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Monday, October 4

An Anthro Birthday Treat

After working in retail for the past handful of years, I've developed mixed feelings about store cards. On one hand, I know what pressure my favorite salespeople are under to sell the darned things, but on the other, I sure as heck don't need any more credit cards. Luckily, your and my favorite store took a different approach and designed their loyalty/membership card to be more like a secret club pass. And the best part is that it's really not a credit card.

Nevermind that the company is probably using the data from items I purchase to tighten up their supply chain and allocation (who cares, this actually helps us all get what we want), I'm extremely pleased with all of my Anthro card benefits. In addition to perks such as free shipping every now and again, I've received lots of little goodies in the mail.

The best of which are these annual birthday surprises. For the past three years, I've gotten a little birthday note and a 15% off coupon from Anthropologie. Since October seems to be the starting point for a change in what the birthday benefit looks like (from what I've garnered over the past three years), I thought I'd share.


The envelope also had this adorable starry sky theme.

Sorry about the blur, I almost retook this when I realized that UO Inc. would probably
not want me to post a crystal clear image of their latest circulating coupon.

The little pouch reads, "What's in the stars for you, Libra?" which is way more personalized than I can ever remember. ALSO--get this, I just got an accompanying email this morning with a personal code to use the birthday benefit online. Anthroholics rejoice, this year's gonna be extra good!

Now I only have to figure out what to purchase this time around...


  1. OMG, this is so darn cute! I cannot wait to get mine!

  2. That is a good deal! So cute they reference your zodiac sign!

    I'm totally against the whole store credit card thing because a) I used to have to open accounts like crazy, b)they have a high interest rate and c) customers used to complain about getting hassled into opening them all the time. I do like the ones that work just as discount cards though.

  3. I've seen a couple people post these constellation pouches now -- SO cute. And on online code! Woohoo! I actually never use my birthday discounts because I so rarely buy from actual stores.
    Happy birthday month Jinah :)

  4. I, too received this birthday discount this month- but no online code.....Do you have any idea why you or others received the code and others didn't? Just curious- as the nearest Anthro is 3 hours from me, it would have been way more convenient for me. I'll have to call them...

  5. P.S. Followup- I just called CS and they gave me the code- said they just began giving a bday discount for online....then I got to thinking....without free shipping, I'd probably be best just driving to the store..otherwise that 15% off will just be the shipping :-/ Ah, the dilemma. :-)

  6. theanthropologieconnoisseur--I got a separate e-mail just this morning. So exciting!!

    Joann--UGH store cards. I just paid off my only store card I ever used and I will never ever use it again.

    Jenny--I'm so glad you got it sorted it out. I just got the e-mail this very morning, and I think sometimes they stagger things like that depending on your actual birthday day. I figure if anything, I am all up in my Anthro card business. I linked my online account to my card the very first day I got it and make sure to whip it out for every single purchase. If you're not sure your e-mail is linked, ask them to update your account while you're making your next in-store purchase. Hope this helps!

  7. ooh~ how cute. i got a candle necklace with mine in february.

  8. Yay for the birthday discount! :) I actually JUST emailed them today because I didn't get mine in the mail :( It is usually a few days after your birthday??

    Ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Mine was yesterday! Yay for Libras

  9. fyi--the birthday discounts are sent by lottery. not everyone receives them.

  10. They are so cute! I want to use it as a wallet, and I can't wait to get mine. Happy birthday! I can't wait to see how you will celebrate.

  11. Have fun celebrating your birthday Jinah! I think we all look forward to see how you spend your discount. :-)
    ~ Athena

  12. Oooo sooo awesome!! I love that little pouch.

  13. YES, as Anonymous has pointed out--not every single Anthro card holder receives this benefit. As far as I saw while working in the store, however, the majority of Anthro card customers (that gave correct and complete info!) on their Anthro card forms did receive them. If you're not getting the emails or catalogs, update your info.


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