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Thursday, December 18

The Subway Stairs skirt

I obsessed over this skirt when Anthropologie had it over the summer in mustard yellow. I just couldn't justify a yellow skirt purchase, no matter how cute or special. I mean, I have my other yellow skirt (which I suppose I do wear a lot) but two? Two is a lot.

Subway Stairs Skirt, $148,

And then they came out with it in black. Black and I are definitely friends again. Black and I almost broke up after my "goth" phase in high school. Welcome back. I'm back in black.

I am even doing black and white. This is a huge deal because the furthest I used to be comfortable venturing into neutrals was navy and charcoal. I added on yellow accessories to make me feel better about the whole thing.

The white thing (haha the white blur I am wearing) is one of those no closure jersey cardigans twisted together in front and tucked into the skirt. I couldn't decide if it looked horrible or amazing. I decided it doesn't matter because it echoes the ~origami~ styling of the skirt. Origami! Stripes! Tulle! I love this skirt so much.


I apologize for the number of backlogged posts. This is an outfit from last week. I keep finding random photos I've taken on my camera phone. I retrieved my digital camera from the depths of, well, wherever lost things go, and hopefully you guys won't see another rushed photo snapped in the elevator again.

Cami, Old Navy; open closure cardigan, Old Navy; skirt, Floreat for Anthropologie; boots, Frye; watch necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs; bag, Hayden-Harnett.


  1. That is a gorgeous skirt! AND that sweater does look amazing with that twist- so creative!
    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, Jinah! Cath and I are gonna try to get all the ATL fashion bloggers together next year ;)

  2. This skirt is stunning and I love that you wore it with brown riding boots -- that's exactly what I would have done. I also laughed about you making friends with black again after your goth phase -- I had that same phase myself, LOL. By the way, thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog and your supportive words.


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