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Monday, December 8


The cold is really creeping in around here. The heat is out in my living space and I am constantly huddled in socks next to my space heater. I wore this last week on my day off. My days off are spent running errands and feeling silly because I am off on a Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday) and feel unemployed.

You can't really tell in the photos, but I am wearing my new fun fringey boots. I pretend I am as cool as Agathe when I wear these. Speaking of StyleBytes... the blog is back up and we are once again free to dig through the archives.

Yes, this is a Mike&Chris jacket. It is the most wonderful piece ever. The bag was an impulse purchase - I came across it at an H&M on a roadtrip through Virginia and immediately thought to myself, "Ooh this is like those Anna Corinna bags that everyone's buzzing about."



Leather jacket, Mike&Chris; funnelneck dress, American Apparel; tights, Target; boots, Steve Madden; bag, H&M.

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  1. I'm loving this whole outfit and the jacket, oh the jacket is awesome!!! And I know how you feel about the cold weather, I seem to huddle up near my heater too when it gets too cold. haha

    Btw, my blog's address has moved to so if you have the time could you please change the link on your blog roll? Thanks!


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