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Wednesday, July 15

On Horcruxes

From last night's party... err, movie.


Dress and headband, Anthropologie; sandals, Steve Madden.

Did anyone else go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter last night?

One perk of not having a regular 9-5 adult job? I can go out late on school nights. In college I went to midnight showings frequently (along with probably half of my school). I forgot how insanely packed these things get!

I was coming from work earlier and didn't think it would fly if I came in a cape or costume. I opted for owl print and sparkles. This is another fun addition to my headband collection. Love it.

Monday, July 13

Selling it


Garage sale 2009 was pretty successful. I was surprised by the response to my lack of advertising - I guess there are people who haunt the sales as a hobby and they managed to hunt my house down regardless. Everything good was sold in the first hour. Which was awesome because I got to spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sun in the front yard.

The signs I put up around the neighborhood were done in pink paint with swirls. As I hoped, this drew carfuls of little girls, many of whom were pretty outgoing and chatted with me about so much and asked me so many questions. I love talkative kids, they are always so funny!

I'm glad all of my clothes and accessories went to good homes with girls who will love them. Now that I'm all cleaned out, I'm so so ready to move. I'm leaving for vacation on Friday and will be out of the country until I move. I can't promise I'll post a lot between now and then.

I'll be back soon!

Love Quotes scarves

othx Shopbop <3

Secret weapon accessories -these my favorite kind. I love anything that you can casually throw on with any old outfit and it somehow makes it jazzy.

Love Quotes scarves are super jazzy. Yes they are just solid cotton/linen scarves, but they are lush and chunky and complement your eyes and your outfit and your handbag.

Good old Shopbop pulls through yet again (Geez, how do they know exactly what I want?). I was tempted to clean them out when I got this e-mail last night. There are a bunch of good colors left! Free shipping and over 30% off a selection of these feel good scarves.

One of my lady friends has the Dahlia colored one (top left) and it is beautiful in person. I managed to squander my garage sale earnings on two. As my sister says when we are in any center of consumerism, "You gotta love that recession."

Friday, July 10

Blues are still Blue



Dress, J. Crew; cardigan and necklace, Anthropologie; sandals, Target; bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

I had to reassess my work attire after (re)realizing the dress code is stricter than I had to follow in high school. Which for real was really damn strict considering it is swimming and shorts weather almost 8 months out of the year.

I found this dress. It required a top layer. I was hot and kind of hated my outfit. It didn't match and unfortunately I was in a romper mood.

It was nice that it was simple enough to merit some big jewels though. I finally tracked down my jewelry pliers (in the leather bracelet making frenzy) and fixed this necklace. For some reason, the last time I wore it, I was doing some heavy manual labor and it broke when it got caught on some machinery. I still can't find two of the droplets, but atleast it's back in one piece!

Oh, and I don't remember if I mentioned it, but I caved and got this bag a little while ago. It's been by my side most of the summer, filled with candy and toys.

Wednesday, July 8

I know it's been slow...

I'm aware that the blog has barely been chugging along this summer. Even my little sister complained that I wasn't posting enough -- "I'm bored, go update your blog!"

This is my sad closet at the moment.

Well for one, I am low on fashions. Rather, I've only unpacked one box of clothes (haha out of maybe 7) since moving home and have been wearing pretty much the same few things each week in addition to things I left in my closet from high school. The only things I've unpacked are go-to dresses -- I have no idea where most of my pants and skirts are. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if I could put a whole outfit together lately. I'm getting completely accustomed to wearing no-brainer dresses. I hope this is acceptable attire for business school!

I will say I have been splashing out every now and then for new accessories. I have a few more headbands and scarves and bags to disguise the fact that I am wearing the same things to work all the time.

This burger was totally larger than life. I had instant heartburn.

Piedmont Park at the end of the Peachtree Road Race.

Also I've been doing awesome summery things. With school starting in August and having more days off than I anticipated this summer, all I want to do now is get sun and eat tons! I was worried that living in the suburbs would kill my social calendar, but I've been to plenty of picnics, concerts, and barbecues. Love it.

I'm finally getting that garage sale together for this Saturday (pending approval from the neighborhood association) to liquidate a bunch of my things in preparation for moving. I just signed the lease on an amazing house in town and will be close to so many of my favorite things and people. It's beautiful, I have enough deck space to hang my new hammock, and I can get to Jac and Jake's on foot.

Hopefully by the first week of August we'll be on a regular posting schedule for real!


Saffron Yellow

Dress and headband, Anthropologie;
cardigan, J. Crew; boots, Minnetonka.

I'm having a horrible time with photographing myself lately. By the end of this month I should be somewhat settled in a new home with a live-in photographer, so we can all look forward to that!

This dress has been lurking in my closet for nearly a year! I found it last week with the tags still on and wondered again what is the matter with me. I bought it because it was very much like a Chloe (or was it See by Chloe?) dress that came out a few seasons ago.

At work and later in the day I proceeded to get various lip products and food sauces on me. I am realizing more and more what is practical for my lifestyle and that doesn't seem to include things that are not machine washable.

Tuesday, July 7

Bumming Around

I am so behind with posting and reading everyone's blogs. Augh! I've been preoccupied with culling things from my mass collections of stuff for a garage sale, househunting, and desperately seeking a pool to swim in.

And I still haven't tracked down my tripod! I'm just having a slew of first world problems.


Top, Anthropologie; shorts, Forever 21;
sandals, Saltwater Sandals; bag, Orla Kiely.

This is what I wore to see the Braves play last week. I really prefer skirts/dresses to wear almost all of the time, but it can get really hot and shorts kept me from completely melting into my seat. I will admit I almost dressed up, but am glad I didn't after I realized the walk from the car to our seats was a pretty long hike.


Oh and I made this bracelet last week. I dig it but I'm getting mixed reviews. I can't decide if it's an awesome alternative to those crazy expensive Disney Couture leather wrap bracelets or just looks like a project I did in arts and crafts at camp. Either way I felt it fit in perfectly with hot dog eating and tomahawk chopping.
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