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Friday, June 26

LC in the EC


I have yet another confession to make.

I am totally into so many things my 17 year old sister is into. This includes, and is not limited to, the latest pop music, RPattz, celebrity gossip, and of course, The Hills. So who was I to say no when she asked if I wanted to go meet Lauren Conrad at her book signing?

Needless to say, I was excited.



There were so many girls there, it was insane. I felt so horrible for the regular bookseller staff because the store was completely trashed. I had even intended to purchase a few other books since I was at the bookstore, but the aisles were all packed with people and were not navigable. I realized later on, that it would have been pointless anyhow as all of the shelves were in disarray from the crowds.

It was super fun chatting with all of the excited fans while we were all waiting in line. When Lauren showed up, it was chaos - the screaming and flashbulbs were so intense. Being pap'd all the time must be so scary!

Shortly after her arrival, the crowd was organized into a huge line snaking through the entire store. It moved really quickly, but we found out we were not allowed to take photos with her or have her personalize messages. Otherwise I would have creeper photos to back me up when I say she's really cute and tiny and has pretty hair in person.

For some reason I was really starstruck and flabbergasted when it was my turn to walk up to her. My sister cowered behind me and whispered, "She looks so perfect!" It was hilarious. Despite our random bouts of shyness, it was a super fun time. I haven't been in such a girly giggly environment in months!

I'm only slightly disappointed I couldn't ask her to sign, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" in my copy.


  1. hahaha, that would have been hilarious if she wrote that in your copy. That's awesome you got to meet her. Have you read the book yet? How is it?

  2. hahahah OMG im flippin jealous Jinah!!!! anyhow, im glad youuuu got to meet her :). PS how do you make banners like yours?

  3. oh and ps. the guy in the back ground of the picture where you are going crazy is checking you out, and he is creepy!

  4. I totally have a Robsession too. Age 20+ Twifans unite! I wanted to go to the LC booksigning as well, but my younger brother certainly wouldn't accompany me and I was too embarrassed to go alone ;)

    P.S. Do you mean the EC as in East Cobb? That's where I'm from!


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