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Tuesday, April 28

What's Good for the Goose...

Onesie (worn as top), American Apparel; skirt, Leifsdottir; cardigan, Urban Outfitters; sandals, Zara.

It seems I can't be bothered to iron. I really need to get on that, among other things involved in being a domestic goddess.

I love the print on this skirt and was super jazzed to get it on mad sale. I didn't wear a real shirt because I got a touch of sun on my shoulders and felt too hot and itchy from a slight sunburn. I love sunny season. I'm totes down with that.


Dress, Marimekko x H&M; Vest, Rogan for Target; belt, Forever 21; sandals, Steve Madden.

I think I reached for this dress to make up for how naked I felt the day before. It was perfect for the few hours I got to spend traipsing around near the park- light and summery.

I'm pumped about all this sunshine. It's a great excuse for me to delve into my old habit of eating ice cream for every meal. And going to Rita's and Paolo's all the freaking time. Yessss.

Monday, April 27

Mmmm... Armcandy

So, you guys. You guys! I get this email from Shopbop this morning.

And I immediately flashback to this post. And start to feel itchy because I'm thinking real hard about this.

1. Shopbop rarely to never gives out coupons. The last one was hardly enough to pull the trigger. 25% off competes with F&F discounts.
2. That would push the total to barely $200.


I keep watching this and drooling. They also have the Stud Devote. Halp halp omg.

Sunday, April 26

Weekend Recap

Romper, Toast by Suzie Kondie; shrug, Anthropologie; boots, Minnetonka.

I loooove this romper. The fabric print is very fancy and perfect for this sudden rush of warm weather. Rompers are my favorite summer item of clothing. I'll have to make a special post soon with my little collection. I realized (haha, too late) that this is a little too short for work. I felt naked working in public in this. Lesson learned.

It seems like I fall off the face of the earth (well atleast online) Thursday through Monday. Sorry. I was working. Lots.

The next day atleast will be spent recuperating. It was super busy and besides working, I got a slight sunburn. Lots of ice and lots of sleep before my next post. Thanks for sticking by me, bbs.

Thursday, April 23

Shopping Adventure: H&M

In case that's not clear....

I totes broke my shopping ban. And got up early to throw some 'bows to do it.

And the girl that rang me up was even like,
"You get this fancy carrier bag! It is hot pink inside!"

Ahhh stop.

I have the day off and have been obsessing over the peacock feather cardigan from the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection. So I dragged myself out of bed and to the Atlantic Station store. There was no line (at 10:02 AM). There were only a few fashionistas to compete with. I spotted some clothes scalpers. I ignored them and pressed on.

I chatted with some associates and they said all their stock was out and it would not be replenished. I eyeballed the display. It looked like there were about two of each size of each clothing item. Leather jacket, check. Peacock dress, top, cardigan, check. Watercolor stroke print dress, check. I didn't see the long beautiful maxi dress or sequined frock or suiting pieces or jumpsuit (see the rest here). That's not what I was there for anyway. But there were like three racks. That's when the panic set in.

So I grabbed a few things to try on. A mere few!!

This was when I was still excited and hadn't peeked at price tags.
Which color?? I couldn't decide for a long time.

Still excited.
I was like a 13 year old girl and excitedly chirped to a stranger, "Did you see the pap shots of Miley Cyrus wearing this in yellow?! Nicky Hilton has this cardigan. Omgz."

Still excited.

And then I finally looked at the price tags. Ouch. The cardigan (the only thing I really set out for) was $79.90. So was the feather print dress with sleeves (which seemed like a better value as it is an outfit...). The shell was $59.90. Even the accessories were more expensive than I wanted them to be. The peacock feather necklace was $24.90. I didn't even try to go back and grab other things. I didn't dare peek at the tag on the leather jacket (which was SO HOT) even though it was buttery soft and the zipper pulls were stamped with feathers (I love).

In the end I came out with these:

I swallowed the price tag when I realized it's a cashmere blend. I thought to myself,
"That's cheaper than J. Crew!"

With so many more details


Mainly this looked cute with shorts and with the cardigan.

There were still a handful of scarves and clutches and a solid selection of clothing when I left. Let me know if anyone else braved the crowds! Is it sad that I love shopping competitively?

Remixed. Sort of.

Vest, Zara; skirt, Anthropologie; sandals, Steve Madden.

These shoes pinch my feet and turned them black. The price you pay for fashion, I guess. And I wish the studs were shinier but I couldn't be bothered to pay return shipping. It doesn't help that I'm really weird about new shoes. I pretty much rotate between the same few pairs everyday because I don't feel like wearing my nicer shoes to work (where they will get worn into the ground). And I never wear new shoes to work because I don't want to get caught in the middle of a 8 hour shift blistered and limping and without a matching backup pair.

Hmm I think I wore literally the same outfit (minus the shoes) about a year ago. Let me hunt around in my flickr...


Okay so it was in July. I really need to figure out a different way to wear this. And that's when I still wore accessories. I remember those! I wonder where they all went??

Wednesday, April 22

Mmmm Paul Rudd

So we already talked about this, right? My not so small obsession with Paul Rudd?

Yes, I mean him. Well despite how disconnected I feel from pop culture (I don't have a television. I miss cable every. single. day.) I recently saw two movies featuring his Studliness. Well, I guess one of them just featured his voice, but since it was in 3-D so it's almost like he was there!

Monsters vs Aliens was very cute. The story was less focused on a monster vs alien fight scenario and more on Susan, the main human character. She is very likable and the story was inspiring without being too saccharine.

I like splurging on the 3D movie experience because:
1. You get neat glasses. I end up throwing them in my purses and finding them randomly when I am searching for sunglasses.
2. The kids! I love the reaction of children to outrageous things, both scary and fun. When a monster superburps at you in 3D or a bad guy reaches out for you, someone small will scream or squeal in delight (okay, sometimes this is me) and it makes moviegoing so much fun when people are really engaged.
3. The glasses hide the fact that you might be sleeping (if the movie itself is terrible) or crying (I totally cry at a lot of PG and G movies).

And more recently, I saw I Love You, Man which was hilarious. Like to the point where I thought I was going to spit out my Milk Duds all over my date. And I was kicking my feet and slapping my knees. Seriously, there were some knee slappers. Luckily this was at the drive-in -- I swear I'm not a horribly annoying moviegoer.

I think this is the first role I've seen him really get to use a full range of his talents. His character, a realtor who realizes he has no male friends, is funny and self-deprecating in very real (and sometimes familiar) ways. He's convincing as the boy-next-door type you might have known or do know now. See it if you love him already. See it if you don't get why I'm obsessed and figure it out.

This post inspired by this video, which was sent to me by one of my favorite ladies:

It's totes appropriate. Earth rocks ok.

Oh yeah

I wore this on Monday and apparently neglected to make an ~outfit post~. Also I am apparently doing weird things with my hair. I'm trying to grow it out so I can have long unruly locks again. Short unruly hair just makes me feel like a hooligan. Or something.


Dress, Urban Outfitters; shrug, Anthropologie; sandals, Zara


The Nutella brownies (well, the second batch anyway) turned out super yummy.

The saltiness of the peanut butter meshed really well with the cocoa and Nutella. And they were really moist with all the butter and peanut butter piled in. They were especially good with dulce de leche ice cream.

Mmm look at the perfect papery top.


Oh and free ice cream was extremely exciting and worth the struggle to park and the wait in a long line. I am a huge fan of frozen treats in general and I guess I come off as a huge dork in public because of it. Oh well.

The girl behind me in line was super excited too.

This lady behind me was telling the kids about her dog.

One kid asks, "Ooh what is his name?"
Lady responds, "His name is Max!"
Kids are so funny.

Outfit: Dress, Anthropologie; shoes, Chie Mihara.

Happy Earth Day

Have a great Earth Day! I'm spending today learning from a master gardener and maybe going to see this after work:

Tuesday, April 21

Florals? For Spring??


Top, Anthropologie
Jeans, Joe's
Sandals, Saltwater sandals
Cardigan, J. Crew

Lately I've been wanting to put crazier color stories together for outfits. This poses a problem at work when outfitting people sometimes because many ladies are still very conservative and matchy-matchy in the South.

I suggested a coral or turquoise colored top to go with a beige linen skirt yesterday and someone rolled their eyes at me. Oh well, I guess that means more color for me if people are buying up the neutral colors.

I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate hot pink and black into a work appropriate outfit. Hot pink makes me very happy. I feel like everything I have in this color is a little too hard-edged right now. Besides hot pink, I'm dying to wear studded pieces to work. I'm on the verge of tracking down an old school Bedazzler and just studding things that we sell.

Eat em up yum

Attn: free scoop day at Ben and Jerry's.

I'll be hanging out in Va-Hi enjoying some ice cream. I guess those of you still on facebook should know about this. See you there!

Sunday, April 19

Nutter Butter

Originally uploaded by kus-kus
I caved and bought a nonessential on my last grocery shopping trip.

I think a huge portion of this tub will go towards this recipe:

Peanut Butter-Hazelnut Brownies

Post with results to follow shortly.

Thursday, April 16





Top, Urban Outfitters
Vest, Rogan for Target
Jeans, Express
Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sandals, Target
Belt, Forever 21
Scarf, Ruehl

Basically I wore the same outfit two days in a row. I was in a hurry the first day and threw on the first few things that were within reach. Luckily they went together. The second day, I felt mildly cold/flu sick and couldn't be bothered to put a more complicated outfit together.

My little sister told me I looked "hyphie" which is her twist on hyphy. Which I guess she meant I looked cute. Thanks guh.

Wednesday, April 15


My copy of Lula and earl grey.

I finally tracked down a copy of this after looking for the past few weeks. Today is a horrible fevery tired sick day so it's a perfect distraction.

For the ladies looking in ATL, I snagged it at the Borders in Buckhead across from Phipps Plaza. This is the only bookstore in which I've seen Lula ever stocked, but I'm sure you can find it elsewhere I'm not aware of.


I have been drooling over this for months and months since the Spring preview photos were released. It is so perfect and cute and tiny and I've been wanting a crossbody tiny bag for going out and traveling light. Shopbop finally has it for sale and it is actually priced at a little less than what I expected. (Rumors led me to believe it was going to be $350ish.)

And they have a coupon code right now. Ahhh to pull the trigger or not? How important is it for me to eat well this month? I learned nothing from the Shopaholic saga.

You get the limo out front



Dress, boutique in SF
Shrug/cardie, Anthropologie
Flats, Nine West
Necklace, H&M
Bag, Fifi Lapin for Lesportsac

I found this dress in the back of my closet when I went home this past weekend. I think this is better than anything I've seen window shopping these past few weeks! I love that the fun drapey bits include pockets.

Oh and I went to go see the Hannah Montana movie with one of my fave ladies. It was fun, happy, and enjoyable overall (assuming you're into fun, happy, enjoyable things). Oh and the male lead was ridiculously good looking. I feel like a creep because he's got to be atleast five years younger than me.

If you don't know what I'm talking about:

And if you do and haven't done so already, you can learn this:

Don't hate.

Tuesday, April 14

Here comes the Easter bunny


Dress, Ranna Gill
Cardigan, BDG at Urban Outfitters
Sandals, Reef

This is what I wore for Easter festivities at home. And to battle my adult acne. I'm kidding. Sort of.

It isn't obvious in the photo, but the dress is a linen blend with lurex threads. So pretty in person.

the sign says DONUTS



So I grew up 1. in the South and 2. as a part of a foodie family. Whenever a new delicious sounding eatery opens, it's usually my cool aunt who makes it her business to go and tell us all about it. I've been grateful for her reviews because I will pretty much eat anything even if it's mediocre or slightly off. Also because her word convinces my mom to go to the hipper restaurants in town, which is so cool.

The latest is a donut...ery. My mom kept mentioning "that donut place on 10th Street" and I would keep looking at her incredulously and respond, "Um are you talking about the place whose sign just says 'DONUTS' next to the place whose sign that just says 'TATTOOS'?" But she had a boxful sitting at home when I went home for Easter this weekend. And I ate about half of them, so I'd say they're pretty delish. And they're "handcrafted" and the box is signed.

If you indulge in deep fried delicious things, you can get caramel apple fritters, Reese's peanut butter cup donuts, and honey glazed cinnamon swirls at

Sublime Donuts (Tech Plaza)
535 10th St
Atlanta, GA 30318

On Safari


Vest, Zara
Skirt, American Apparel

I feel like I talk about the weather way more than necessary, but on Friday night there was this freak tornado storm business going on. I ended up staying in the 'burbs to avoid the insane Friday night traffic (ugh compounded with the Braves season opener traffic and of course the people that cannot drive safely in a storm traffic). I pulled this out of my old closet. The colors were nice but the execution could have been better. Next time I must iron this vest.

Atleast I am shopping in my closet. I am still in the recessionista club, promise.

Say What

I got the April newsletter from H&M last week and was thrilled to see this. No I mean I've peeked at all the preview photos already and so want all the peacock feather printed things.

Keep scrolling. Keep scrolling.

Does this mean I live in a fashun city now? Oh I think so. Ugh, finally something good.

Hey bbs



Top, Splendid
Jeans, Joe's
Shoes, Saltwater Sandals

The past five days were a blur between work and Easter holiday festivities. I was wiped out this week! I could swear it was almost busier than Christmas. My level of exhaustion called for an easy outfit on Friday. Luckily I think I pulled it off.

I love the detail on this tank. I don't normally splurge on knit tops. Between cat claws and my everyday hustle and bustle I just trash them so quickly. This one I obsessed over for weeks before I caved.

Wednesday, April 8

April Flowers




Dress worn as top, H&M
Skirt, fei (at Anthropologie)
Boots, Frye
Belt, Forever 21

After the freak snowstorm yesterday, I was surprised to find the sun shining so hard this morning. Finally some real spring weather. This skirt is my favorite way to celebrate.

I caved on the whole body con dress thing after I found this one at H&M for less than half what American Apparel was charging. And it's a little less scoopy in the back so I can actually wear it to work.

Also, I wandered into Forever 21 on my break and walked out with this very Carrie Bradshaw belt for $10. It's a little late on the trend, but really, it's still good to add onto more girly outfits to make them edgy.

Tuesday, April 7

It snowed!


Shirt, J. Crew
Vest, jovovich-hawk for Target
Jeans and headband, H&M
Boots, Frye

So it totally for real snowed today. I would say it is the worst and coldest spring break ever of all time, but I do remember similar freak weather two years ago. One of my girls' birthdays is this time of year and it definitely snowed at her birthday party then.

Well I hate the cold but I also hate allergy season. Snow vs. pollen, it can't be a total loss, right?

Oh and this vest has little stars all over it. I guess you can't really tell in the photo, but it rules, basically. I'd been stumped on how to wear it -- what shapes and colors work? I decided to just make it work. Current circumstances force me to get dressed and get with it in a timely manner.

Monday, April 6

Spring Break!

Spring break is in full swing around here. Since I always left town when I was in school, I forget that people come to Atlanta to visit on such occasions. And of course they do the same thing I do when I go on vacation - shop it up at places I don't have access to back home. H&M and the mall should be packed. I'm in for a fun week at work!

I finally carved out a proper couple of days to take a beach vacation in a few weeks. Unfortunately for all the spring breakers (and cold natured little me) it's chilly here and is rumored to snow tomorrow (???). Planning what to pack is helping me keep my mind off the dreary weather.

Hahaha omg apparently I've forgotten how to make things look nice in Ps.

Clockwise from top left:
Floppy straw hat, H&M, $7.90
Hayden Harnett maillot, $198
Old Navy patterned beach towel, $12.50
Kimchi and blue crisscross sandal, $38
Colored RayBan Wayfarer, $129.95

The Vanilla Coke thrown in because it is my road trip staple. For some reason I can't ever seem to find it when I'm at the grocery store, and I never go inside the gas station when filling up normally, so I indulge during road trip pit stops.

And a few more things because I love summery gear:

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