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Wednesday, June 17

Lazy Hazy days


American Apparel vneck; Levi's cutoffs; UO necklace.

This is a fun necklace I recently got from Urban Outfitters. I love the tourist implications. And yes, I'm dressed like a scrub because all I want to wear on my days off is things that are prohibited at work - here, really short cutoffs.

I've been spending my days either running around like a madwoman or lazing around. I've gone to see a couple of houses in the past two weeks and am getting really excited to live in a bigger space (my room at my parents' is tiny. A bed doesn't even fit in here!). And well after having to move so suddenly, I've taken stock of my belongings and it's totally out of control.

I don't know why or how it got so bad, but I am a hoarder to the highest degree. I found probably all of my schoolwork dating back to sixth grade in addition to back issues of magazines for the past FIVE years, an extensive mix tape collection, and supplies for hobbies I haven't picked up in years. I've decided a garage sale/massive haul to Salvation Army is in order. I casually mentioned this to girlfriends at work and they all pressed me for details. I guess they realized I have tons of stuff too. Ha.


  1. Love this outfit! So casual and chic! Good luck with the move. I find that I hoard stuff too. Some things are hard to let go of!

  2. Love the new look and layout! This necklace is just too cute!!

  3. I have this necklace! Love the extra bit of quirk it adds to the outfit.

  4. i love this. roll out of bed sexy. haha. i wish it would actually be summer here.


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