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Monday, October 11

Whiskey Woman



Outfit details:
Vintage liquor print dress (similar vibe here, here, or here)

As soon as I decide I can do separates again, of course all I want to wear are my one-off dresses. This one feels extra special because of the unique print--if you look closely, you can see the bottles of whiskey and spirits. I found it buried amongst many other goodies in the Frock of Ages booth at Kudzu Antique Market a few weeks back.

I've been trying to channel my fast fashion habit into thrift and vintage shopping, and so far the results have been excellent. Now both my business wear and weekend wear sections of my closet are filling out, much more thoughtfully; and I plan to send the "I have nothing to wear" days back where they came from.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with this dress! It would go perfectly with my vintage liquor bottle collection:

    I'm in awe of your printed dress finds!

  2. That is such a cute dress!! I love the print, how funny! It reminds me of the dresses Anthropologie makes, with all sorts of quirky patterns.

  3. that dress is DARLING... in a fun/hilarious kind of way? good conversation starter at a bar i suppose haha. awesome find :)

  4. What a fun dress, and it feels very Anthro-esque. It could almost be the black-sheep cousin to Anthro's Sugar and Cream dress. Lovely styling!

  5. Fun quirky dress! It's absolutely darling!

    You'll have to share more of your thrifting adventures!

  6. That dress is the shit! I love the liquor bottles- you find the best stuff!

  7. Wow that dress you have on is gorgeous! print is absolutely cute and half sleeve is my favorite! I have been following your blog for quite a while now and you always look so stunningly vintage chic!


  8. That dress is so awesome. And I like the tittle of this post! I love Whiskey.

  9. i love, love, love this dress! =)

  10. first time commenter.

    that dress is AMAZING!

  11. I looooves it, Jinah! I have to go to Kudzu again sooon! I've only bought one item of clothing there - a silk shirt for 12 bucks... so good.

  12. this dress is amaaaazing. i love how at first it looks so innocent before the pattern makes sense.
    oh and i rememebr that you had mulberrys small alexa bag? well i was thinking about getting it but wondered if you were happy with the size? i am meaning to use it as a school bag so do you think that the small one would be roomy enough for books and everything else? thaank you! :)

  13. Now that dress is something else!

  14. This dress is badass Jinah!! It makes you wonder what the person was like who owned it before you. What an awesome find!
    ~ Athena

  15. i loove that dress. the whole outfit is great.


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