Bonjour it's Jinah!

Tuesday, November 17

I know. I know!


Tee, Urban Outfitters; jeggings, AG; vest, Forever 21;
kicks, Converse; bag, Longchamp.

These are the AG jean legging/jeggings with the elastic maternity-esque waistband. They're super comf but have stained my sofa and two bags. Apparently this is what I wear when I don't work in the service industry.

I wore this out this weekend to run errands and attend a joint birthday party. I didn't make it out to Fashion Over Atlanta as I originally intended due to a plethora of meetings. This upcoming weekend is magically open, however, to check out ICE Atlanta.

So while it is inopportune for me to be unemployed right now, I would probably want to kill myself if I was doing anything that took time away from my crazy term papers these past two weeks. I really didn't know if I was going to be able to post before final exams, but I kept receiving (real life) comments about the lack of updates. Jiners, you're barely alive!

So to update,
1. Being the face of unemployment has me at a loss for what my personal style aesthetic is anymore. Sticking to a dress code for work ultimately made me want to wear super casual hipstery things on my days off. I had a really lonely collection of graphic tee shirts and sneakers as well as an untouched selection of businesswear.
2. I am going to continue to channel my energy and effort into business school, so updates will be sparse for the next two weeks.
3. Alternating being swamped with work and looking aggressively for seasonal jobs is exhausting. At this point it looks like I will just be holding a big eBay garage sale. Anything so I can relax till next semester when student loans are possible.


Bonjour y'all! Thanks for stopping by.

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