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Wednesday, March 9

It's a Jellyfishfaire Affair!

Meet my new girlcrush and sponsor: Cindy Hsu!

Into the Sky

Cindy has a great eye for aesthetic beauty, and manages to capture perfect moments with her photography skills. She just started up jellyfishfaire to sell her photographic prints, which are all dreamy, soft focused, in pastel hues.

Warm and Toasty

I think her aesthetic is very much for the Anthropologie girl. Perfect in a whitewashed room styled French country, n'est-ce pas?


Visit her shop at jellyfishfaire. Cindy's offering 15% off her prints to all bonjour! readers with the code"bonjour." She also has an especially cute blog!


  1. Hey there! I think this is the first time i'm commenting on your blog, but not the first time i've read and admired it (I saw your hello kitty post a while back --- cute!).
    I didn't realise Cindy of Closet Comforts had a photography business - she takes really gorgeous, soft photographs. And she's so young too! What a talent!


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