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Saturday, March 22

Binge shopping

Aerie (by American Eagle) is currently running a (recession special...?) on all their undies 8 for $25, so I went and stocked up. I love their boyshorts and have to have all their seasonal ones with silly sayings on the butt. Even the lacy ones are included, yay! I felt a little juvenile buying rainbow spandex undies with the boybrief piping, but the lacy ones were kind of sexy.

While at the really suburban mall I stopped by Forever21 and its sister store, heritage 1981 for some cheap thrill goodies.

I loved this tote. It seems so cliche with the little motorcycles on it, but oh well. It has real leather straps and is perfect for school, errands, the beach, and even overnight.

heritage1981, $19.90

And I got this sweet madras plaid pastel dress, but I can't find photos right now.

All in all it was a good trip to the mall with none of my fave stores.

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