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Saturday, March 22

Back to Basics

I walked into the Gap today after avoiding the store for years. I mean, yes they do a preppy basic San Fransisco thing, but it's not where I beeline for hard fashion. And besides, their clothes look a little mommyish on my boyish frame. But I was pleasantly surprised by their array of floral tops and colored khakis. It's just a shame that well, everyone's doing it too at a higher quality or a better price point.

I couldn't commit to buying anything considering my (ha!) recession sparked shopping ban, but they had some really cute accessories:

Nylon bow satchel bag. On sale! This looks so perfect for park strolls and picnics and beach trips.


Preppy skinny lizard wrap belt in pop colors for spring.


They also had really cute flower fabric pins which I can't find online evidence of.

And they keep doing really exciting designer collaborations, but I feel like the hype is so much less than that for Target or Topshop. I mean, hello fabulous Pierre Hardy sandals that sold out in half a day. Fashion may be moving too fast for me to keep up these days, even the Gap!

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