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Thursday, July 29

Atlanta Mag Contest--Last Chance to Enter and Vote!

This contest is just about to wrap up, but all of you fashionable local readers still have the chance to enter this amazing contest! The prize is extra-good this time around.

For those of you who are camera shy or out of state, cast a vote for some of my favorite blogger ladies! Click on their photo or name to vote!

Joann is one of the most ingenious dressers I've come across in my blogging adventures. Not to mention that she is sweet as pecan pie. Check out her whimsical romantic style! She gets top marks in my book.

Cath and Lar have been a powerhouse of inspiration for me as a blogger! They know the hippest places in town to eat, mingle, and of course, shop. I love their relaxed chic style and how their looks always complement each other.

And two ladies I don't know personally, but are definitely inspiring!

How hip are her eclectic and sexy looks? I love a girl who is fearless about fashion. This particular leopard and sky high clog combo is killin' it!


How fabulous is Anna's hair?! I would go thrifting with this girl any day. She has the look that would prompt me to stop her on the street and let her know how fab she is.

Good luck to those of you who are entered! I'd just love it if one of my favorites won.

While you guys are casting your votes, I will be packing my things up for my move this weekend. It feels like the preparations have snuck up on me, yikes! I'll be Internet-less until Wednesday of next week, so please be patient if you message or email me during the next few days.

(all photos from Atlanta Magazine's Head to Toe contest entries)

Tuesday, July 27

Red Hot




Outfit details:
Anthro dress (Spring 2009) (similar here and here)
Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Super High sandals
Target multichain bracelet (similar here)
Mulberry Alexa bag (similar here)

I feel like this set of photos sums up how I've been doing the past several days. Feeling slightly disheveled, being really uncomfortable from the heat, but trying to keep sunny in spirit despite my jam-packed schedule and the miserably hot weather. It's hard to stay inspired to look cute when inside I am thinking only I'm melting, I'm melting! So I pulled out my brightest easy frock, paired it with my favorite accessories, and pleased with the result, paraded around town in my ensemble.

And in support of this month's project theme, I made sure to shop this number out of my closet. I love this dress to pieces but only pull it out once in a blue moon. For most people with limited closet real estate, this means it doesn't make the cut. I'm not sure if I can let go of this one yet, but I might be more willing after my upcoming move. The closet size is significantly smaller in my new place--seriously, to the point where I might start trying to stash things in kitchen cabinets and in the oven.

As far as the rack I planned to clear this month, I found that I have hit a roadblock. Everything left that I haven't worn is either the wrong season (wool, jackets, or long sleeves) or are special occasion dresses. Everything that could easily slip into my daily wardrobe for work and play made easy transitions into my regular wardrobe. Now more than ever I know what I wear and what I will wear to better judge future purchases.

But, wow. I was shocked at how many party dresses found their way crammed onto there. How many fancy dresses does a girl need? It's not like I'm constantly attending charity balls or weddings. I love how they look, I love wearing them to events, but they aren't practical for my day-to-day life. I think for now I will pack them with plans to figure out their place in the new house. But like I mentioned before, considering the closet space I'll be working with, I'm going to have to send many of them away.

Monday, July 26

We have a Winner!

Congrats to Aimee for winning the giveaway!

Thanks to everyone else who played along. I'll be back with an outfit post this evening.

Saturday, July 24





Outfit details:
Old Navy striped top (similar here and here)
J. Crew Broken-in Boyfriend shorts
Swedish Hasbeens Super High Peeptoe clogs
Target multi chain bracelet (similar here and here)
The Look for Less: (top), (shorts), (shoes), (bracelet).

When I saw Frances' most recent post, I instantly perked up and put my nose up to my computer screen to drool over her Fenton/Fallon for J. Crew bracelet. It was the perfect inspiration to pull out more of my jewels--I've been on a chunky jewelry kick lately, examining all of the specimens at Madewell as well as local boutiques for new fun wrist bling. I couldn't quite stomach the price tag for the J. Crew Carrington bracelet (though it is glorious!), but I spotted this little number at Target on a household goods run.

I was supposed to basically staple my wallet shut through this anti-clothing-hoarder campaign this month, but I let this purchase slip by. The bracelet was only $17.99 (compared to its $95 similar friend) and like in the 30 for 30 that some of my favorite ladies are participating in, accessories don't really count, do they?

My current week of househunting, working a major sale, and packing has left me feeling totally unmotivated to put together a snazzy ensemble. But despite all of that I knew I would feel better if I was happy in the (second) skin I was in. So last night I attacked my big mountain of laundry and tried to put together something nice. The result wasn't a top ten hit, but I think the chunky bling adds just the right twist.

Hope your week was less bumper to bumper than mine! Here's to a nice relaxing weekend.

Friday, July 23

It's that time again...Boutique Warehouse Sale!!

This end of season sale frenzy is my favorite time of year to shop. This is the first of a chain of warehouse sales that typically happen at the end of the season. I won't be working this one, but I will be popping by to visit some of my favorite shops and storeowners!

If you Atlanta ladies do stop by, make sure to visit Boogaloos, the charming lads from Drew Lewis, the ever talented Becka of bou-cou jewelry, and dearly missed Kaleidescope. It's always a blast getting caught up in the mad dash, and I've spotted everything from unique Nanette Lepore pieces to Leifsdottir gems and even Prada pumps. A little bit of everything for everyone at prices that are easy to swallow. See you there!

Boutique Bargains clearance sale
Atlantic Station
Above Z Gallerie, across from Dillards

Wednesday, July 21

Geography Lesson


Outfit details:
Anthropologie Cartography Cardigan
American Apparel triblend tank
J. Crew Wednesday poplin skirt
Gap leather ballet flats
Amanda Gary bag 

I constantly find myself attracted to themed clothing. I love wacky prints and motifs and am willing to dress like an "art teacher" almost every day of the week. When I put this outfit together, I thought to myself that this cardi would be an excellent topper for a geography instructor. Which is totally hilarious considering I have a terrible sense of direction.

This is what I ended up wearing to run around town in on Friday. I love casual-quirky outfits since they can work overtime. Case in point: I wore this from errand running to work to a very special birthday celebration and didn't have to add or take away any pieces to make them work for all three occasions. Or maybe my daily dressup has just evolved to the point that I think I can wear whatever I want anywhere everyday... I've been throwing out the idea of appropriate for specific occasions and wearing what I really want lately. It's resulted in more hits than misses and a lot more fun!

And a quick note about today's minishoot: my little sister was kind enough to snap these photos in the backyard when I visited last week. Since I'm totally comfortable with her as my photographer, we ended up goofing off and resulted with more outtakes than usable blog photos. For anyone who thinks I look at all angry or mean when I don't smile in photos, don't be fooled. This is what I'm really like most of the time.

She told me to go "rarr!" like a tiger here. Mostly giggling ensued. My velociraptor hands are not cute!

 I think I was explaining what a tripod looks like/does here. Or maybe I was talking about how big the cookie cake was that I planned to eat later. Or maybe I was singing London Bridge?

She knows how to capture my most charming moments :)

Monday, July 19

Half-off Sale at Squash Blossom

image by hope

photo by Santi
Sorry it's been mighty quiet around these parts! I've been doing prepwork for and working this sale the past few days. I will be in one of these shirts and wearing extremely comfortable shoes for the next few days, so I can't promise I'll have an inspiring outfit until Thursday of this week.

But any of you locals (I know you're out there!) interested in some new Joe's jeans, Hobo bags, Tulle dresses, or Frye boots at half off, come see me. The sale's on through Thursday and I'll be there to  help dress you up!

Giveaway: Vanessa Mooney Elephant Necklace

Giveaway is now closed! Thanks for playing, friends!

Hey friends! It's my favorite time--giveaway time! In celebration of reaching 200 followers (you guys are awesome!) and almost 500 posts (I'm awesome!), here is your chance to win a fabulous prize! The kind folks at are pleased to offer you a chance at snagging this stunning piece from Vanessa Mooney.

I love brass and pewter jewelry, and the elephant motif is right down my alley. I might just end up purchasing this piece for myself when this giveaway's all said and done! This would add the perfect amount of pizazz to jeans and a tee or look great layered with mixed necklaces to top a bohemian look.

About our giveaway sponsor: is a shopping search engine site designed to help you shop all of your favorite brands. carries hundreds of brands from YSL to Maggy London to BCBG.  You can use this comprehensive resource to find that Milly piece that you can't find anywhere or compare prices on that Leifsdottir dress you've been coveting all season. I've already turned up some hidden gems that I've been looking for!

How to enter:
  • Just comment on this post. (Make sure to leave me a way to contact you! )
  • If you are a current (or new!) follower of my blog, you get one extra entry! Whoo hoo!
  • Please leave each entry as a separate comment. Entries will be numbered by each comment.
My least favorite part--the rules:
  • US residents only, sorry International friends! I will make this up to you guys soon, I promise!
  • Entries accepted until Sunday night July 25th at 11:59 PM EST.
  • I will randomly select a winner on Monday July 26th. Good luck, friends!

Thursday, July 15

Anthro Reviews: Fall Edition

So I had been avoiding the mall like the plague, desperately trying to succeed in clearing my closet of new and unworn items. But sometimes quitting shopping cold turkey isn't the answer. So I let myself sneak into my favorite store this week and try on the top three things on my wishlist for fall.

I didn't blow my wad and take any of them home, but I definitely have exactly what I want picked out for future purchases. I mean, if/when-ever I finish sorting through things I already own.

Sugar & Cream Dress, $158

I loved the ruched panel on the back!

Basically it's totally awesome!

 I pondered this dress for a bit while all my favorite ladies raved about it. I wasn't sure if the print was too wacky or if the color would work, but it's pretty perfect all around. The fit is very similar (but not exactly like) the Botanical Stroll dress. The bodice is constructed beautifully and all the seams hugged in all of the right places. It even downplayed my armpit chub that has been slowly expanding.

Although it is silk and not a washable material like cotton, I could see this dress easily slipping into my wardrobe. I think it would be perfect as is for daytime strolls and movie dates, two of my favorite activities.

Time Gone By Dress, $128
Take one.

Take two.

I actually tried this on earlier in June right when it arrived into stores. Like, I literally ran to the rack as it emerged from the stockroom when I spotted it. The first try was kind of lackluster. With all of the buzz surrounding it, I felt let down that it wasn't a flowy chiffon. I grabbed a 0 (I'm usually a 0 or 2 depending on the fit and style of dresses at Anthro) the first time around and wasn't impressed. The sleeves were really cute, I loved the black piping, the bust looked great, but it didn't skim my hips the way I wanted it to.

In fact, you can't really tell in the photograph, but the part under my belt is snug around my bottom half. I never thought of myself as pear-shaped, but this dress morphed my body into that silhouette. I wasn't interested in having people ask when I was "due" so I passed the first time.

The second try I grabbed a size 2 instead hoping the bigger size would improve the fit. This time I was a much happier camper and all of a sudden I desperately need this in my closet. The original details that tugged at my heart (and purse) strings spoke to me--the 40's styling and Hollywood feel all came rushing back to me.

Clinton Trench, $188

Zipped and tied

The back pleat

Everything about this jacket called out to me from the moment I saw it. I am all about jackets and boots in the cooler months, and when I saw this trench I said to myself, "Mine mine mine mine mine!!" I think it would be a perfect signature piece for this upcoming season, and knowing the weather here in Atlanta, I can wear it October through March.

It looks great open or closed and the back view is awesome! I'm going to have to move out some jackets to pick this little lady up, but I think it will be well worth it.

Surprisingly this concludes my fall Anthropologie wishlist, but come September I might be eating my words.

Bonne Fête Nationale!





Outfit details:
J. Crew straw fedora (similar here and here)
Jovovich Hawk x Target dress (similarish here and here)
Madewell cabana sparkle bracelet and plaid bracelet
Lucky Brand Abeo platforms (on sale here)
The Look for Less: (hat), (dress), (shoes). 
Hooray! Bonne fête nationale française! Despite the fact that it's been three years since I have visited the land of amour, couture, and fromage, I celebrated Bastille Day along with my favorite francophile friends. In true form, we had an indoor picnic with my favorite kinds of wine, cheese, and bread. It had been a good three or four years since we took any formal French courses, so we didn't attempt to sing La Marseillaise and watched Marie Antoinette instead.

This was my daytime look as I buzzed around work and waited till I could fully celebrate! I was feeling the 70's vibe the dress and platforms evoked. And, gulp, so was the mailman apparently. He joked unironically, "I have a big package for you," and winked at me. I blinked in disbelief several times until he returned with a box for my boss. 

So just a quick note for those of you drooling over the shoes. They were totally worth the pennies I saved up for them--they are super comfortable and I powered through an 8-hour day on my feet, but they sure do turn heads.

Tuesday, July 13

Feeling Bright



Outfit details:
Anthro Double Torsade necklace
Anthro Walk-a-Ways Dress (similar here and here)
Gap leather ballet flats (much like these)
Orla Kiely classic handbag in crosshatch stem print
The Look for Less: (necklace), (dress), (flats), (bag).
I'm definitely a dress kind of girl, and the recent trend of top and skirt combo dresses is my favorite. This piece in particular is what I still consider to be the grandmother of all "twofer" dresses. When the catalog featuring this piece came out, there was a frenzy for this frock. I had never seen anything like it, and apparently neither had my customers. For the first time I could remember, we had a waiting list long enough to sell all of them before they even made it onto the sales floor.

At first I resisted since the skirt was a really bright traffic cone orange in person. But I knew that it would fly out of the store and it was one of those pieces that would get away if I wavered. So I took a chance on her, and it's been a great relationship together ever since. I originally griped that I wished she was peacock blue instead of safety orange, but then eventually that colorway was available too. I bought her sister too and they are both here to stay.

I don't know how the orange one made its way into maybe territory, but I'm claiming it back. So far, it looks like this rack clearing project is resulting in a lot of keepers (whoops!). However, there are still plenty of stragglers, and it looks like some of those pieces some of you have emailed me about might be sent away soon.

Monday, July 12

A Spoonful of Sugar...


Outfit details:
Forever 21 Silhouette Cardigan (thanks Danielle!)
Anthro Circle the Globe skirt
Gap leather ballet flats 

When Danielle of What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? emailed me to let me know that I won the silhouette cardigan giveaway (the original winner forfeited their prize, lucky me!), I was ecstatic! Even more perfect was the most perfect occasion to wear it to. Julie Andrews (yes, the Julie Andrews!) did a book signing in Decatur and I was lucky enough to score tickets. She writes children's books in addition to being musically and theatrically talented and idolized. Little Shop of Stories hosted the event featuring her newest book The Very Fairy Princess.

I got my Mary Poppins garb on and smiled the entire evening. No photos of the event or of Ms. Andrews were allowed, and I wasn't interested in missing out on the opportunity to be starstruck and flustered, so here is the next best thing--the window display.

photo by Leigh Anne (of the supergroup Book Club)

Many people (myself included) were totally blown away by her presence. She was extremely gracious, polite, and spoke in that breathy regal voice that I could never be sure was natural (it is!). I got so tongue-tied I forgot to point out that my sweater had her likeness on it. It was the perfect kickoff to a relaxing weekend.

Hope yours was just as great!

Event hosted by:
133A East Court Square
Decatur, Georgia 30030
(404) 373-6300
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