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Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter!


Thought I would pop in to say Happy Easter!

April 24, 2011

I got these new Swedish Hasbeens in the mail from Modcloth this week, and I couldn't wait to pull them out! This Sunday seemed like the perfect excuse, since pastels are par for the course. Oh and since I get a lot of sizing questions about my other Hasbeens--I ordered these a size larger than my sandals based on reviews on Endless, and they fit just fine.

Oh, and I lopped off all my hair! I keep forgetting, and people keep staring at me in shock in person. I walked in with a couple of photos of Alexa Chung and Freja, and after I quibbled with a gaggle of stylists, this is the result. I forget that not everyone has long hair and many people are appalled to chop it all off.

April 24, 2011

I've missed you blog, and blogosphere! I'll be wrapping up finals this week and be back in full force for summer.

Outfit details:

Monday, April 18

Pale Neutrals

Did you miss me? I missed you too, Internet.

I'm starting to think my friends in real life don't quite believe me. Mary even came by my work to tell me not to disappear into school and work. Which, pooh pooh, that's what happened. I fell into the black hole of final projects, coffee overconsumption, and zombie-walking from no sleep.

It's been a while since I've lived any of my life like that, so I'm glad it's just in short bursts! But I've got to admit that most of the time I felt pretty pouty.
April 18, 2011 

Perhaps I'm also pouting because I need a haircut. And my winter legs are so pale!

Anyway, I found this set of outfit shots taken before The Busy Time. I thought I'd share since many of the pieces are actually current. Yay!
April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011 

It seems unlikely that my schedule will let up until after final exams for the semester, so you might just miss me a little longer! I have been able to post on Instagram fairly regularly compared to Twitter or the blog, so if you want to add me I'm @bonjourjinah.

Outfit details:
J. Crew Merino Double Breasted cardigan (similar: here and here)
Anthropologie Deletta A-Bit-Unruly top
Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade Paperbag Shorts
Boutique 9 Gilla Sandals
Amanda Gary handmade bag
J. Crew Timex traveler watch

Thursday, April 7


Hello again! It's been a little while... It's strange to see how quickly time passes, with all of these milestones and deadlines just flying on by. Not only did I not get to pull an online April Fool's prank, my sidebars have been stagnant for weeks. If you direct your attention to the right, I'm dedicating my normal ad space to supporting disaster relief in Japan.

April 7, 2011

April 7, 2011 

Luckily I had this outfit on reserve for when I would have the time and commitment to launch a weekly schedule. Outside non-Internet sources has pushed any kind of blogging routine back to May, so you get to peep this early.

I'm still way into everything autumn leaves colors and printed with my favorite animals. Foxes are near the top of my list. After seeing Erin of Calivintage wear the blouse version, I gave a little start. I recognized that print! Of course I did...Some eyerolling at myself later, I realized I had purchased a dress from the same collection and promptly forgot about it. Cue immediate fox outfit.

April 7, 2011

Outfit details:
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