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Wednesday, February 16

Post Valentine's Day Valentiney Post




Outfit details:
Guinevere parasols cardigan from Anthropologie (circa 2007? 2008?)
J. Crew bici tank
Scout Holiday pennant necklace
Avindy Champagne and pearl wrap bracelet (locally designed and made in Atlanta!)
J. Crew Panne velvet bell skirt (similar here, )
Spanx Tight end tights in Espresso
Bass Enfield oxfords
Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier hobo
I meant to post this yesterday and make a Valentine's Day Valentiney post, but (as they usually do) a handful of midterms disrupted my plans. Heck not only were date night plans ruined (hello, Monday evening class!), once again, any potential plans for NYFW were foiled. Sigh, once again, maybe next year!

But Markus and I made up for the holiday on Sunday and had an all day hangout session. I dressed in mauve and chocolate shades to feel more festive. And I really can't complain--we have a heck of a dinner date planned for Wednesday. Not only are we going to avoid the crowds (yick, I do so horribly in crowded places), we are finally going to the top restaurant on my list of places I want to eat. Oh yes.

Tomorrow we will fulfill my little tastebuds' dreams and finally go to Bacchanalia. I'm all wiggly just thinking about it!


  1. How adorable are you!? That necklace caught my eye a while ago, but seeing it on you totally seals the deal. It's whimsical in the most precious, understated way :)

    PS: Hope midterms are going/went well!

  2. Have fun and it twice for me because I'll be living off extra holding pin food tomorrow evening! ;) I've only been to Abattoir but that food was goooood.

  3. Hope your midterms are going well.
    And do share with us your dining experience!

  4. Hope ur midterms r goin well, I love everything about this look, bike n ofcourse a mj bag! <3

  5. so exciting that you're going to bachanallia! can't wait to hear about it:)

  6. You poor thing, you're always taking exams! Argh!

    Hope you and the honey have a great dinner date tonight - I'm all for not paying inflated prices and getting smashed together on holiday nights, enjoy yourselves at your leisure!

  7. I love the velvet skirt!! You look so chic! The oxfords and necklace are the perfect touches. I hope you and your honey have a fabulous time at Bacchanalia!

  8. I love the colours here- soft beige and pink and velvety rust...and then those great two-tone oxfords for an edge. sigh- so pretty!

  9. Bacchanalia??? BALLIN. tot jealous

  10. I really, really love the necklace :) so sweet. cute addition to the mostly neutral outfit :)

    - Lea


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