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Saturday, January 17

Infinity Scarf experiment, part 1

So I actually had the time to whip up a little scarf yesterday. It turned out okay. It's warm, and that's really all I can ask for. It's supposed to snow/freeze tonight!


This is actually the third trial of knitting one of these crazy things. This is the most successful of my past three attempts so far. For this run I used most of a skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (leftover from holiday wrapping, lol) and size 13 circular needles. I used moss stitch because my previous experiments resulted in horrible looking ribs and weird uneven knit.

I think for the next round I'll make it a little longer and wider. For now, this is enough to keep out the cold.



When I pulled the finished scarf out of my purse my cat immediately went to town. I think he likes it!

I made it over to the Needle Nook on Briarcliff yesterday and and got enough goodies to make another one in luxurious Malabrigo Chunky. The I will post the final awesomeness when it gets finished. I think it will be lovelier and warmer than anything I could buy. So exciting!


  1. I love it! It's so chic!!! The cat with the scarf is the cutest thin ever!!!

  2. The scarf looks great. Did you knit in flat or in the round? Your kitty is so cute!

    P.S. Malabrigo is my favorite yarn of all. I love that it feels so smooth on your hands.

  3. aw kitty
    i coudlnt help but post i absolutely melt when i see cats, which explains why somehow mine makes a cameo in every other post -_-

  4. Hello! I just came across your blog while searching on how to knit an infinity scarf on circular needles. I love this scarf! I have never used circular needles before (and I seriously know like one stitch). I guess once you get your lenght that you want on the circular needles you just start picking up the stitches from the other needle that you normally do?

  5. Chapstick Fanatic--For this specific scarf I cast on a really long row (maybe 200 stiches or so?) and then joined the row at the ends to make a big circle. And then if you continue knitting around it builds the scarf in a tube in a really big spiral. Hope that makes sense!


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