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Tuesday, July 7

Bumming Around

I am so behind with posting and reading everyone's blogs. Augh! I've been preoccupied with culling things from my mass collections of stuff for a garage sale, househunting, and desperately seeking a pool to swim in.

And I still haven't tracked down my tripod! I'm just having a slew of first world problems.


Top, Anthropologie; shorts, Forever 21;
sandals, Saltwater Sandals; bag, Orla Kiely.

This is what I wore to see the Braves play last week. I really prefer skirts/dresses to wear almost all of the time, but it can get really hot and shorts kept me from completely melting into my seat. I will admit I almost dressed up, but am glad I didn't after I realized the walk from the car to our seats was a pretty long hike.


Oh and I made this bracelet last week. I dig it but I'm getting mixed reviews. I can't decide if it's an awesome alternative to those crazy expensive Disney Couture leather wrap bracelets or just looks like a project I did in arts and crafts at camp. Either way I felt it fit in perfectly with hot dog eating and tomahawk chopping.


  1. cute outfit, i have the shorts and my bf makes fun of the "sailor" ness but i love em. glad to see you're posting again!

  2. I love, love, love this outfit -- the little blue sandals are just too perfect ;)


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