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Monday, January 5

Is it Spring already?

The weather here can be wacky. Yes, I understand I'm from the South and we don't have serious winters by any means, but I can't help but complain when it's cold because it's never consistently cold for more than a few days. Maybe cold would be okay if it didn't jump up to 60 or 70 occasionally in January.

Yesterday was one of those 60 degree super warm days. I am already debating unpacking my Spring/Summer boxes because I got so excited. This is what I wore to work. I felt like I was dressed for March or April, but that might have just been the effect of the handbag I had on that day. Colors mean warm weather for me. Too bad the '09 collections include so many neutrals. Ugh. Even this beige is weird for me.


Tank, Target; crocheted shrug, Anthropologie; skirt, Leifsdottir; boots, the recesses of the internet (?); bag, Orla Kiely.

1 comment:

  1. I am very sure.
    I cannot be dissuaded.
    Spring is not yet here.


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