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Thursday, January 12

12 Reasons to Start Blogging Again

January 12 2012 1
1. You really liked your outfit today.
2. The weather set the stage for perfect lighting.
3. Last year, you made a deal with yourself to get the blog in order, and no one ever wants to be a "resolution-ist." Ahem, atleast not again.
4. See also: going to the gym. Which you also squeezed into your schedule these first 12 days of the year.

January 12 2012 3
5. Everyone needs to see this really cool new bracelet of yours.
6. Today was the first day in a while that didn't feel like, "Sweatpants are all that fits me right now!" No need to eye everyone suspiciously for feeding you Kalteen bars.
7. You started to wonder how your blog friends were doing.
8. You finally have a nugget of free time to devote.

January 12 2012 2
9. You realized your time spent grooming your Timeline could be better spent blogging.
10. Similarly, Words With Friends. Thanks a lot, Alec Baldwin, for leading us all back down the path of addiction.
11. You're full of all! of these! ideas! to incorporate into posts.
12. Plain and simple, you missed your most engaging hobby.

January 12 2012 4
Outfit details:
Happy January 12th! I've missed you all.
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