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Friday, July 10

Blues are still Blue



Dress, J. Crew; cardigan and necklace, Anthropologie; sandals, Target; bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

I had to reassess my work attire after (re)realizing the dress code is stricter than I had to follow in high school. Which for real was really damn strict considering it is swimming and shorts weather almost 8 months out of the year.

I found this dress. It required a top layer. I was hot and kind of hated my outfit. It didn't match and unfortunately I was in a romper mood.

It was nice that it was simple enough to merit some big jewels though. I finally tracked down my jewelry pliers (in the leather bracelet making frenzy) and fixed this necklace. For some reason, the last time I wore it, I was doing some heavy manual labor and it broke when it got caught on some machinery. I still can't find two of the droplets, but atleast it's back in one piece!

Oh, and I don't remember if I mentioned it, but I caved and got this bag a little while ago. It's been by my side most of the summer, filled with candy and toys.


  1. yay, you got the mini that you wanted! it looks *adorable* on you :) i am considering getting a miu miu mini bow bag later this fall...

    the necklace looks great on you btw, such a nice stand out shade against the blue. and btw, that is one of my favorite belle & sebastian songs!

  2. I love that crew dress and regret not buying it in the library print. I'm surprised you can't wear that to work it would be totally allowed at my place. Can you guys wear strapless or is that an absolute no?

  3. Fallon - general rules are no bare shoulders, nothing shorter than two inches above the knee, no shorts. In winter it's totally fine but I'm dyin' in the summer.

  4. Love that cardigan! And the necklace is very pretty. You look colorful and beautiful!

  5. Wow, you outfit is very inspiring. Love it. Very cool necklace
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