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Wednesday, July 8

Saffron Yellow

Dress and headband, Anthropologie;
cardigan, J. Crew; boots, Minnetonka.

I'm having a horrible time with photographing myself lately. By the end of this month I should be somewhat settled in a new home with a live-in photographer, so we can all look forward to that!

This dress has been lurking in my closet for nearly a year! I found it last week with the tags still on and wondered again what is the matter with me. I bought it because it was very much like a Chloe (or was it See by Chloe?) dress that came out a few seasons ago.

At work and later in the day I proceeded to get various lip products and food sauces on me. I am realizing more and more what is practical for my lifestyle and that doesn't seem to include things that are not machine washable.

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