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Friday, January 9

In Navy

I loooove navy blue so much. It is one of my staple neutrals and I would choose to wear navy over black or grey or brown any day. If only I could track down some navy shoes I could just go monochrome.

I don't know why I've been gravitating towards these longer skirt lengths lately. It must be working in public and catering to a more mature customer. That and I feel like "hip" things feel shorter and skimpier and too high heeled more and more as I get older. Am I turning into a prude?

Maybe not. Also what the cool kids wear sometimes makes me look like I'm in middle school. Too many bows or frills or schoolgirl details make me look like I'm 12. I can't explain it.



The skirt is a result of H&M's buy one get one free for sale items promotion. I almost paid full price for this before Black Friday!

Silkblend tank, H&M; cardigan, J. Crew; skirt, H&M Trend; flats, Old Navy; belt, Urban Outfitters.

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  1. I love the new skirt length on you! I know what you mean about wearing certain things and looking 12- I stay away from bows too and anything with cap sleeves.
    You look gorgeous, Jinah!


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