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Thursday, February 26

Minna Parikka

The lovely Piksi had me on the hop trying to track down these adorable shoes. Nevermind that she lives in Finland - my Google-fu never fails me. But it did a couple weeks ago and no Minna Parikka shoes were to be found anywhere! (Well, atleast in the States, anyway.)

The ever gorg Piksi in said shoes.

I was reading Ranna's blog Only Shallow where she told the blogosphere the good news - Minna Parikka now has e-commerce!!! And they ship internationally. I am having trouble holding myself back. It's a good thing I froze my credit cards in a block of ice, Shopaholic style, last week. Sigh.

For fellow recessionistas, please let's drool over these goodies together now that they're available to us. The heart-shaped cutouts! The wings! The curved heel! My feet and wardrobe are crying that these aren't coming home to me any time soon.

Raquel, 265 euro

Anna, 290 euro

Ava, 275 euro

Polly, 270 euro

Jackie, 285 euro

Wednesday, February 25

Hello Kitty Mild meets Hello Kitty Wild

This is the ad for the Hello Kitty x MAC collection. It's very trippy, very Alice in Wonderland. Includes our two familiar models who are the faces of the Hello Kitty Mild and Hello Kitty Wild collections and also features the S&M Hello Kitty men who were at all of the collection launch events. Enjoy!

Oh Winter

When I woke up and realized I have another day
off and no ambitions to do anything today.

It's becoming more and more apparent that I have the ennui. I'm so bored out of my gourd, guys.

And it doesn't help that I spend my time off reading articles about the recession and its impact on retail economy. (Though I couldn't help but find this one from New York Magazine fascinating.) I mean, because what I'm hearing is, "If you have the money, it's a good time to buy!" Seriously, and it's not just clothes, it's everything. It makes me feel all itchy thinking about it - I have so many brilliant plots that revolve around winning the lottery or a sweepstakes.

So to propel myself out of this funk, I've decided to take on and accomplish a few projects instead of giving something up during Lent this year. (I mean, let's be honest, my giving up soda or fast food isn't going to help me or the economy significantly.) Once I track down some seriously hard to find craft supplies and get some software up and running, I will be well on my way. I promise updates for realsies this time -- but to be fair, I never made curtains or finished a scarf.

I will cap this off with a picture of my little chicken cat who likes to sleep in a cloud when I'm doing laundry.


Monday, February 23

Fancy Day Wear

This is what I wore to run around town doing really boring domestic things. I find that it helps the slow days go by more happily if I'm way overdressed.

Seriously, I'm talking way overdressed.

This scarf/wrap is so special. It has sequins all along the borders. You can't really see here though.


Yoana Baraschi dress and Tolani scarf, both from Anthropologie; tights, Target; flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs.


This is what I wore to work on Saturday. I was rushing because I wanted to get lunch and ice cream before my shift. Excuse the giggling, my manfriend was laughing at me while I was taking these.

Maybe not so much goofy... just I should smile more. :)



Dress, Bailey 44 (at Anthro); belt, Anthropologie; boots, Minnetonka.


I buttoned my eyes!

So I never mentioned I went to go see Coraline a little bit ago. In 3-d no less.

I will tell you this first - I don't think it's really a children's movie. But I have already mentioned how much of a sissy I am... There are a lot of dark elements and the bad guy is really really terrifying to have come fly at your face in 3-d.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Coraline is a recent stop motion picture about a girl who discovers a parallel world. This world at first seems everything she could ever want, with other, better, more interesting parents and fantastically freaky neighbors. Soon she discovers that it's not all it's cracked up to be.

The visual effects were really really amazing - the colors and details were very vibrant throughout the movie. I will say it was a lot longer than I expected it to be and felt longer (not in a bad way!) because I spent half of it cowering in fear from the Other Mother.

I expect if you're not afraid of your own shadow, you might find it very delightful. I suggest trying to find a theater showing it in 3-d so you can wear the fun glasses!

Oh and I can't forget the website! There are so many fun toys to play with! Take a look at

thx jumping mice!

Saturday, February 21

Ew Winter

Winter is just toying with me. And to think I had unpacked a bunch of spring things, too!

I was bored and dyed my hair earlier this week (it is barely noticeable). But I remembered the panic that ensued the last time I colored my hair - none of my "colors" looked right on me anymore. This outfit was a test. I think everything's going to be okay.



Dress, Erin Fetherston for Target; tights, Target; mary janes, Marc by Marc Jacobs; jersey cardigan thing, Old Navy.

Wednesday, February 18


Apparently the weather (cold, cloudy, rainy) is pushing me into monotone greys again.

Here's hoping it won't continue through spring.



Shirt and cardigan, J. Crew; jeans and flats, Old Navy.

Orla Kiely for Target... finally!

Okay so the collection was slated to come out this past Sunday, February 15th. However, most of the stores around me got in their kitchen things (dishtowels, placemats, potholders, apron, etc.) and their organizing stuff (storage boxes, media boxes, laundry bag, etc.) about a week early.

One store had in the dinnerware which led me on this crazy goose chase for the canisters. The fact that only the dinnerware was put up for sale online and the canisters were the first thing to sell out didn't help either.

I am a little nutso when collecting things and ended up going to upwards of 10 stores. I spent an entire day off driving from Target to Target. I felt like I was taking crazy pills!

Alas, when I had finally given up and was going to resort to eBay (omg the markup you guys), we stumbled upon this:



It was as if the Target gods were smiling down upon me.

Those of you that aren't willing to make a bajillion treks or call your local store every morning, I suggest buying online. Every store I went to told me these were the first things to sell out. I was also told that they would be restocking regularly. Too bad I'm not that patient.

I finally found these outside of the perimeter. As far as I know most stores are sold out. Atlantic Station and Buckhead didn't have their displays up yet so you could try your luck there.

Yay happy kitchen!

Also, this day was punctuated by discovery of a bubble tea stand not too far away. Yay for postal holidays and adventures!

Honeydew with tapioca.

Monday, February 16

Part 2

I did a quick wardrobe change after adventures in random parts of the suburbs. Some bunny got me a sweet tripod and I played with it a little before going out for the evening.

This might prompt a closet post sometime soon...


This was the longest exposure ever. I said, "Ok, you have to stay still."

He was making this face when the camera first went off. Hahahaha.

It took all my willpower not to start giggling - there was only enough time for one more shot before we had to skedaddle.

And then there was a romantic evening!

The end.

Dress, H&M; jacket, Banana Republic; shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs; necklace, June Shin; kisses, free with handsome man.

Valentine's update: part 1

It completely slipped my mind that I didn't actually make a post. I uploaded the pictures and thought to myself, "Ok, check! Done!"

Saturday was one of those wonderfully drawn out adventure days - I so rarely enjoy days off coinciding with anyone else's. I was so excited! It was like a mini roadtrip vacation day.

Bursting with excitement!

First pit stop of the day.

I'd always been curious about this establishment. Growing up in Georgia, I took for granted that Chik Fil A is ubiquitous and available whenever I want it (okay, except on Sundays). And Truett's Grill?! It looks so special and fun! I've driven by this on random thrifting excursions and have been dying to go.

It is almost like an amusement park inside. The kid's meals came in cardboard T-birds and a toy train with a cow rode around on a track above the dining area. Staples from the CFA menu as well as special fun things you can get at Dwarf House CFAs were on the menu. I had chicken. They also served steak, which I thought was a little weird.

And then we hung out for hours at Scott Antique Market. I got to touch pretty things and people watch. I didn't take any pictures inside because I was feeling shy and there were so so many breakables.

Haha I was eating a gummi bear in this picture.

This man is selling fake fires. Yesss.

Dress, plenty by Tracy Reese; jacket, H&M Divided Red; boots, Minnetonka; bag, Hayden-Harnett.

Sunday, February 15

HK, much?

So most of the time I try to deny that I'm a sparkles, rainbows, and unicorns kind of girl. Not only girly in general but especially not hysteric glamour j-pop kawaii kind of girly. But I really think I can't cover it up anymore. I realized that I was Hello Kitty-ed out this week and couldn't hide it anymore. Look forward to teal glitter eyeshadow and unicorn sweatshirts me. Ha.

This is the wristband I was wearing in the previous outfit post.


Which quickly evolved into this after I stopped at McDonald's that day for a Happy Meal (...).

I got Chococat! Haha I wore this all day at work and laughed at how huge it is. And how awesome it is.

I got home later that day and realized my space is filled with miscellaneous things:

Free tote with MAC purchase. (Sorry I couldn't get a clear shot of this, ugh.)

The valentines I gave out at work. (Not to mention the extra tattoos I kept and applied on myself.)

And geez, my keys.

So basically, I am one of those girls. "Those" girls? No, I am me and am resuming my regularly scheduled obsessing with unicorns and glittery things.

P.S. This site might get you in the mood too.

P.P.S. I have been watching this on repeat. Ahhh!

Friday, February 13

I'm a Valentine!

I like to dress up for holidays. I decided to see how far I could take it for work. Okay, I didn't really take it that far.

A little girl came in with her mom to my work today wearing a red jumper and white leggings with red hearts. I was like, "Ok you win."

Either way, I like being festive! Along with this outfit came a huge plate of cookies and a bunch of Hello Kitty valentine cards. The cookies and cards were devoured and cherished by my coworkers. I think.

I can't wait until tomorrow! Fun pictures from adventures to come!! And possibly three wardrobe changes. So much. Eeeeee!




Deep v, American Apparel; skirt, Baraschi (at Anthropologie); shoes, Lucky Penny (at Anthro); bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs; necklace, Erica Weiner; leather cuff, street market.

Shades of Blue

I loooove wearing teal during warm weather months. I unpacked my spring/summer clothes from the depths of my closet earlier this week and was thrilled to wear this immediately. It is likely that it will get cold enough to snow before it warms up for good, but I'm taking in all the warm weather goodness I can!



Dress, J. Crew; belt, J. Crew; flats, Nine West.

Moar updates

Apparently I'm backlogged several outfits. I don't know how these things happen!

I wore this a couple days ago. I found this tee jammed in the back of my wardrobe from freshman year of college. Hoorah! This warm snap is fantastic!

I can't explain why I look like such a grump in these photos. Hahaha hilarious.



Tee, Lux for UO; skirt, American Apparel; cardigan, Kimchi and Blue for UO; boots, Minnetonka.

Thursday, February 12

Hello Kitty + ... McDonalds

It was recently brought to my attention that McDonald's is giving out Hello Kitty watches in their Happy Meals.

This is awesome, because every once in a while I crave a cheeseburger. And I mean, it's a meal + watch for like, what, $4? That and they have my favorite old skool characters - My Melody! Little Twin Stars! Chococat! Glee!!! And my wrists are freakishly small so I can actually wear them. Brb guys, going to McDonald's.

But then there's the whole McDonald's thing... I only crave it every once in a while, like maybe once a year. Lol. Whatever, you can totally buy the toys without purchasing foods.

Tuesday, February 10

Hello Kitty + MAC

I've had this written in my calendar for months now - the Hello Kitty MAC cosmetics collection debuted today! I got an e-mail this morning and the collection is up online and was out (early!!!) at my local MAC store.

Everything was super cute - a lot of the casings were black with red glitter, and of course Hello Kitty's face on it. Even cuter was that all the lipsticks and face powders actually have Hello Kitty embossed into them!

I was all about the lipsticks and eyeshadows. The best part was that the store wasn't overrun with people because no one else knows it's out yet! The sales associate said they randomly sent them the collection early this morning (instead of Thursday). I've been holding back from purchasing things in order to snag some of these goodies. Let me know if you get anything!

Click here to shop online.

Sunday, February 8

Gorgeous Weather

The weather was so balmy and perfect this weekend! I started unpacking my spring/summer wear it was so warm. The first of which I grabbed was this top. I love how flowy it is. It feels a little midriff baring sometimes though because of the shirttail hem. Oops dress code.




Also, I've been a complete spaz and driving to EVERY Target between work and home to stake out all the Orla Kiely items. Still no sign of the canisters, even though my bestie claims she saw them. They seem to be sold out online and slowly creeping onto eBay. Hopefully they'll restock tonight and I'll continue to make the rounds tomorrow on my day off.

Top, Odille; jeans, J. Brand; boots, Minnetonka.

Professor Plum in the Library

I was really tired of the bitter cold weather that restricted me to pants and leggings and tights all the time. I decided to break free of dressing for cold coldness and pulled out a dress again.

Actually the weather complied and it was the toastiest weekend in months! This is what I wore on the last chilly day.



Dress (worn as skirt), H&M; sweater, J. Crew; scarf, Anthropologie; bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

Thanks Rebecca!

Lookie what I got in the mail this week!

Minkette charm!

Apparently Rebecca Minkoff sent these out to her customers as a thank you! I love mine! It is so blingy and matches the hardware on my Morning After Mini perfectly. Love love love.

They're now up on her site in gold and silver for $20 each. So cute.
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