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Monday, January 5

Synedoche, NY

synecdoche: a figure of speech in which the whole is used for the part - or inversely, the part for the whole.

I recently went to go see Charlie Kaufman's latest work (yes I know I'm behind!). Let me start by explaining how much I love his screenplays.
From Being John Malkovich to Human Nature to Eternal Sunshine, he manages to capture abstract feelings and modes of being in a way that most can't.

Synecdoche is set in Schenectady, NY where we meet Caden Cotard (Philip Seymour Hoffman). We get a glimpse of his personal life and his mind as it begins to unravel. We see his relationships with women, his faltering perception of himself, his ambitious new work which results in a life-size replica of New York City.

The film explores themes of duality and perspective as Caden uncovers more of himself through objective observation his highly autobiographical play. Time and space begin to melt away as life events and significant characters in Caden's life (and work) pass by. At times the movie feels as if it is collapsing in on itself - almost like standing in a hall of mirrors and seeing the reflection of your reflection of your reflection.

Even as a fan, I will say it was very dark and even bleak at moments. But I disagree with the critics - it is very true to Kaufman's style and showcases his talents in exactly the way he meant. While brilliant and complicated and full of rich depth, the film doesn't become overwhelming or pretentious. Even if it does, I couldn't help thinking, "What?" and then, "Wow."

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  1. Oh, it sounds like a great movie! I have got to see this! Thanks for sharing this.


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