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Saturday, December 27

Organization, pls.

I feel that lately my days are full and I'm busy every second, but I accomplish very little. It's the most frustrating thing - I like to keep neverending to-do lists and plow through lots of tasks each day. Then I realized I haven't been properly keeping said list lately. Then I realized the last two months of my Franklin Covey planner were blank. Then I realized it's almost the end of the year, which means I can pick out a new one!

Tangent: I love paper products and since I'm no longer in school, have to sometimes invent reasons to get new notebooks or pens. I have a fairly large stack of blank books waiting for me to write and doodle in at any given time. Last summer I went through two moleskines, one rhodia pad, and a small composition notebook. Even e-mails and memos I write in my personal life and work are prolific at times. I don't know what it is.

So I just admitted how geeky I am about these sorts of things. And then it was narrowing it down from all the choices I'd been eyeing throughout the year...

The past two years I'd been using FranklinCovey planning products. These are named for Benjamin Franklin and Stephen Covey (of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People books). The layouts are clean and designed to keep you super organized and there are so many different options to customize to your personal planning needs. I passed on these this year because (this is trivial) they did not print my favorite design in the size/style that I need and I refuse to use a six ring binder because I'm a klutz. Look how nice it is though, sigh.

FranklinCovey Passport design pages, two pages per day layout.

I was seriously bummed. So I explored some other options.

Since I was already spending $40+ a year on planning paper products, I decided to look in the high end stuff. I've heard that Kate Spade agendas were fab and this might go on the list for next year, assuming that I am more of a grown up, businessy lady. Or am in a year of Making More Money, ha. I have Kate Spade greeting cards that I use when I want to send handwritten notes, and they always go over well. Imagine "going over well" all of the time. Oooh.

Kate Spade Canvas Personal Agenda - comes filled with Kate Spade inserts.

The Korean brand mmmg (millimeter milligram) has really unique but simple paper products available. I've seen a couple different pieces they sell floating around the web. Most are undated and cost less than the two options mentioned above.

Past Present Future planner. See here and here for more photos and info.

Grafik planner- each spread has a different design!

Prompted largely by the organizers community and my hustle bustle lifestyle that leaves me changing purses more than outfits, I decided to go with a moleskine planner this year. Cheaper than all these options and will easily sneak into my currently existing lifestyle. My only worry is that I'll now have two or three identical looking notebooks floating in my purse and will constantly be searching for this one. Oh well.

Moleskine weekly planner plus notes. (Comes in three sizes, two colors.)

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