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Monday, June 1

ICE Atlanta at Centennial

I finagled a Saturday off (well I guess the daylight hours, anyway) just so I could swing by ICE Atlanta for a few hours. For some reason I've developed this ridiculous shyness in public places and didn't take nearly enough photos or chat up enough crafty people at the event.

Maybe it's just that I'm out of practice? I'm not really sure.



This overwhelming shyness (maybe it's because I am required to be more extroverted at work?) probably kept me from discovering more amazing things than I did see.

Little Golden Book journal, $13

I was excited to finally see the book journals by Ex Libris Anonymous in person. They are really kitschy and each one is a unique item made from an actual repurposed book. I have been obsessed with these for years and years -- before the blogosphere exploded. I'm talking back in the heyday of paper zines. I love that they are still going strong. Available at and buyolympia.

Teeny Tiny Compass Earrings, $118

After peeking at her wares at the ICE event in November, I was glad to have another look at Jeanne Flint's booth. She crafts really unique found object jewelry that look and feel top notch. I loved her compass pendant necklaces and repurposed subway token jewelry. You can find a selection of her designs at nakedart and by custom order from her personally.

Linty Fresh Bundle Box with two tees + belt, $50

I can't sing Eric's (of Linty Fresh) praises enough. Not only is he talented and very brave (a one man show of creative entrepreneurship!), he's the nicest guy ever. His whole setup is impressive - his designs are indeed fresh and he goes to lengths to make a transaction less business and more of an experience with Linty Fresh. I mean check out that box. Imagine the poly bags for single purchases. You should see his business card - it is lovingly designed and echoes the brand aesthetic perfectly. I love to visit, it's refreshing in so many ways. Check out his new special Atlanta tee.

Posey Bracelet, $36

I can't deny that I stop by the shopSCAD store (in Buckhead) every so often mostly to see Kathryn Riechert's sterling silver pieces. The posey rings, bracelets, and necklaces are my absolute favorite -- she does custom words and phrases and most are under $50! The rings would be really cute best friends gifts or romantic mementos (they are unisex!). You can find her pieces at shopSCAD and her etsy.

And I ran into Lesley of Homemade Grits who I absolutely adore. She, her hubs, and her precious little girl were all decked out in festival attire. Read her blog and love her too.

Did anyone else go? Is there anyone awesome I missed and can check out their wares online?


  1. im so jealous! i really wanted to go to the indie craft festtt. i bet it was so inspiring.

    p.s.- boooo scad (lol)

  2. Looks like you found some great items!

  3. glad to see you posting again! those things are all supercute. i've wanted an ex libris journal forever, and i think i might just have to bite now :)

  4. muah jinah! love you and so happppppy i got to see your cute self:)

  5. We sooo almost went, Jinah, but then we got side-tracked by... packing. ugh. How did your move go? Let us know when you'll be in our neck of woods - we have to meet up again!

  6. Love the earrings but hate the price... I'll stick a feather or a chain in one of my stud earrings and feel accomplished for the day.

  7. I love the compass earrings. you know every time where you are! ;)


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