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Friday, May 28

An American Girl



Outfit details:
Gap chambray shirt (similar here and here, unisex here)
J. Crew Scout Chinos (similar here and here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Groovee
Madewell Slouch Pocket tee
Bensimon Elastique Sneakers
Something about a broken-in pair of khaki pants and a chambray shirt feels very Americana to me.  The shoes are quintessentially French, but read American in context. I really wanted to go double denim today, but the weather was not obliging.

I felt like my Scout chinos still kept the same vibe as a skinny jean. They're cut just crisp enough to be a classic investment, but are slouchy and soft enough to feel current. They easily translate into the menswear and boyfriend looks of the season. Just the kind of thing I need to survive the sudden onslaught of 90+ degree weather days.

If my American girl dress up mood continues, by the time the Fourth rolls around, I might be in pageant-worthy stars and stripes and sequins.

It might be quiet around these parts while I'm working through Arts Fest in Decatur this weekend. There was an Art Walk this evening, which was not dampened by the constant threat of rain.  Tomorrow I can't wait to take some snaps of trunk shows we are hosting and stuff my face with festival foods. If you're in town this weekend, come out to the Square!

Culture and art and food oh my!

Thursday, May 27

Weekly Etsy Love: Let's Go for a Swim!

This week's theme: let's go for a swim!

I have been badgering my social circle to go to the pool with me since it is finally the perfect weather. Rather, it is unbearably hot out, so you might as well get wet. One of the responses I got today was that one of my lovely lady friends did not have a suit to wear. Well, girl, here are some options. Go get you one.

Fun in the Sun!

Clockwise, from top left:
  1. Liz One Piece in Noir (purple shown to capture detail) by Ava Bell Designs, $129.99. I think this is the most flattering shape for all figures from athletic to waify to extra curvy. The tie at the bust makes it fully adjustable and the full coverage in the back is sassy, not frumpy. Comes in your basic black as well as red, purple, blue, and polka dot.
  2. Vintage-inspired One Piece Barbie Swimsuit by la Drama Queen, $115. This is THE BEST 50s Barbie inspired suit I have ever seen. The fit and construction are impeccable and it's cut to show off your figure without giving away too much of your goodies. This is definitely on my wishlist for this summer.
  3. Turquoise and Cream Bold Flower Halter Maillot by Felice, $115. A very easy to wear piece that any lady can wear. You can wear this anywhere from your local neighborhood pool, to a tropical getaway, or even to the Hukilau.
  4. The Alice Maillot by The Red Dolly, $79. How adorable is this Alice in Wonderland themed one piece? I think this would also be an awesome top layered under skirts and cardis.
  5. Marlene Dietrich One Piece by Stepanka, $99.95. For the less faint of heart, here is a showstopper piece. This feels like a Samantha swimsuit, but I think it could be rocked with widelegs and platforms for a really fly day look.
Hope these awesome handmade pieces will tide you over until I feel like getting properly dressed again. I've been doing chores and whining about potential heatstroke today. But part of my day hiding indoors has given me time to play with my new camera! I can't wait to finally have better quality shots for the bloggy blog. Now you will be able to CLICK IT BIG. Whoop!

    Wednesday, May 26

    Summer Fashion on a Budget



    Outfit details:
    Forever 21 Smooth Stone necklace, $5.80
    Forever 21 foldover city tote, $29.80 
    Target Kimono Sleeve Dress, $15
    Target CV Wedges, $29.99
    This morning I decided to include a Look for Less option for yesterday's outfit. I went to go do the same for today's when I realized, well, I am wearing the budget option! Admittedly, yes, the whole shebang comes to like $80, but that's less than $100, which is more than you can ask for in those glossy editorials for recessionistas.

    I reached for this dress over anything else in my closet due to the insanely humid days we've been having in Atlanta. There is nothing I'd rather be taking humidity bath in than an easy jersey dress. No layers or major accessories required.

    And as for the shopping trip I alluded to earlier? Full success. Our favorite retailer (Anthropologie, duh) had some secret markdown action going on!! Honestly, I was so caught up in the new arrivals that I didn't try very hard to scope out what went on sale. It looks like Sara has compiled a list of things she spotted, though. (ETA: Kim just added a list of confirmed sale items at Anthroholic!)

    The store I visited had the Circle the Globe skirts and Vappu dresses in and they are soooo good in person! I took home one of each (basically free with a few exchanges!). I couldn't help myself. For those of you with last year's Jacqueline Dress and the Thousand Days (?) Skirt, I think these are different enough to justify having both. The Vappu dress is a lot longer and has a different feel, in my opinion.
    Anthropologie, Anthropologie
    So pretty!!

    I ended up with a 2 in both items. I guess I am a growing girl as my waist and bustline both seem to have expanded. In the 0 the buttons were pulling in the dress--it's a real placket, so busty ladies might want to be careful with sizing. And the skirt I could have sized down, but I wasn't sure if my food baby would agree.

    And there was one thing I had my fingers crossed for on this shopping trip--the pretty little  Parker blouse with boats on that Blair was wearing in the season finale of Gossip Girl. HUGE score at Barney's Co-Op. I found one hiding on the rack for 50% off! Ignore the scary white Barney's mannequin and focus on the awesome print.

    Life goal: be like Blair.

    I got my shop on today since I'll be busy nonstop come Friday. I poked around at Nordstrom and J. Crew in addition to these 2 stops, and the goods are already marked down for the weekend.  It looks like some of you ladies are in for some happy shopping this 3-day weekend!

    American Sailor


    Outfit details:
    Anthro Double Torsade Necklace
    J. Crew Vintage Bateau Top
    Anthro Scalloped Sailor Skirt
    Gap leather ballet flats
    The Look for Less: top, skirt, necklace, flats

    Whoops an outtake snuck in there! And some major wrinklage, yuck!

    I finally had a chance to pull out my new Scalloped Sailor skirt yesterday. I knew this one wouldn't last the "trial period" before I would want to wear it! I know when things truly work when I want to wear them as soon as they come home with me. Surprisingly, that's a pretty rare occasion.

    I felt like the skirt called for major nautical themed dress up. My trusty striped top and a few accessories made it feel very American girl. I might just wear this again on the Fourth of July with a red lip.

    I'm off to see if I can catch any early Memorial Day sale deals! I'll check in with you lovelies later with today's outfit.

    Monday, May 24

    Chambray Shirt Day



    Outfit details:
    Gap chambray shirt (similar here and here, unisex here)
    Looping Lanes belt (my local stores restocked! Check yours!)
    J. Crew Poplin Wednesday Skirt (similar here and here)
    Fluevog Radios oxfords

    Instead of sailor-inspired, I decided to dress up straight out of a Crew catalog. Partially due to the purchase of this chambray shirt over the weekend, and partially because my closet is in total chaos. After seeing Tara's super organized space (in a closet probably the size of mine!), I really feel like I need to kick myself in the butt to get it under control. I had a friend over for the first time this past weekend and I couldn't tell if she was appalled or amazed. I could be on an episode of Hoarders. I need Niecy Nash to come over to my house. I have a biiiig project for my upcoming days off, whew!

    I felt very preppy today, despite my rumpled skirt. A nice little statement necklace with some sparkle and maybe also a bowtie would have styled this up totally J. Crew. I added a little more of a twist with my colored socks and my new belt. I don't know how I forgot to mention this in that post, but on my last trip to Anthropologie, I spotted this lonely Looping Lanes belt in the store. I had only seen it on the website and in bloggers' photos, and was really pleased to see it was even better in person!

    I feel like it is going to quickly become one of my favorite toppers. I've seen it go girly and romantic, and here, preppy. I can't wait to take it into vintage and Western looks. Hope everyone had a great Monday!

    Gingko Flowers



    Outfit details:
    Hayden Harnett Helena Wrap Dress (similar here, here, and here)
    Thrifted Dooney and Bourke bag (similar here, here, and here)
    Seychelles Her Majesty pumps (similar here and here)

    Those of you who have been around since the good ol' days will remember this backdrop. On Friday I went home for some family time and commencement ceremony number two this month. Whew! I hadn't intended to be this busy with social obligations. Finally after Loststravaganza 2010 I had a chance to sit down and set about into my regular blog habit.

    I have SO MUCH TO SAY about tonight's episode. I am interested to hear what everyone else thought! I'm certainly glad I am not a total Lostophile, but I am pretty into the series. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole 2.5 hours I spent glued to the TV set, and I was glad to be near people who were as into it as I was.

    This is my last minute contribution to the end of florals week! I did some research to verify that gingkos were considered flowers--I mean, sort of. It is a bit of a stretch, but my mother approved, and that's one opinion that I always take very seriously.

    ETA: There are a few spoilers in the comments! If you recorded the ep on your DVR or were too busy to see it last night, cover your eyes!

    Friday, May 21

    Weekly Etsy Love: Florals Forever!

    This week's theme: Florals! Here are some lovely vintage floral pieces to round out the week. I'll be back with an outfit post later this evening when I get home from graduation and birthday extravaganza in the 'burbs.

    Flower Power!
    1. Pastel Floral Romper from secretlake, $36. I love flowy rompers that can almost be mistaken for dresses. This one has the perfect sleeves and print to boot.
    2. Laura Ashley Floral Cotton Shirtdress from Lovestory Vintage, $34. I get excited every time I find a Laura Ashley piece when thrifting--the fabrics are really soft and drape well, and I can fit the brand without alterations. Laura Ashley makes the prettiest calico and floral frocks. This pink dress is no exception.
    3. Floral Doc Marten 8 Eye Boots from Junebugs1307, $135. What collection of vintage floral print items would be complete without a pair of these classic boots? I think they would be perfect in summer with solid dresses with edgy details and the cooler months with black skinnies tucked in.
    4. Tropical Floral Mini Skirt from Miss Minette Vintage, $24. My favorite way to wear girly prints is always in skirt form. The print on this one is so juicy! Full of bright, cheery colors for summer.
    5. Betsey Johnson Grunge Tea Dress from Shop Bear Cat, $28. This Betsey piece can swing both ways--grunge in a Courtney Love sort of way, or girly with a slip, bobbie socks, and curls. I would wear this to sip tea with my stuffed animals and then change into boots for a show later.
    6. Sunny Daffodils Easter Dress from the 50s/60s from Redlipsickthreads, $68. Oh how I wish I could wear yellow so I could grab this little beauty for myself! This is a gorgeous piece and won't last long!
    Happy shopping on this gorgeous Friday!

      Thursday, May 20

      Grandma Chic Floral


      Outfit details: here.
      American Apparel Triblend Tank
      J. Crew Double Breasted Merino Cardigan
      Lacy scarf from Squash Blossom (we have oodles!)
      Thrifted skirt (shortened one here!)
      Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini 
      Thrifted Ferragamo flats 

      I decided to go traditional with my florals today. And for those of you hoping to find a similar skirt, I found one on Etsy that has been shortened! Click here to snag it!

      Today I feel like I ended up looking a little like I played dress up in grandma's attic full of antique treasures. I am just missing a brooch and straw hat to fully complete this ensemble! Unfortunately my main sources for borrowing such things are on vacay! Pooh.

      Fallon and I had a girl's day today, which of course, included a good bit of time at ye olde Anthropologie. She hadn't hit the sale racks yet, and this second pass resulted in uncovering some goodies I made myself stay away from on Tuesday.

      Somehow I found myself in the fitting room with way more things than I ever try! I can usually gauge on the hanger how things will fit me and will march straight to the register. Here are a few things that caught my eye. I was trying to be good though, and stick to my budget I had set for this round of markdowns.

      Bluebells Awaken Cardigan (now $39.95!)

      I had passed this cardigan over dozens of times, primarily due to the pricepoint. I hemmed and hawed over this one. The fit was perfect, it would have a nice little niche in my wardrobe, and fits my style. But do I love it? Not sure. The price is excellent for anything Tracy Reese, and the buttons really drew me in.

      Blue Book Blouse (now $39.95!)
      Abstract Greenery Skirt (now $49.95)

      This top is a perfect summer rendition of my beloved green Dewpoint Blouse. I think the price is more than fair for how adorable this is on. It was a little too big on me and there were no smaller sizes left, so I left it behind. The skirt I was really hoping for a second price cut, but alas no. But since there were still a few left, it was hard to say no! I love everything Marimekko print, and wearing a piece feels like I am wearing art.

      June, July, August Dress, $148 (new item!)

      And a quickie review of something new. This dress immediately caught my eye on the website when it popped up. When I saw it had already made its way onto the racks, I snatched it and hugged it to my chest. It is glorious in person, and the fit is extremely flattering. It would have come home with me, but I couldn't swallow the pricetag today. I prefer woven materials for dresses as jersey dresses get destroyed (for me anyway) in the washer. But this lovely? I might make an exception very soon...

      I would wear this plain and simple on its own. The print and the cut speak for themselves and don't need a lot of accessorizing. I might break down and go back in a week or two if it is still on my mind. Just looking at this photo again makes me feel weak. So good.

      Wednesday, May 19

      Garden Collection Stash




      Outfit details:
      Anthropologie rosette headband (similar here and here)
      H&M Garden Collection Dress (similar here, here, and here)
      Cynthia Vincent x Target wedges (similarish styles: here, here, and here)
      I spent all day today roaming around various thrift stores collecting weird items, and gosh, if it isn't just like me to hoard dresses like I do knickknacks! I found this dress hiding in the back corner of my closet feeling lonely, and I had to pull it out, especially with it being floral week! Thanks again to the {have a cute day} ladies for choosing this fun theme.

      This apron pocket frock was perfect for running around today and logging lots of miles under the glare of the summer sun. Perfectly airy and breathable enough to wear through those long haul sweaty back super thirsty drives through suburbia.


      Here is a little outtake to get a better idea of the color! 

      Spanx Swimwear Party: Slimming and Swimming

      So let's gab about something that many of us cope with but we don't really talk about. No, I'm not talking about finances or dieting. I'm talking undergarments.

      I have finally accepted that I can no longer wear the little hipsters and boyshorts with the little unicorn and cupcake patterns, as they are cut and designed for girls something like ten years my junior. That plus the constant food baby I seem to develop from my non-diet philosophy, all of a sudden I find myself in the market for shapewear.

      The word girdle makes me shudder a little, and the idea of a modern corset with a million teeny bra hooks to put together is too much work for me, even if it does make me sit up straight. When we started carrying Spanx in the boutique I work in, I thought to myself, duh, this is the answer. So friends, I occasionally Spanx myself (forgive me for using the brand as a verb!) into my tight skirts and dresses.

      The brand is actually based here in Atlanta, and is considered a highly desirable place of work (by myself as well!). So of course in launching the new line of shaping swimwear, they held a party at one of the best swim shops in town: Atlanta Beach.

      Kimberly at Spanx was kind enough to send an invite my way last week, and I was tickled to attend!

      Check out how cute this black and white number is!

      Not that she needs it, but look how ultrasmooth the fabric is on!

      I was really impressed with the pieces in person--the styles and cuts are very on trend and are fresh. None of the pieces read shapewear at all. And if you have ever owned or felt any Spanx products, the fabric is always soft, double layered, and very comfortable. The material used on the suits was no exception! I'm tempted to grab this really fierce one piece for myself this summer!

      Founder Sara Blakely was at the party, answering questions and beaming with each bit of praise for her new product line. I had intended to go all gaga and act like a silly fangirl, but I chickened out. You guys, I am the shyest person in the world, and there were not enough racks to hide behind or corners to duck into. Next time! I even have my reporter's notebook ready.


      And I loved these cookies they had at the event. Note how the detail on each one corresponds to one of the suits in the collection! So cute!!


      These are my faves from the collection:

      Clockwise from top left:
      Structured One Piece
      Convertible One Piece
      Bandeau One Piece
      One Shoulder One Piece

      Or if you're local, you can pick one up from Atlanta Beach. They also have an amazing selection of Vix, Agua Bendita, Shoshanna, and L Space suits:

      Atlanta Beach 
      3145 Peachtree Road Northeast
      Atlanta, GA 30305-1800
      (404) 239-0612

      I'll be back later tonight with my floral outfit of the day!

      Tuesday, May 18

      Amsterdam Tulips Skirt + Anthro Sale Haul



      Outfit details: 
      Splendid Percussive Cardigan
      Forever 21 Smooth Stone necklace (similar: here and here)
      Target Green V neck tank (similar here, here, and here)
      Anthro Tulips skirt (circa 2006-7?) (similar here, here, and here)
      Rebecca Minkoff Morning-After Mini Mini (get it here or here)
      Swedish Hasbeens Super High (similar here and here) 

      The super adorable Kjrsten and Anna of {have a cute day} have declared it florals week. I am always up for a themed dress-up, so of course I signed on board! I decided to interpret florals loosely today with my favorite tulip printed skirt. I've had this bright skirt for years and it never fails to put me in a great mood. I was a busy bee today, and all of the colors I was wearing really helped to lift my mood while buzzing around.

      I'm so glad to have another theme to dress to! Maybe next week I'll go for nautical wear... This dressing to specific themes reminds me of a certain little "fashion club" my friend Lana and I tried to start in college. Since we were at an engineering school that was primarily male, a lot of students scoffed, stared, or made fun of us when we would try to implement fun dress-up days. Even during finals week, when everyone could use a little something to put a smile on their face! I'm no longer trying to pass around the fashion plate in the name of school spirit, so I'm glad to finally be in a niche that supports a little bit of frivolity!

      A huge shout out to some of my favorite bloggy ladies also participating this week: make sure to take a peek at what Maria, Tien, Dea, and Tara are wearing today! And check out {have a cute day} for the full list of participants. I'm excited to add some cute new reads through this project.

      And of course at the end of my busy bee workday, I whisked myself off to the mall. I couldn't be there for the door-opening stalker stampede I would have preferred, but I managed to grab a few things from this week's markdowns at Anthropologie. I was super happy to see that both of these skirts on my wishlist went on sale, and even happier to see that there was one each in my size when I was perusing the racks at closing time.

      My haul: 
      Cartography Cardigan (NOT on sale! This was a special treat
      for making the grades I wanted this semester, whoo hoo!)
      Scalloped Sailor Skirt (now $49.95)
      Seabound Skirt (now $59.95)

      I didn't go too crazy and stayed on budget for this sale. Did anyone else take a trip to ye olde Anthro for the sale? It took a lot of self control for me not to look at anything else in the store other than these three items.
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