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Sunday, May 3

Tricia Guild

I think it's absolutely true that you need to take in inspirational things to be inspired. And honestly, I haven't felt very inspired lately - I'm 1000+ posts behind in my Google Reader, I haven't traveled in over a year, and I haven't visited anything significantly artistic or cultural in a very long time. I have a dozen personal projects I'd been meaning to get a jumpstart on (sewing, painting, decorating, designing) but simply haven't.

Even the blog layout is suffering! Instead of drawing up some yummy patterns and color schemes, I end up playing really pointless games online for hours on my days off. So I decided I needed some kind of creative kick-off. Some help.

Today I leafed through this book and felt refreshed.


Tricia Guild is an amazing interior designer in London. This book is a visual compilation of places, people, and things that inspire her. Flipping through this book is like soaking up a library of inspiration. There are photos of so many beautiful things, from Paris cafes to fancy shoes to sorbets and even Indian culture.

She also has this book:


Which looks just as amazing. Hopefully this will get things moving. Maybe you'll see results if the layout changes.


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