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Sunday, December 21

Whine Post

1. I wish I had more days off that were the same as days off that other people have.

2. There is this really neat looking yarn shop literally five minutes from work. They are only open 10:30-5 each day. I usually work between 10 and 8 on any given day. I just want to look at piles and piles of yarn, just for a little while.

I guess this comes from the fact that I've been working on small lots of crafty projects the past few weeks. Add this to the pile of excuses. I tend to get so caught up in making things that all other things sometimes get neglected. Like sleeping. Like eating. And well, now, blogging.

3. I'm tired of feeling broke. I am re-reading Confessions of a Shopaholic in preparation for the movie and as Becky Bloomwood thinks about, I am trying to either Make More Money or Cut Back. I mean, logically both make sense but the latter is the most reasonable right now.

But I want this.

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini

And this.

Manoush Coat
And this.

Hello Kitty for MAC

And this.

Plenty Home (by Tracy Reese) Big Blooms print bedding

/end whine.

I promise photos soon of projects and some really cute shots from a holiday party I attended this weekend.

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