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Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Eve Eve!

Photo taking is being compromised by the unnecessary rearrangement of my furniture I like to do so often. Fortunately, I think this means the end of the weird framed-in-doorway shots. If you have been paying close attention, you will see that I changed my doorknob and my roommate moved out. So, to add again to my reasons for neglecting the blogosphere, I was avoiding a small war in my home and more recently, have been redecorating (...and replenishing the kitchen).

Today was hectic at work, but fun as always. In response to something someone said to me recently, I dressed up as festive as I could for work.

"Why isn't Christmas like Halloween?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why can't there be costumes? And candy? Mmmm candy."

I mean, I think Santa can be just as scary as scary things on Halloween. But to be fair, I am kind of a scaredy cat in general and have been known to cry in scary movies, amusement park rides, and anything with children that are ghosts.

I guess I looked like Ms. Claus. It was worth it. I smiled real big at people and sold some soaps and undies.


Dress, Zara; cardigan, J. Crew; tights, Target (lol in the clearance section in a sandwich bag, with a price tag taped on); boots, Frye.

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