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Wednesday, August 4

Summer Breeze, Makes me Feel Fine




Outfit details: 
Target multi-chain bracelet (similar here and here)
Anthro Ice Memory Dress (by Ranna Gill from 2007)
Alexander Wang Rocco Baby duffle
Lucky Brand Abeo platform heels
The Look for Less: (bracelet), (dress), (bag), (shoes). 

I'm still learning the lay of the land at my new cabin house. So far there are ample locations for fashion shoots with plenty of character and light. I even have several different and new fences to pose in front of! The inside of the house is a different story, especially while most of my things are in boxes. For now, I'll do my best to spare you from the disaster zone inside as things find their way into their proper places.

You've probably heard enough of my whining about the summer weather here, but I chose this dress since it was perfectly suited for it. I think it actually debuted in the winter as a cool weather dress from Anthropologie, which plays into the season with the sparkly shimmer woven into the fabric. But the lightweight cotten/linen blend and the airy construction leads me to believe it's better suited for the dog days of summer.

And since it probably didn't escape most of you--I picked up an addition to my handbag collection! The Alexander Wang sale on Gilt Groupe last week was the final push I needed to grab this baby. It has been on my wishlist for several months, and I planned special trips to Barneys Co-Op to visit their Rocco displays during that time. I usually swap my bags out a few times a week, but I've been carrying this one nonstop since it arrived on Friday. Total love at first sight, so I can't promise you'll see any of my other bags again.


  1. catchy title...i like that song! and your dress too! =>

  2. Jinah - I adore that dress! The pleating and the bow are absolutly perfect! This is one of my favorite OOTD's of yours since i started following your blog. You look stunning, and that bag is pretty awesome too!

  3. That dress is so cute and looks great on you!

  4. A Rococo Duffle!! Ooh, I am so envious!! I have been eyeing the Marine one and impatiently waiting for my Barney's rewards card to come, though I think I've earned all of like $35 this year so maybe it won't help that much. And you look like perfection in this dress :)

  5. That dress is so sweet. I don't know that I could pull it off, but I think it's great on you.

    Come by and stay a while

  6. You look great! Definitely works for this oppressive heat. I am so so so sad that I missed the AW sale on Gilt. Blasted work schedule and a 12 hour shift. Boo.

    And I love the cabin! :)

  7. Say it ain't so, not even one of your Rebecca Minkoff's!!!! Lol, that is a fabulous new bag, so I don't blame you for wanting to carry it all the time. And that dress is too cute with that bow and trim. :)

  8. "July is dressed up, and playing her tune..." love that song!

    Such a pretty outfit, and I'm loving your new setting! Hope everything comes together soon, moving-wise.

  9. That dress is so cute on you Jinah! Looks like a great dress for a hot summer day. LOVE the bag!! I think you have the best handbag collection. You should make a post of all of your handbags together - I want to ooh & ahh at them all, haha. :-)
    ~ Athena


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