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Tuesday, May 5

Yoga + the Aquarium

I love going to the Georgia Aquarium. I would go more, but it's bordering on too expensive to pick up and go any old day. Fortunately I'm still on the e-mail list from when I had a season pass back in 2006 (or was it 2005??). Every now and then they'll send out really cute newsletters that I'm happy to read, as the updates are usually informative and not sent out 7 days a week like some lists I'm on.

A few weeks ago they announced this:

Which, to be honest, sounds killer. From the description on the Georgia Aquarium site, I think it's in the ballroom with the giant picture window glass. How serene and amazing does that sound?

Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 9:30-11 AM by instructors from Be Well Atlanta. Rates are $35 per class ($20 if you're a member) and $145 for a package that includes 5 aquarium yoga classes, an annual pass to the aquarium and a Be Well lifestyle card. I've been shopping around for yoga studios, and I'm going to say the prices are pretty competitive. Even the single drop-in class cost includes admission to the aquarium, which can even be used on a different day.

I really want to go atleast once. Tell me if you've been or know someone that has been! Here's a video of what the experience is like:


  1. Yoga in the park. It's at Piedmont. $5 per person. Nothing better than actually doing yoga outdoors and having great eye candy (albeit gay men). I still miss Yoga To the People (where you can pay whatever you want or nothing at all) but this is a pretty good alternative, especially for people who don't have the time to go to a weekly yoga work out.

  2. I should check that out! It's frustrating because I work weekends and the logistics of actually going during the week are so complicated.


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