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Friday, August 13

Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

If you've caught any of the buzz surrounding this film, it has been hailed super epic. I was lucky enough to catch a screening this Monday and despite my ignorance about the Scott Pilgrim books, I agreed. An epic of epic epicness indeed!

For those of you living in a hole, the movie is based on a series of graphic novels following lovable protagonist Scott Pilgrim (as portrayed by Michael Cera). Scott stumbles upon his dream girl, Ramona Flowers, and trips head over heels trying to woo her. Little does he know, Ramona comes with excess baggage--in order to pursue the girl of his dreams, he has to defeat her seven evil exes! The movie documents the results of his misadventures in encountering these exes, who include Chris Evans, Mae Whitman (aka Ann, Bland, Egg from Arrested Development fame), and my favey fave, Jason Schwartzman.

I couldn't help but swoon and commiserate as Scott continues to be bombarded by evil exes.  The progression of the movie felt like you were watching the story of a video game unfold as you progress from the small fish to the big fish boss. And Jason Schwartzman as the top evildoer to defeat is as good as it gets.

The film pulls from elements in the comic and is also heavily influenced by various old skool video game sound effects and visuals. As a hair twirling girly girl (my favorite movie is Clueless, after all), I thought it felt very true to the original books while appealing to every segment of the audience. There was a little something for everyone including the action fan, the rom com lover, and the uber nerd in all of us. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone out there, and I'm already plotting to see it again this weekend.


And a little bonus: The best part of the Monday night screening? Edgar Wright (director), as well as Scott Pilgrim himself, Michael Cera, and Jason Schwartzman made surprise appearances for a Q&A after the viewing. The boys were hilarious and the questions as well as the answers had the entire audience cracking up.

Y'all, I've been following Jason Schwartzman since his breakout role in Rushmore and wackadoodle role in Slackers. I love him to bits and pieces and nearly peed my pants when he strolled down the aisle next to me. Best of all, he and Michael did a handful of appearances around Atlanta including this weather spot. I keep watching it to have a laugh.

The movie is one of the best times I've had in the theater in a long time. I think it could be Michael Cera's defining role (even bigger than Paulie Bleeker, kay?), and when you see it, I'm sure you'll agree.


  1. That was hysterical! You just made my day! I LOVE Jason Schwartzman. I think he is incredible in Bored to Death on HBO, and I also love to see Brooklyn as a supporting character, since I live in Brooklyn. Just an amazing show.
    Thanks for the clip!

  2. the movie was AMAZING!! the graphics were really impressive, though i was scared i might have a seizure at some point from all the flashing lights... when i recognized ann/egg i laughed so hard!

    lol that youtube clip is hilarious! and DANG is it really that hot over there? :O

    wonderful blog :)



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