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Sunday, January 30

Foxy Loxy







Outfit details:
H&M orange ruffled dress (similar styles: here, here, or here)
Anthro Tyndall Coat (similar here, here, and here)
Anthro Foxy tights (similar fun tights here, here, or here)
Madewell Westway Clogs (other respectable clog options: here, here, and here)
Madewell Heritage Waist belt (totally brilliant--vintage look, easy fit, and goes with both black and brown!)
Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag in Taupe

So I found these tights stuffed in the bottom of a shopping back hidden in the back of my closet earlier this week. Don't you love when that happens? It's like my wardrobe starts to secretly unfold and multiply when I'm not paying attention.

Since the weather keeps insisting on being so finicky, I figure I'll make the most of it and milk my favorite color palette before the bright brights of spring make their way into my wardrobe. I'm still way into all things fox-coloured-shoes, boots, dresses, and maybe even my hair for spring...


  1. What a fabulous outfit! I absolutely adore it. The tights, the shoes, the coat, the mix of colours... wow. This might be one of my favourite outfits on you!

  2. Awesome outfit! The colors are great - and yes, better squeeze in all of the fall/winter colors now because spring is right around the corner! I have those tights, but have not worn them yet. The are unfortunately not long enough for me:( I'm thinking of taking on a little sewing project and making them into knee highs.

  3. kristin--I bought a M/L in these and they were barely long enough, and I am by no means tall!

  4. I cannot express how much I love this look!! So glad I made myself buy the dress when I saw it on sale- otherwise I would be killing myself now!

    Dangit- I bought a sweater from UO this fall and stuffed the bag in my closet or something and now I can't even find it! grr...where the hell did it go? Love the foxy tight find!

  5. I love this look! Everything it's perfect, the coat, the dress, the shoes, the tights! Perfect!

  6. You look great miss foxy loxy, I've been missing you in my google reader.

  7. Jinah, you are as always, so so cute and stylish, it kills me :) The way the little orange foxes and your dress complement each other is glorious, your belt is incredible, and your coat the perfect touch of pure vintage glam!

  8. Those tights!!!!! How could you have "lost" those in your closet? But what a discovery. They are fantastic.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  9. I love it when you wear this coat, it's so dreamy!

  10. That dress is a beautiful color and cut. It looks great on you! :D

  11. I <3 this outfit! I have a dress the same color that I wear almost exactly the same way -- brown belt, tights and boots. Now I want those tights...

  12. i have these fox tights and they are so warm! i've been wearing them with everything. :)

  13. I love everything about this outfit!!!! Love the colors, the coat, the tights, the shoes, adorable! I have this dress too (wore it to a friend's wedding) but never thought about wearing it just during the day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. You look so pretty in this outfit!!! That H&M Dress is perfect on you, and I love it paired with the foxy tights and Anthro coat!

  15. I am loving these caramel tones on you, and hating that those tights would never work on 5'9" me! Super cute clogs, too.

  16. you're quickly becoming on of style icons. i am in love with your dress. Rachel

  17. You are too cute here! all that rust, fur and tweed plus awesome stockings.



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