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Sunday, June 7

Sunny Days



Dress, jovovich-hawk for Target; necklace, Urban Outfitters; sandals, MTOC for Target; tote, specially made.

This is what I wore to go house hunting a few days ago. Long term readers might recall this backdrop. My parents have been kind enough to let me move back home until I find another place to live. I forgot how much I love the lighting in the backyard.

There seems to be plenty of places available on the housing front and hopefully something great will work out soon! I feel like everything is put on hold because so many of my hobby things are scattered through dozens of boxes. I still don't know if I should be packing or unpacking!

Oh, and this tote was made by a super awesome artsy lady. It rules, and so does she.


  1. that tote is beyond adorable, as are you :)

    i just moved back home temporarily too! my mother was properly horrified to see how many clothes i owned, sigh. good luck with your house searh...

  2. Good luck on house hunting! While the market does seem to be in your favor, it's a big job nonetheless.
    Lovely dress!

  3. Good luck with house hunting, Jinah! Love the old digs, your dress and the sassy tote ;)

    pst! we left an award for you on our blog.

  4. How have I never seen your blog? I LOVE IT! You have great style and I feel like many of your outfits are unique and special.

    Have a great day...I am an enthusiastic new follower!


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