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Wednesday, May 27

Hello There!!

I'm trying to make my comeback, k. It might be slow.




Dress, scarf, shoes, Target; jacket, H&M; bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

I know! It's been way too long. This outfit was from a few weeks ago. I found my camera a few days ago but have yet to dig up my tripod. I feel like I'm hunting through wreckage when I'm trying to find things among my belongings lately.

And I had to show off this new little bag I got right before vacation/moving. I've been trying to hunt one of these down for months! It popped up on one of those sample sale sites and I snatched it up for way less than retail. I'm pumped. It's a Rebecca Minkoff Rose and it fills my need/want for a small crossbody bag with a chain strap. It's so perfect!

Thursday, May 14

I think we should take a break.

Hello loves.

Things have been hectic and I apologize for totally abandoning my blog. It seems like crazy things like to happen all at once.

Among other things,
  • my precious kitty cat died,
  • I have to move all my things by Friday at 1 PM,
  • I was on vacation Sunday till just about now,
  • and so many things I shouldn't mention that have happened at work. Good and bad.
Hopefully after packing and moving and unpacking, I should be able to catch up in the blogosphere. And tell you guys about my trip! I'm keeping my chin up and having faith that this series of events have occurred like this for meaningful reasons.

Until things are settled, blogging may be put on hiatus.

I miss reading and hope to have some time to sit down and catch up later this week.



Friday, May 8

Buckhead Library

I ventured out the other day to get a library card. Mostly because I wanted to go to the Buckhead library branch - the architecture is amazing. There have been campaigns to keep the building standing since the surrounding area is currently being torn down and rebuilt.




Tuesday, May 5

Yesterday's Outfit


Top, Old Navy; jeans, H&M; sandals, Steve Madden; bag, Fifi Lapin x Lesportsac.

The air conditioning's broken at work. I needed something that would air me out easily. I totally didn't notice my midriff was showing in a triangle until just now. Oops.

These photos make me wish I had a photographer every single day. Hint hint.

I look so much less cranky and mean. I'm really not grumpy and am personable in real life, I promise!

Yoga + the Aquarium

I love going to the Georgia Aquarium. I would go more, but it's bordering on too expensive to pick up and go any old day. Fortunately I'm still on the e-mail list from when I had a season pass back in 2006 (or was it 2005??). Every now and then they'll send out really cute newsletters that I'm happy to read, as the updates are usually informative and not sent out 7 days a week like some lists I'm on.

A few weeks ago they announced this:

Which, to be honest, sounds killer. From the description on the Georgia Aquarium site, I think it's in the ballroom with the giant picture window glass. How serene and amazing does that sound?

Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 9:30-11 AM by instructors from Be Well Atlanta. Rates are $35 per class ($20 if you're a member) and $145 for a package that includes 5 aquarium yoga classes, an annual pass to the aquarium and a Be Well lifestyle card. I've been shopping around for yoga studios, and I'm going to say the prices are pretty competitive. Even the single drop-in class cost includes admission to the aquarium, which can even be used on a different day.

I really want to go atleast once. Tell me if you've been or know someone that has been! Here's a video of what the experience is like:

Sunday, May 3

Bow Girl


Dress and headband, Anthropologie; necklace, Urban Outfitters;
shoes, Nanette Lepore for Keds; bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

One of the girls at work called me "Miss Bow Girl" in this. I almost wore flats with bows on them too but decided it was a little too much. I was on the lookout for a big bow Blair Waldorf-ish headband for awhile and stumbled upon this one. I love it.

Oh and don't worry, I didn't dye weird skunk bleach stripes into my hair - that's just from the blinds. But I guess this is more indicative of my hair color since I dyed it a while back.

Tricia Guild

I think it's absolutely true that you need to take in inspirational things to be inspired. And honestly, I haven't felt very inspired lately - I'm 1000+ posts behind in my Google Reader, I haven't traveled in over a year, and I haven't visited anything significantly artistic or cultural in a very long time. I have a dozen personal projects I'd been meaning to get a jumpstart on (sewing, painting, decorating, designing) but simply haven't.

Even the blog layout is suffering! Instead of drawing up some yummy patterns and color schemes, I end up playing really pointless games online for hours on my days off. So I decided I needed some kind of creative kick-off. Some help.

Today I leafed through this book and felt refreshed.


Tricia Guild is an amazing interior designer in London. This book is a visual compilation of places, people, and things that inspire her. Flipping through this book is like soaking up a library of inspiration. There are photos of so many beautiful things, from Paris cafes to fancy shoes to sorbets and even Indian culture.

She also has this book:


Which looks just as amazing. Hopefully this will get things moving. Maybe you'll see results if the layout changes.




Dress, Rogan for Target; cardigan, Old Navy; sandals, Steve Madden; bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

I usually feel like a dork in plaid. I feel like it's not a very "me" thing to wear. For some reason many plaids feel too lumberjack, or down-home-on-the-farm, or hipster-esque for me to wear. This one works and I can't really explain why. Maybe because it's a little edgy without being unladylike.

Saturday, May 2

Lemon drops

Cardigan, J. Crew; jeans, Joe's; shoes, Frye; bag, Anna Corinna.

I was dying for any excuse to wear these shoes earlier this week. Then I learned my lesson about wearing heels to work. Again. Atleast the shoes were cute!!

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