I need more meds anyway. I drive to my friendly neighborhood Target store and walk in as doors open. The collection has been out for days but I assumed that *this* one would put everything out on the calendar date, as they are usually by the book. The selections are picked over and half the sizes are gone. Foiled!

I check my nifty Target app to see what other stores might have these items available. "Limited Availability" at all stores in the surrounding area and by my house. I feel like I am on crazy pills! Even the Orla Kiely canisters weren't this mythical (and those were ridiculously hard to find for me). Does anyone know if they even exist? I don't even see any on eBay, which is where things like this usually migrate to once they're cleaned out.

Image Hosted by
Snow leopard print belt. MYTH?

Image Hosted by
Lace tights, whurr r u??

I hope I am simply missing something in my haze of illness. They were not buried in the hosiery or belt/handbag departments so I'm starting to feel very confused. But I suppose on the bright side I didn't go in vain to see a reseller hoarding all of the accessories.

And on the bright side, I spotted two twelve (?) year olds and mom staking out the Rodarte racks this morning. One girl said, "This is the one just like Tavi wore!" while they filled up a shopping cart. I'm amazed how far reaching fashion is these days. So while yes, I whined so much about something that is such a first world problem in this post, I absolutely love the fact that the existence of these collaborations and diffusions is making the fashunz accessible, even here in Georgia.

I purchased a few more things online thanks to Anjali's post on goldenmeans and her inclusion of a 10% off coupon. Target mysteriously promised these things to be on my doorstep by Christmas Eve. Assuming I'll be in full health by then, I'll post some more reviews!

Wednesday, December 16

Rodarte for Target...A Sneak Peek!


Why yes, that is my handbag shelf. And my too-tiny closet.



Following a tip from Cath and Lar of AsianCajuns I rushed to my local Target after hearing that they got the Rodarte line early! My plan of attack included the tulle dress in nude or black, the leopard on lace dress, and the skeleton sequin dress. Not to mention a handful of skinny belts and those adorable lace tights with the waist bow!

Somehow I only made it out with this little number. And all of my loved ones who are often my wardrobe sanity checks have vetoed it. I think it's gorgeous but maybe I do not have the modelesque tall and slender frame for it. Or maybe I should take it back for a bigger size? So so indecisive.

I like how it fits across the chest (like I'm not the reigning prez of the local ibtc) and in one size up it looked really baggy and frumps in that area. The sheerness of the tulle across the top is amazing and nearly invisible, and I looooove the giant bows. It also came in a mustardy yellow (the same hue as the cardigan and skirt outfit in promo shots) as well as black.

The leopard print number didn't work for me, I think the coloring was a little too yellow or something. It did have these really great bows popping up along the back zip which was a sweet touch--too bad it didn't come in a solid color too!! The skeleton dress was as awesome as promised in person, but I was disappointed to find only the front was sequined. The back was a solid black nylon material. The XS felt a little too tight in it, and the S was falling off my shoulders, so I decided to pass. I may change my mind if I find it on sale a little while later.

Since I do not have plans for early Sunday morning, I think I will still venture out to the Target location I usually stake out in order to snag a skinny bow belt and maybe the blue Cinderella swiss dot dress. It was gorgeous on, but the shopaholic in me felt more anxious about not missing out on this nude dress. Thoughts? Should I exchange for a larger size? The black maybe?

Tuesday, December 15

Hurr Did

Photo 18
Pale white and ice cold.

Photo 17
Awesome Photobooth photos, sry.

I finally got my hair cut after being indecisive and lazy about it for almost a year. I walked in carrying a celeb hairstyle magazine and told my stylist, "I want my hair to be like Serena on Gossip Girl lol." Gladly, she didn't roll her eyes. I even backtracked and told her I understood that she has a different hair texture and probably has a crew of coiffeurs on hand to blow, spray, and fluff her hair into place like that.

Anyway, the final result is more swingy layers and less dead ends. My sisters both scoffed and said it looks the same as before, besides the curls. That is the curse of keeping up a long hairstyle, I guess. I'm plenty satisfied with the cut. And I really like that she curled the ends! It makes me miss my curly hair, but the upkeep was pretty frustrating

I feel like the real test is when I am left to my own devices at home and have to wash and style it myself. I almost opted to get really short straight across Audrey bangs. Photoshop tells me that I would look like a boy, and I'm glad I didn't go so drastic!

Go Big Blue


Shirt: J. Crew Solid three-quarter Sleeve Stretch Shirt
Skirt: Floreat Scalloped Clouds Skirt at Anthropologie
Jacket: Cartonnier Ponte Beau Blazer at Anthropologie
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Haley Stud Flat 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Studded Devote

This is what I wore to visit my sisters at home and attend a sporting event at my old high school. This was as close as I could get to home team colors in my current wardrobe. It was totally weird to me that I don't own anything "Carolina" blue whatsoever!

It was so awesome to visit-- I saw some of my old teachers I haven't been in touch with in almost 10 years! And interestingly, I ran into my favorite teacher who I still occasionally keep in touch with while grabbing a quick dinner before the game. Oh the 'burbs!

So all in all, it was nice to touch base there. We won by 10 points, I was way overdressed for the event, and ended up cursing myself as I walked through very large puddles and tried to climb into the very tall bleachers. I'd say today breaks even with the comedy tragedy checkmarks for a normal day!

And finally, I'm not digging the indoor shots and lighting either, but it has been 1. Cold and 2. Rainy down here, which make it less than ideal for traipsing around my block trying to capture my outfits of the day.

Monday, December 14

Have I mentioned how much I love RM?


So freaking cute!


The sale on Saturday was too much fun! My sweet lady friend Fallon met me at the hotel, where we proceeded to enable each other to buy things. I had a great time sharing stories and talking shop about bags in general with the other ladies in attendance! Sarah from Rebecca Minkoff was incredibly sweet and so adorable! I loved her hair, her outfit, her jewels, and her BAG! She was carrying this amazing sample that may or may not make it to production in the next few months.

The selection was awesome and I snagged two things: a studded devote and another little crossbody  morning-after clutch. I don't know how much they ended up advertising the sale, as the atmosphere was really relaxed, and my fears of being trampled or having to fight for a bag were unfounded. Seriously though, if I have to walk around town wearing a sandwich board in the Spring in order for Rebecca to organize another sale down here, I would totally do it.

To date, this is my favorite Rebecca Minkoff score, as well as my favorite bag I've ever purchased. Look at the fun dark gunmetal studs on this baby. The smooshy pebbly black leather. The belts that give it that retro 70's feel. Don't try to tell me you don't want one too!

RM Black w/gunmetal studded devote. Get it here: Aster Alice

More photos from the sale can be found here on tPF.

Friday, December 11

Winter = Craft Nights

School is finally wrapped up, and I'm finally caught up on my sleep. What's next? Apparently the hobby I chose to pick back up during this break is sewing.

I was at Wal-mart on a mission this weekend to track down some elusive Cars toys for the boyfriend's nephew. We did not find a Ramone car, so I wandered off. I find myself in the crafts section looking for patterns hoping for some inspiration for some mommy presents (both mine and his).

I did. And rediscovered the Sew You Built By Wendy patterns by Simplicity.

Two Christmases ago, one of my besties and I gifted each other the exact same present: Sew You by Wendy Mullin (of Built by Wendy). I don't know what she did with her copy, but mine has been sitting in a box between moves, untouched. The patterns were on sale at Wallyworld, so I thought why not brush up on my sewing by making something simple?

Simplicity 3835

Photo 8
And yes, I bought this fabric to make a dress out of.

I guess it isn't super obvious, but I'm a cat lady by nature. This thing is going to look bananas when I am done with it. Most reactions I have been getting to this plan go something along the lines of, "What?!"

Almost done. The last part- adding in the exposed back zip. Yay!
Anyway, it is turning out to be a pretty short project. I decided to line the inside with polyester so I can wear it three seasons instead of two. I ordered some Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett prints from and they should be here tomorrow! I'm glad I have this time off to make some homemade gifts for some very special people.

 The book in question. Buy it here.

Wednesday, December 9

RM Update

For those of you sick of the blinky non-informative earlier post, here is the official flyer. As far as I know, they still haven't e-mailed the mailing list any further information. This is via The Purse Forum. You can read Rebecca's blog on and follow her on Twitter for the latest information.

I'll be there bright and early with girlfriends and possibly a man (strong arms are needed to carry lots of bags) in tow. See you there!

Saturday, December 5

Dear School...

So school is still in the middle of kicking my butt. I just wanted to pop in to say hi and inform my ATL ladies of some exciting news.

Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale, Sat. the 12th in Atlanta!

More details as I receive them. I'm peeing my pants with excitement.

Also- I'm done with finals come Monday and will be free to blog incessantly for six weeks!

Tuesday, November 24

YESSSS RM Black Friday Sale

I just got this in my inbox. This is what I live for, y'all.

If the online sale is anything like the recent NYC sample sale, you might be able to snag zippers and studs galore. Thank goodness I have half of my holiday gifts purchased!

What are your Black Friday plans? It looks like I'm making the rounds at the outlets, hitting up Target for $8.99 SATC DVDs, and slinking into work later.

School Colors

Dress, Jacqueline dress from Anthro; open cardigan, Urban Outfitters; 
belt, Anthropologie; tights and Kady boots, Target; school bag, Longchamp.

I didn't really think about this while running around wearing this, but this is definitely a school colors outfit. Like, wear to a basketball game and screaming at the top of my lungs school spirit outfit. I can't say I really embraced wearing gold through undergrad. That and my aversion to wearing black explains the complexity of my closet dilemma.

This is what I wore to hang out at home with the cats, go to a meeting, and attend class. Skinny jeans, a cami, and a cardigan have been my uniform while not working but today I felt inspired to put an outfit together. I've been reading Kim's blog Anthroholic and feeling simultaneously inspired by her outfitting and shocked at how many  Anthro pieces I seem to have accumulated.

Oh, and I got a seasonal job! School is wrapping up shortly and I'm so glad to have something to do for my six weeks off.

Sunday, November 22

Autumn Leaves


Tunic and leggings, Forever 21; blazer, Anthroplogie; boots, 
Jeffrey Campbell; bag, Hayden Harnett; bangles, Anthropologie.

The leaves and my hair are almost the same color now, ha.  Actually I hope it's not so orange in real life. I've really been putting off getting a good hair cut and style for a long time--the roots and unruly tangles are getting to be a real nuisance. I guess I'm enjoying having a Blake Lively moment until I make a hair appointment...

This is what I wore to support friends and local artists at ICE Atlanta. Originally I thought leggings as pants would be a horrible choice, as it is actually frigid a few days of the week. But the studio space for the event was toasty and jam-packed with bodies. Will update on my goodies and new favorites later today!

Since it wasn't a school day, I felt inspired to put together a weekend ensemble using Lar's tried and true formula. Simple, comfortable, but stylish. I don't know what I would do without the blogosphere!

Thursday, November 19

Say it out loud


Tee, American Apparel; leather jacket, Anthropologie; jeans, 
J Brand; corset heels, Free People.

Friendship rings, Marc Jacobs special items; 
nail polish, OPI Pamplona Purple.

Another quick casual outfit. I wore this around town to run errands and grab lunch with one of my fave ladies. Having so much free time is bizarre. I couldn't imagine living my life like this where I am just a lady who lunches. And shops. Although I suppose it might be interesting in a "my life is a Woody Allen film" kind of way.

I love this jacket and still feel a little crazy for buying it. Atleast it is convertible so there are different options for wearing it - from edgy and urban to ladylike and prim. This is what I wore to go pick up this:

Photo 5

Is anyone else attending a screening tonight? Apparently at 24 I am still a huge dork. I also spent an embarrassing amount of time in front of the New Moon display trying to decide which shirt I wanted.

Ahh, I'm excited! It's going to be super fun times.
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