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Thursday, October 11

OOTD: Mod Frock, Foxes, and Ombre

So the thing about taking a blog hiatus, is that you forget about how complicated the little things are that you used to do daily. Like the art of self portraits. Yo, that shit is hard! Bloggers who historically have and still do take all of their own photos, deserve every bit of recognition they get.

Anyway, this is what I wore last time I was in Decatur. As I'm now a working girl with a Monday to Friday gig, I finally get to celebrate my shopping choices over the past 5 years in various shopgirl roles. So often I would curate or veto pieces based on, "Can I wear this to my (hypothetical dream) job?"

Outfit details: 
Dear Creatures 9-to-5 Dress (similar) / Anthropologie Miette Blazer (similar) / Orla Kiely Fox tote bag (similar) / Rachel Comey Mars boots in leopard (similar)

Blazers and opaque legwear, yes. But also fox print, vintage-inspired frocks, and ombre hair? Also yes. I get the best of both worlds really.

Hi, remember me? I always feel like apologies are lame, as are excuses, but if you must know: I wrapped up grad school and a very intense period of time where I was working three different jobs. Who ever would have thought a single steady job would be such a luxury! I hope to make it back into your regularly scheduled blog programming. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 9

Keeping it Indie-catur: Sq/Ft Grand Opening!

This news has been buzzing in my head all summer, and I can finally let everyone know it's here: SQ/FT in Decatur is open!

Dreamed up by some of the same ladies behind Squash Blossom, this sister (or maybe I should say brother?) location bridges that fashion gap in the Square, bringing you Men's and Women's fashion, and shoes for the whole family.

One thing I love? Besides being run by my favorite lady bosses, the store name is so cute. SQ/FT (Square Foot) is a nod to the neighborhood (Decatur Square, say what!), and ties in shoes. And naturally that dictated a certain design scheme.

Much of the store's fixtures are antique, upcycled, and repurposed. The seating are vintage airport loungers, industrial carts hold shoes and handbags, and these rusted hooks and pulleys are incorporated into the warehousey space.

The brick walls were re-exposed and sealed to show off the charm of the original space. When the light is streaming in during the day, you can really admire what was hidden away under drywall for decades.

But back to the real stars of this space: the clothes and shoes are insanely enticing. Introducing menswear, which the community has been lacking for some time. You can find men's Frye shoes and boots, BedStu, Fly London. Jeans from BLANK NYC and Lucky Brand. Beautiful and cozy pieces from Patagonia, and even a huge selection of Pan Am throwback bags.

The ladies selection was also bananas, with many yummy pairs from Jeffrey Campbell, Dolce Vita, and all the Fryes a girl could want on the shelves. I may just have to venture back for that red suede pair of mary janes.

With all of the candy, it was very easy to get distracted. I picked up a necklace, which I will have to share in an upcoming outfit. While I didn't have a chance to try on any apparel, I did take a peek into the fitting rooms. Each one has a different theme, but these postcard rooms would both keep me occupied while trying on.

Today is day 2 for them, and I plan to go back with Markus again this week. If you're in the area grabbing a bite, I highly recommend popping in to poke around!

Friday, October 5

Review: Chicken With Plums

I had the opportunity to preview Chicken with Plums (Poulet aux Prunes) in anticipation of the film opening this weekend at Tara. As a francophile, I rubbed my hands in delight at the chance! I feel like French film has a specific quirky and sometimes wacky flavor, and this one slotted into that weird and wonderful category.

The film was produced and directed by the same brains behind Persepolis, and is based on another graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi. Some familiar faces you film buffs will recognize include Mathieu Almaric (of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Munich) and Jamel Debbouze (of Amelie fame. Also, I adore him).

Set in 1958 in Tehran, the film spans 8 days in Nasser Ali Khan's life. Following a spectacular career traveling the world as a renowned musician, Nasser Ali falls into a melancholic state when his violin is destroyed. As his passion in life is broken, so is his spirit, and we are taken on an interesting ride as he lays down and chooses death over life without it.

This is when it starts to get weird.

You know that expression, how your life "passes before your eyes" before you die? In this film, we are able to experience that blur of emotions, memories, triumphs, and missed opportunities through Nasser Ali's eyes. And we have the leisure of viewing them laid out neatly, like comic strips, over his self-imposed demise.

We are treated to scenes from Nasser Ali's childhood, the backstory of his crumbling marriage, a very Ghost-of-Christmas-Yet-to-Come look into his childrens' futures, and some very poignant scenes that stitch the entire story together start to finish.

I won't spoil the entire story for interested parties! I will tell you that for me, it was the right mix of sadness, romance, and magic to keep me hooked. Fans of Talk to Her, A Very Long Engagement, and obviously, Persepolis will enjoy this film--for the history, the quirks, and the love story.

Go see it with your best friend, sister, or mom. This could also make for a really good first date movie--hold hands during the romantic bits!

Now showing at UA Tara in Atlanta; in select theatres nationwide.

Financial compensation was not received for this post. Access to film and media materials were provided from Sony Pictures Classics. Opinions are my own.
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