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Monday, April 18

Pale Neutrals

Did you miss me? I missed you too, Internet.

I'm starting to think my friends in real life don't quite believe me. Mary even came by my work to tell me not to disappear into school and work. Which, pooh pooh, that's what happened. I fell into the black hole of final projects, coffee overconsumption, and zombie-walking from no sleep.

It's been a while since I've lived any of my life like that, so I'm glad it's just in short bursts! But I've got to admit that most of the time I felt pretty pouty.
April 18, 2011 

Perhaps I'm also pouting because I need a haircut. And my winter legs are so pale!

Anyway, I found this set of outfit shots taken before The Busy Time. I thought I'd share since many of the pieces are actually current. Yay!
April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011 

It seems unlikely that my schedule will let up until after final exams for the semester, so you might just miss me a little longer! I have been able to post on Instagram fairly regularly compared to Twitter or the blog, so if you want to add me I'm @bonjourjinah.

Outfit details:
J. Crew Merino Double Breasted cardigan (similar: here and here)
Anthropologie Deletta A-Bit-Unruly top
Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade Paperbag Shorts
Boutique 9 Gilla Sandals
Amanda Gary handmade bag
J. Crew Timex traveler watch


  1. Despite the adorable first pic, I LOVE your hair here. You're making me want to cut my bangs again...

  2. You are so adorable! I love your pouting photo. I'm still totally smitten with neutrals the color of the cardigan is the perfect accent to pack a little punch.

  3. I love it- the barely-there stripes in your t-shirt are awesome, and then with the earthy-tones of the cardigan and sandals...deee-lish!

  4. LOL, that first picture is cracking me up. Let's do lunch when your schedule is less crazy!

  5. that face! your hair looks gorgeous. love the color and bangs so much!

  6. I love your hair in these photos! Your sweater is a really pretty shade too. Good luck with your exams, Jinah! :)

  7. I can't even find you at your own home!! ;p

    Hurry up and be on break already--gah! heh

  8. yes, always miss your posts because you have honestly been my biggest style crush for the past year+! obviously, school and work come first, but inspiration spreading is wonderful too :)

  9. haha i love your school-final-hating-glare! and i really like the outfit :) please never stop posting!


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