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Tuesday, February 28

OOTD: Silk Scalloped Dress and Blush Tones

A quick snap from my office cube. I took these all stealth-like after everyone else had already left for the day. Note my OCD community management editorial calendar and sticky note collection.

But let's talk about these photos. So I'd see other bloggers' photos, and often wondered why people would edit their faces out. For anonymity, sure, I can understand that. But after taking these and failing pretty hard at getting a full body shot, I can't help but wonder if many of those other blog posts started off as accidents too? I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm so out of practice! Self portraits don't create themselves, y'all.

Feb 28 2012 1

Something else I noticed? My run/spin/yoga regimen seems to be making an impact--my calves are stupidly muscular right now. So much that I can't squeeze them into boots. Ouchy.

Feb 28 2012 2
Enough with the tangents, though. I really loved this outfit. It took me from my laid-back office gig to a more conservative school function, and all the way through the night to catch the second part of the Portlandia tour. I felt really girly, but polished enough to power through the day.

Okay so there was one slight wardrobe change...

Put a bird on it. Finally headed out to see Fred and Carrie!
I put a bird on it before running out the door.

Happy Monday! Stay tuned, I have some exciting announcements this week.

Outfit details:


  1. I love this outfit. It's so frilly and girly yet at the same not too over the top.

    What a perfect accessory for the Portlandia Tour. :)

  2. I've been meaning to add another cardi to my collection but couldn't think of a color that is neutral enough but different enough to add. But this darker blush color is what I've been looking for! Love the tone on tone and the ruffles!


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