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Thursday, October 21

Tea for Two and Two for Tea



Outfit details:
J. Crew Factory 4 strand pearl necklace (full price real pearl option here--I'm pretty sure mine are fake as it only cost me $35.)
Anthropologie Sugar and Cream dress (similar vibe here and here.)
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch
Aldo tricolor maryjanes (similar here and here)
Flag of Joy (courtesy of bride and groom!)

I don't know how over a week slipped by without me posting! I guess midterms and the overwhelming desire to sleep forever to recuperate took over, and blogging fell by the wayside. Luckily, I've still been getting dressed each day. Here's some proof if you don't believe me.

This is what I wore to a wonderful wedding in Indianapolis earlier this month. I'm glad I was able to pull this together for the occasion--my original 40's vintage inspired look had to be ruled out. Instead of the chilly 50-60 degree temperatures that I expected from my last trip to Indiana last fall, it was a warm and sunny 85 degrees. I was happy not to have to wear stockings or figure out how to pack a coat and boots for the climate difference between airports, but I can't say I wasn't disappointed to miss out on "real fall" weather.

For those of you wondering, the little flag in my hand is a "Flag of Joy" from the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom encouraged us to wave these from the audience to express our joy during the celebration. What could be happier than seeing a sea of happy faces and brightly colored flags cheering you on?


The ceremony and reception were held in the beautifully renovated Fountain Square Theater in downtown Indy. All of the original charm of the original building was intact--the lights, glitz, and glamour was a perfect backdrop to the festivities. And who doesn't love to see their name in lights?
I loved every detail of the ceremony, and am happy I got to share in this special moment.


  1. Wow, what a cute wedding idea! I love how the little flags are so simple, yet seeing a bunch of them waving around probably would prod even the most apathetic of people to break into a smile. How perfect! And your dress is absolutely adorable, and I never thought I would ever see such a huge cluster of pearls look so young and hip (and not at all stuffy!). I'm glad you're back to blogging again!

  2. These pics are so fun! And Idk what it is about can wear the most non-serious prints/clothes and still come off as totally lady-like and sophisticated. Very nice.

  3. Jinah! Everytime I think you wear my favorite outfit ever, you top it with another look of fabulosity! I loooove these pictures of you! The multi-strand of pearls takes this dress to another level. And you look so joyous!! Ah, how I wish we didn't live at opposite ends of the country and could hang out some day =) (And that flag is an adorable wedding idea!)

  4. That dress is divine! I love the little flags you got at the wedding, what a great idea.
    Hope midterms went well :)

  5. Oh I luuurve this, Jinah! What a fun wedding. And the lighting in the first pic is gorgeous!

  6. love the whimsical dress! and the yay sign is such a good idea!

  7. That looks like an amazing wedding and you were perfectly dressed!

  8. The reception looks beautiful and those flags are such an adorable choice, "yay!" Love your dress too, but sorry you missed out on lovely fall weather.


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