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Wednesday, December 31

June Shin


Among other things (ahem ahem, notice the photo quality on these), I got some amazing gifts from my handsome man this holiday season. We met June Shin at ICE Atlanta last month and I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over her necklaces and earrings and rings (!!!). But stopped myself because I wasn't buying for myself that day.

Apparently he was sweet enough to mentally earmark this piece and went to the trouble of tracking it down for me! He even met her in person to snag it. It was, um, basically the best surprise ever. Ever ever ever.


I love her pieces - they range from bohemian to baroque and even super edgy. Check out her things on her site at and on etsy. She also keeps a blog.

Thanks, lady! Thanks Mister mans.


  1. Your man is super sweet! Thanks for the shout out and Happy New Year!

  2. Too sweet and thoughtful -- and what a gorgeous necklace to boot!


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