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Wednesday, June 30

Field Trip and the Hoarder Project

My sister in her natural state--texting. Me in my natural state--goofing off.

I look Cullen-pale next to her!

A quick bite to eat--It's Atlanta tradition.

This was the part where a car was coming our way. Watch out!

Outfit details:
J. Crew Frances Stripe Ruffled  Tuxedo shirt
Forever 21 dots skirt (similar here and here)
Gap tomato red leather ballet flats
Amanda Gary handmade leather bag
The Look for Less: (shirt), (skirt), (flats).

Since my sisters are concerned for my well being and both love to help me out so much, I invited them downtown to help me go apartment hunting. Since all of the appointments I made for viewings were spread out across the entire city, we made a whole day of it!

Ultimately, it felt like a big field trip kind of day (especially with the IKEA excursion), so of course we had lunch at the Varsity. While not tailored for the most gourmandise of tastes, it is an Atlanta institution. And well, I love the onion rings.

And recognize my shirt? Well, you probably don't as I've never worn it. I found it stashed in a consignment store earlier in the spring and was absolutely thrilled. It was brand new and from the current J. Crew offerings and all of a sudden within my financial reach at $20. And then it sat in my closet for several weeks until this recent rediscovery of its existence.

Which leads me into my next endeavor. As I've mentioned, I'm moving soon. If you follow my Twitter or have ever seen the full extent of my closet, you know how expansive it is and how close I am to becoming a Gold Star Member of the Hoarding Society.

That's where this rack comes into place. Closet space is limited in my current home, and it's impossible to tell what I've really got shoved in there without some kind of order. This extra garment rack serves as my limbo rack--the items undergoing the "audition process" as Jacquelyn would say. New items go directly onto this rack and older items I haven't worn in a while make their way back to this rack so I can decide if they should stay or if they should go.


Having a whole rack of clothing like this makes me feel itchy and anxious that so many items are in flux! My goal and project for the month of July is to clear off this rack, Clean Sweep style. Things unworn will either go back to the store(s), be sold, or get donated at the end of this month.

This is working up to my ultimate goal of having a closet full of things I L-O-V-E love instead of having an overflowing rack of maybes and that one skirt I wear every other day. Please chime in with your "yeas" and "nays" during this process, since shopping in my closet can end in mixed results!

Here are some new things I desperately need to summerize during this process since I love them so:

I found a few Lift Off Jackets left at my local store during inventory.
I immediately grabbed the last one in my size and added it to my discount pile.

Lost Time skirt. Similar story with this skirt. It immediately struck me as classic Anthro and I ran to the fitting room with it thinking mineminemine. It's been a challenge to style so far, though and is getting lonely.

And even worse are the things I am literally hoarding. These oldies but goodies still have tags on them! I'm in that mentality that I don't want to use them because I don't want to spoil/ruin them. Which, if I learned anything from the Hoarder documentary series, is a red flag. I would like to use and enjoy all of my good stuff.

Jacqueline dress, version two with grosgrain ribbon. I wear the yellow, but despite my penchant for navy dresses, never have pulled out this version.

And the infamous Bold Boutonniere dress. I spotted this the day Anthropologie added it to their website. I was on vacation out of the country at the time, and thought it would be silly to order it right away since I was still working for the brand. The day it came in I took it home and have enjoyed pulling it out, looking at it, and putting it back. It's decision time for this dress.

I've got my work cut out for me. How does everyone else audition and sort their belongings? I find myself wishing I had a really bossy and opinionated friend around to be strict with me and this rack...

Tuesday, June 29

Calling All Atlanta Fashionistas and Dapper Young Gents!

Atlanta Magazine is running a very exciting contest for the fashion savvy Atlanta crowd. All you have to do is submit a photo that shows off your style for a chance to win. The prize winner will receive a $250 gift certificate to Simon malls and a feature in an upcoming issue!

They're looking for both stylish ladies and gents, and the only rule is that you have to be over 18. You don't have to conform to a certain look or statement--just be yourself! I'm sure at least one of you lovely readers could win this, hands down. I'd enter if I could, darn it. That $250 could buy a lot of goodies at Lenox Square Mall!

Click here or on the contest banner to enter. Good luck! The contest will be running through July 31. I'll be voting and supporting from the sidelines.

Circling the Globe Again




Outfit details:
Anthro Double Torsade necklace
American Apparel triblend tank
Anthro Circle the Globe skirt
Target Wakeisha sandals
Amanda Gary one of a kind bag
The Look for Less: (necklace), (tank), (skirt).

Saturday was GO GO GO at work. The lovely and talented Caroline of Painted Oyster upcycled fashions brought in some fresh pieces for a trunk show. Since I am on, as Fallon would say, a shopping diet, I dressed in thin layers in order to model some of her new designs. The blue skirt and necklace were the perfect accents paired with her new pieces made from vintage 80s beaded and sequined dresses. I got to take a sneak peek at what she has in store for fall, and I'm really excited for when this ban is over! Stop by Squash Blossom for a wide selection of her warm weather pieces.

Speaking of talented local ladies, here is a better look at my Amanda Gary bag. I think it has a perfect laidback and bohemian vibe to complement my girly and preppy frocks. She's created some amazing pieces recently with really edgy fringe and gorgeous red leather with a really cool sheen. It looks like she has one bag up for sale now if anyone was interested!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Mine was jam packed, and my mid-week weekend looks like it will be too.

Saturday, June 26

Lands are Green, Skies are Blue



Outfit details:
Old Navy striped boatneck tee (similar here and here)
J. Crew Factory necklace (similar here and here)
Rebecca Minkoff Rocker bag (similar here and here)
Anthro Alpine Dream skirt (similar here and here)
J. Crew Caden Cork wedges
The Look for Less: (top), (necklace), (bag), (skirt), (wedges). 

I decided to go adventuring in the neighborhood the other day. I've always been curious about this lot, but there are frequently construction vehicles blocking the gate, and the gate is locked most of the time. Considering there were no forbidden access signs (or perhaps it is lost in the overgrowth), I thought it would be a fun photoshoot. It felt like I was romping around in my own little secret garden.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I have been buzzing around like a busy bee and have finally had the chance to pop in and say hi.

Thursday, June 24




Outfit details:
Anthropologie Vappu Dress (similar here and here)
Anthropologie Looping Lanes belt (similar here)
J. Crew Jackie cardigan (similar here and here)
Rebecca Minkoff MAM
Hoy shoe Saltwater sandals
The Look for Less: (dress), (belt), (cardi), (bag), (sandals). 

Let me tell you about the roundabout path I took in acquiring this dress. Well, originally I had purchased it in navy with the Circle the Globe skirt a few weeks ago. I bought both in a size 2 that day. When I pulled the skirt out to wear a few days later, it was somehow too big. The dress, too! I scolded my food baby for playing mind games with me, and swapped both of them out for smaller sizes. For some reason, I decided to swap the dress out for the yellow version.  But I am really more partial to navy dresses. I couldn't stop thinking about the other colorway! Then I had my unexpected Anthro discount opportunity, and now I have both. I don't know how these things happen.

But pending that Anthro discount purchase of a couple things (it was enough to make my credit card whimper), I basically broke all the rules of my clothing budget. So retail therapy is on hold till the end of July, save for a short list of things which includes birthday and wedding gifts and some moving expenses.

It's been closet cleanout central over here, and really, considering all of the forgotten pieces I keep uncovering, it's not going to be too hard. I also still have a bunch of new things I haven't had the chance to wear yet! But if anybody has any ideas for how we can make this a fun and interactive exercise, I'm more than happy to go with it!

Wednesday, June 23

Fields of Green Skirt



Outfit details:
Forever 21 gem necklace (similar here and here)
Old Navy gold tank (similar here and here)
Anthro fields skirt from '07 (similar here and here)
Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Super High
The Look for Less: (necklace), (cami), (skirt), (shoes).
So much for being brave and venturing into the great outdoors each day for my outfit documentation. I was scouting out the light in the front yard when I spotted a nice gentleman pruning some trees right outside of my front door. I managed to wave hello before I got shy and headed right back inside.

I realized I hadn't debuted this necklace on the blog! I purchased it when I was in Birmingham (same trip as the thrift find of a lifetime), and it never made its way into photos until today! As some of you may note, it echoes the same look and feel as Anthropologie's Stormy Seas necklace from last year. That necklace was released at the height of my (part time) Anthro career and I saw it day in, day out for months on end. Long after all of them were sold (those things flew out of the store!), I decided I wanted a minty green one. After a quick and eye-opening eBay perusal, I was happy to look for less pricey options. $8.80 for a similar piece that actually worked better for me since it had less stones was perfect.

This skirt was actually a recent rescue from the donation pile in my room. I say that I am "spring cleaning" fairly often. The reality is that I'm constantly weeding out my closet due to the sheer volume of clothing flowing in and out. When I bought this skirt, I was in Anthro sale goggles mode and it happened to find its way to the register with me. I hemmed and hawed over how to wear it for weeks  afterward. My main complaint then was the extra long length. But now I totally rock the below the knee skirts, and this little number isn't really even long compared to some of my other closet staples.

For those of you whose eyes perked up at the mention of a closet cleanout, I'm getting my act together for an Anthropologie mini garage sale very soon. Stay tuned, as I seem to have collected way more than I can keep track of during my employment there. That, and I am moving soon. Less boxes to pack and less weight to move sounds like an A+ plan to me.

And since I'm feeling extra saucy today, I'll leave you with a shot of the strawberry custard pie my dear Markus baked last night. He whipped up the crust and pie filling from scratch, threw on a fancy egg glaze, and pulled out this pie crust keeping gadget I never knew existed.


Tuesday, June 22

A Color Gray-dient



Outfit details:
Monoreno by Mur double layer tunic (similar here and here)
Level 99 World Over Cargos (follow the style chain: the ones
I'm wearing are inspired by this pair which are akin to these)
Target Wakeisha sandals (inspired by these Seychelles)
The Look for Less: (tunic), (pants), (sandals). 

Sometimes I'll be extra fussy when getting ready. This particular morning I shook Markus and asked, "Do these shoes work with these pants?" To which he responded succinctly, yes.

When I started to pout he elaborated, "No, but really it's great. It's like you are wearing a color gradient from light to dark from top to bottom."

Gradient, huh? More like a gray-dient, then. Which I'm really surprised doesn't happen more often since I am quite the conservative at times, and my favorite colors to wear are navy and gray.

I never would have considered myself a cargo pant girl, but with all of the hubbub surrounding the J Brand Houlihan pant and how good everyone looked in them, I had to give this trend a try.  I spotted this Level 99 pair on another customer at Anthropologie and couldn't stop thinking about them. They were decidedly edgy, but were for the perfect backdrop for a flirty flowy top, as evidenced in the June catalog. I thought about them for several days and couldn't muster up the guts to go for the splurge. I am not a big pants fan, after all.

But then it sweetened the deal a little bit when I was asked to work inventory at Anthropologie the other week. One time discount = new pants, and that was that. Now if only I could negotiate my cat lady dress at a reduced price too, I'd be happy as a clam.

Monday, June 21

London Calling Boutique Opening

When Alicia messaged me last week to see if I wanted to attend the London Calling opening gala on Thursday, I happily agreed. The runway show highlighted the new boutique's wares--importing the looks of London to Atlanta for birds and blokes alike. The shop stocks all of your Anglophile favorites: TopShop, Alexander McQueen, and ASOS goodies.

Here are a few snaps from the outdoor runway show. The sun was setting and I'm not totally comfortable with the flash on my camera, so these are kind of...arty. I plan to invest in a shorter lens soon, but for now, here are some semi-clear shots.

I love suspenders and hats for men! I feel like men's accessories in general are undervalued.

Note the extra fierce headpiece. It reads "BAM!" in sparkles.

I think A and I both squealed when she stepped out in this playsuit. So freaking cute!

How arty am I? I loved this vest look. He looks just like a London chap.

After the show, we went all Modelizing on the window display. Spectator sneaks? Perfect.

Check out kittenmasks for Alicia's (much better) snaps of the store.

London Calling
1545 Peachtree Street Ste 110
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

And a quickie outfit update. What I wore on Thursday night for the event. After a girl at the party came up to me and asked me, "Are you that girl that takes pictures in front of a fence?" I felt it was necessary to branch out. So here I am in front of a concrete wall. 

Outfit details:
Parker sailboats blouse (similar here and here)
J. Crew Factory knit ponte pant (similar here and here)
Cynthia Vincent x Target wedges (similar here and here)
Forever 21 foldover bag (similar here and here)
The Look for Less: (top), (pants), (shoes), (bag).

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Sunday, June 20

Life's a Beach Party


Outfit details:
J. Crew straw fedora (similar here and here)
Anthro Double Torsade necklace 
J. Crew starfish cardigan (similar here and here)
Mine cupcake layer dress (similar here and here)
Boutique 9 Great Crossing sandals (similar here and here)
The Look for Less: (hat), (necklace), (cardigan), (dress), (shoes).

Like I mentioned in my last post, I'm trying to branch out just a teeny bit where I'm taking my outfit pictures. However, this does not mean that I am any less busy, so for now backgrounds are locations in which I can stage a photoshoot in five minutes or less. Most of the time I snap these and then run out the door!
I never considered myself a pink, cream, or coral girl, but when this cupcake dress came into work, I just couldn't say no. So I said yes to this dress and made sure to play up the girlyness as much as possible. I thought it would be extra nice paired with neutrals. I do love me some tans and browns, which go so well with peaches and cream. Ooh oh oh, peaches and cream.

Ahem. There were moments in the day I felt like I went a little over the top with accessories, but it went with the party theme on Friday. Decatur was celebrating its annual Beach Party right outside  of work, and darn it if I didn't beach it up.

I'm still catching up on all of your lovely posts and catching up on posting myself. Hope all of you are having an excellent Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19

Magic Kingdom of Style


Outfit details:
Ray Ban Original Wayfarers in Red (similar here and here) 
Anthro Deletta tank dress from '09 (similar here and here)
Zara crochet snap belt (similar here and here)
Born Alea sandals (similar here and here)
The Look for Less: (dress),  (belt), (sunnies), (sandals). 

Okay, y'all must be tired of seeing and hearing about Disney by now, so I'll keep this short. Packing for the trip was tricky. On top of comfortable long distance walking shoes, I packed basically the same clothes I might for a hiking or camping trip. Everything I wore (I guess except to dinner) was breathable, easy, and super casual.

Hope this series of posts gets some of you excited about the magic of Disney! While at times I felt like I chose to visit a center of consumerism, I felt the magic and wonder in every inch of the grounds. A+, would recommend, will visit again.

And for those of you curious about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? It's officially open today (Saturday, June 18)! We didn't even attempt to go since all of the guest services people at our resort insisted that we wouldn't be allowed in. From all of the videos I've seen and blogs I've read, it promises to be excellent. And if nothing else, the Butterbeer alone is reason enough to plan another Orlando trip mighty soon.

Friday, June 18

Happiest Place on Earth!

Gosh, I am so glad that you are a patient and supportive crowd. I think I'd be beside myself if anyone (besides myself) was hard on me for being such a terribly unproductive blogger. Better late than never, I suppose. Finally a little glimpse into this past weekend at Walt Disney World.

Here is a weekend recap in pictures! Despite it being what is typically the busiest (not to mention hottest!) time of year for Disney visitors, it was actually quite a peaceful trip. The crowds were reasonably small and lines were miraculously short. In fact, I don't think we waited for more than 20 minutes to ride anything--well, except for the shuttle back to our hotel each day.

Some of you may think that Disney is just for kids. Well, if you have kids, I suppose that may be the case. But there are plenty of cultural, foodie, and thrilling adventures for grown ups, too! Here are just a few of them.

I briefed you guys on our Downtown Disney adventures, but here's a closer look!

On a former Orlando citizen's suggestion, we hiked over here for dinner.

The sandwiches were wrapped in gold foil and topped with a royal seal!
I was ecstatic when I was told I could drink my cider while walking around.

There were a lot of Muppets themed gear and attractions. I am in love
with Kermit, and to Markus' dismay I insisted on kissing lots of Kermie
frogs hoping that one would turn into a Kermie prince.

I love poking around in the Lego store! This wall of single bricks was
my favorite. Typically I gravitate towards the build your own Lego
people bar, but the candy colors of the bins kept me fixed to this wall.

I love that every aspect of Disney owned property was well groomed
and designed to pull you into the magic of every site. The lush landscape
really feels like you could be in Jurassic Park, doesn't it?

This balloon was the first thing I noticed when we pulled into the
Downtown Disney area. You can tell that it's Mary Poppins from
almost a mile away! I would be happy all the time if Mary Poppins
was the centerpiece of my neighborhood.

Markus and I went nuts in the Vinylmation store! Disney has branded
their own line of vinyl toys--shaped like Mickey Mouse. A handful of
you may recall my love of vinyl collectible toys. Between the extra
cute girly series and the Muppets editions, I wanted so many!

 This side view of the castle might look familiar... I'm pretty sure this is one of the
angles composited into the Walt Disney pictures logo nowadays.
Also a fun bit of trivia--the Neuschwanstein castle on which Cinderella's castle is
based is just as magical. I wish I could show you more, but they didn't allow photos.

 I frequently held up the quickly moving lines to snap photos. I still felt the same
amount of terror I did at age 7 on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Here again you
can see just how coherent the story behind the ride and the physical landscape are!

 Basically the rest of my remaining outfits look something like this. Very outdoors
adventurey and designed to avoid heat stroke. Here is a fine snap of my
tragically unhip camera bag. Also, in case you cannot tell, in this photo
my pose says, "Rarr! I'm an adventurer!" Now do you guys believe me
about my tomboy past?

For those of you who haven't been to Animal Kingdom, the fake Mt. Everest behind me is a really fun ride!

Pretty much the only ride in any of the four parks that encouraged photos was
the Kilimanjaro Safari tour. I took lots. I'll spare you and only share a few.

Doesn't this rhino look oh so sad? And he is surrounded by what appears to be some scary buzzards. Ahhh!!

I got kind of scared because the animals were so close! And they were all so unafraid of our humvee.

AUGH!!! So close!!

Hee, he is almost like a Muppet! Look at that grin.

All in all I had a blast! And since he was my most available and willing subject, I added a lot more Markus stalker paparazzi photos to my repertoire. At this point, I might as well start another blog called, "Hello, it's Markus!"

I think I'm done with the vacation recovery yogawear outfits for the week while my feet stopped being so swollen and my sunburn faded. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have a current outfit to share tomorrow.

And since it's late, and already tomorrow--Happy Friday! Hope this post on a happy place helps place you in your happy place today.
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