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Tuesday, August 21

Parlez-Vous Kate Spade?

Much anticipated, I finally received the alert I'd been waiting for from Kate Spade: August Update, with the Print of the Month.

Print of the Month being: GARANCE DORE Y'ALL.

After seeing snippets on Pinterest and Tumblr (thanks to the lovely Sara Zucker) months before, I vowed to save all my pennies to buy all of the dresses. Still a bit of a pipe dream, but I can still enjoy the eye candy. Maybe as this year's birthday dress, just maybe.

Onto the parade of things I love from this collection, which not only includes Garance's illustrations, but is Frenchie-French. As a major francophile, everything is right up my alley.

A cocktail dress that is cocktail party print!

Cocktail party, cocktail party!

A little bit Wednesday Addams, a little bit Erin Fetherston.

Kimberly Dress, $548

"All the girls are crazy," in Garance's loopy scrawl.

Laura Top, $248

Very mod, pop art, but really very sweet. Gives a new meaning to the bow-tie, n'est-ce pas?

And this is maybe my favorite: a gilded croissant!

This is more my speed: I got excited about Kate Spade's fall line, and all I got was this cutie cute t-shirt. Waiting patiently for mine to arrive so I can wear it with my low brow French-inspired garb.

And err, hi! A more involved update on what I've been doing/wearing/seeing during my 5 month hiatus to follow.


  1. Yes, loving the new prints from Kate Spade! I made a rare stop in the store and absolutely adored the first print dress and whatever else was in the same print.

    And you were so missed! Hope all is well with you :)

  2. Welcome back! Aw, those first two dresses are so adorable! I was at the KS outlet up north this weekend and could have sworn they had some totes and pouches in that people sketch print. Didn't notice any clothing in the same print though, but a ton of stuff was on super-sale!


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