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Tuesday, December 23

Is it Christmas?


I went to this super swank holiday party at a fancy art gallery Saturday night. I saw a lot of expensive black outfits on a group of extremely talented people and smiled and danced and schmoozed all evening.

They even had a photobooth station set up - and by photobooth, I mean the kind in Amelie with the flashes and red curtains and instant prints. Though, I will say, digital photobooths are superfun too.

Here is my yummy manfriend. We were being as silly as possible. Apparently these were also distributed to the entire office, who also thought we were being silly.

I'm wearing my fancy plenty by Tracy Reese dress I had snatched up in November in anticipation of holiday parties.

Hope everyone's safe and happy this week!


  1. You guys make such a great couple. I love your poses! That dress looks gorgeous! What does the bottom half look like? What shoes did you wear with it?

  2. Oh and Jinah, you and your manfriend should come to the shindig on the 26th! It's a schmoozy (less fancy) party for the atlanta web network ;)

  3. You and your yummy man-friend are adorable!! Have a wonderful new year!


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