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Thursday, November 13

Indie Craft Experience

I had been whining a lot lately about how I work weekends and end up missing a lot of festivities in town. I managed to negotiate a Saturday (this feels like such a big deal!) and intend to spend part of it at ICE. The Holiday Shopping Spectacular will showcase a lot of local craft talent as well as visiting artists.

I am pumped to visit June Shin, Missy Kulik (omg I have been following her exploits since my paper zine reading days!!), the MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta) holiday card booth, and the shopSCAD booth (I never make it to the store, which I love).

Maybe this merits a Atlanta meetup. Either way, I'm excited and hope it turns out to be a truly spectacular spectacular.

More information can be found at:

Holiday Shopping Spectacular, Saturday, November 15th, 11-6 PM at Ambient + Photo Studio, 585 Wells St. SW.

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